Sunday, August 26, 2007

Day of R & R...

That stands for roses & rainbows…well, rain anyhow! It was a lovely day despite the dreary start. We had lunch with friends at Ricky’s after a great church service (it wasn’t our first choice of a restaurant, but the only one with any empty parking stalls today). After a hearty lunch & a long visit, we discovered our bill had been paid for. We don’t know who picked up the tab, but a big ‘thanks’ to someone out there!
Then it was off to Minter Gardens at long last! We picked up season’s tickets early in the season, because there is no where nicer to stroll on sunny afternoon than the beautiful gardens. Well, it has rained most Sundays this summer, and so our season’s passes were still un-used. By mid-afternoon the rain had stopped and the sun was even peeking out, so we made our first trip of the year to the gardens.

It was so beautiful...& smelled so nice (especially after what I've been smelling around our place all week!)

It was lovely…especially with the raindrops glistening on the roses!

I wish I could have picked a bouquet for a special sister who is celebrating her 30th wedding anniversary today.

Happy anniversary, Mary Ellen & Ron!

30 years calls for a celebration...
we wish you many more!


  1. Thanks for the Happy Anniversary wishes! Can you believe it's already 30 years??? You did a great job sewing my wedding dress for me. We looked like young kids - which we were!

  2. I had to laugh as I thought about the problems I ran into sewing your dress. When it came to adding the lace to the final tier, I couldn't find the bag with lace anywhere! I ran out to the 'burning barrel' & there were bits of lace in the ashes. What to do now! I made a frantic trip to Vancouver & bought more of the same lace. It looked perfect in the end.

  3. I can't belief you burned me's wedding lace (how stressful).

    I also can't believe that me's getting tatoo'd. I wonder if she'll hide hers from her dad too?

  4. What...that's news to me! Is it at least going to be the 'fish symbol'? I'm sure she won't be showing it to her dad!

  5. I'll proudly show my dad...he probably won't be surprised - he'll just shake his head. I finally found what I want - the Basketball Canada emblem...a canadian flag and a basketball. MAybe I'll get someone with talent (like Adam) to design it with a few flowers at the base. Kathy suggested that we both get the same tattoo to celebrate her 50th in 2 years! Hey Judy - would you like to join us?

  6. Sorry, count me out on this one...I'm not into tatoos. Elmer is wondering how big the basketballs are going to be (like, are these regulation size?) That sounds painful!


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson