Friday, July 27, 2012

wheels...that came and went

We've had a few cars over the years.
But not many, really!
We have a 'ten-year rule'...for the most part.
We like a car to serve us for ten years.
During our four decades of marriage...
we have basically had four cars.
(We won't count the lemon that never made one year...a Cougar.)

During the seventies...we drove a Nova.

In the eighties...
it was a Monte Carlo.

In the 90's...
a Park Avenue.

And...once the kids left home...
we finally bought a four-door sedan.
(I guess we wanted to be sure they never bailed out of the back while we were on the road!)
It served us quite nicely for the past 14 years. 
We put it at the road with a for sale sign on it a few weeks ago.
Two days later it was gone.
We wish the young couple who bought it many more happy miles!

We are now on to a new model...
an SUV of sorts.
It is quite handy in transporting my dad around right now.
I'm off to Abbotsford today to take Dad to see his specialist.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Oh, yes, an SUV would be handy with your father and with the grands, too, for that matter. Hope that your dad is recuperating well.

  2. What a fun post Judy - love how you documented your cars. We do the same thing - keep the cars for at least 10 years or even more!!! Hope your dad is getting better - he'll love the SUV for easier getting in and out for sure.

  3. So....I shouldn't be looking for that car again when I'm in town!
    We love our CRV and hope you enjoy your SUV-of-sorts. We found it was much easier for my mum to get into the CRV than into a car that was lower. Good luck with all your appointments today. I'm heading for one more institution and then......home!

  4. Happy SUV-ing.
    I've loved a Volvo, Camry, bonneville, 4runner and now a Subaru Forrester. Hmmm...only one American made car. Our nova was a six month "gotta get rid of this thing" ownership.
    Love the Subaru all wheel drive.

  5. I wonder if I could track down photos of all the cars we've owned? hmmm.
    That's great that you sold your latest car in just a couple days! We are looking at a change towards something with 4 wheel drive. Have a great weekend.

  6. Oh we have had the 10 year rule as well and are quite happy when we are able to stretch that a wee bit with a few of the models which made up for those that lived with us for a shorter time.

    It is quite funny how we can't really move towards a two seater even though we are empty nesters. I guess we are not really empty nesters.

  7. We also had a Monte Carlo (remembered because of the time our young son got his fingers caught in that massive door!) and 2 Park Avenues - both of which served us almost completely trouble free for 400,000 miles apiece.
    Now we too have an SUV (Toyota Highlander) which we love. I'll never go back to a sedan again! I love the way you can see more when you are driving and not having to bend over to load and unload my groceries!

  8. We buy ours used and keep them along time, too! Hope your dad is doing well.

  9. We have the same track record as well as cars go, Judy. Two cars we passed on to our children at different times when they moved to Colorado, as we knew they would need a second car. We are now on car #5 and it the first time we bought the same car twice in a row (a subaru)

  10. We drove a Nova in the seventies also:) I think you will be thrilled with a SUV. It is so helpful with grandchildren and parents. We use ours everyday.

  11. Judy, I had a Cougar once that I loved. It was the car we owned when we got married. A 1967. Dorothy didn't feel the same way about it. For the most part, we agree on our cars, but she also didn't like the PT Cruiser that I leased a few years back. We've had a lot of vehicles over the years, but do enjoy our "Crossovers" (kinda like an SUV but without 4 wheel drive).

  12. You've had some great old cars in the past. We also hang on to cars and currently drive a Taurus wagon that is 12 years old and works great. We got a newer model sedan this past winter that we hope to keep for many years too. Hubby takes good care of his vehicles so they last. Funny, though, it's nothing for our son to change vehicles every few months (sometimes weeks)!


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