Monday, April 6, 2009

the green, green grass of home...

I have arrived...and there's no place quite like home! We left home two weeks ago...and missed a little winter while we were away...but have returned to glorious sunshine and spring temperatures. We had a most wonderful vacation...but it's always good to be home.

We arrived at Vancouver airport in the wee hours of the morning (today)...and the first image I saw before clearing immigration was this message from my friends over at Tim's.

We waited for our baggage...and there was another billboard message just for me.

By the time we picked up our car, my watch said 2:20 AM...and we still had the long drive out to the valley ahead of us. Of course we needed a cup of Tim Horton's coffee for the road. (And we wonder if advertising works!)

We have had a few hours sleep...checked out things on the farm...and are ready to meet the day. My bags need unpacking...the fridge is empty...and I look forward to seeing all the kids! And then there is that green, green grass of home that is calling.

The green machine and the driver are ready. I rather enjoy mowing lawn in maybe some of the other chores can wait.

I've missed all of you, my blogging friends. Much as I would have loved to drop in on fifty-five cents a minute for wi-fi on the cruise ship, I decided it was best to leave the laptop at home. So sometime soon I will be back at your bloggy doorstep. And I'll be sorting through my hundreds of vacation pic's and taking you back to the places I've been. We had a most wonderful time...a trip to remember!

Have a wonderful day...


  1. OH Judy . .I missed you. . While I thought I wouldn't post at all .. I did and even though I knew you couldn't. . .I still wandered by your "place" now and then .. just to wave and wish you a restful time.
    I'm still catching up too after the vacation. . it seems that there is more to do than time. . but oh. . isn't the weather grand?
    Have a good mow!!

  2. Thank you so much for coming by my blog.It was nice to have you.I am confused on which blog to go to.Sorry...Ann

  3. It's great to see a post! So glad that you're home. It is great to land in one's own bed again after a time away.

    Enjoy the mowing!

  4. Judy, You were missed! Welcome back! I personally look forward to seeing your pictures and hearing your stories. I agree with you that is is always good to be home.

  5. WELCOME HOME Judy! I missed you more than Tim Horton did :-)

    I can't wait to see your photos and hear your vacation experiences. Hope you Dad is all better too!

  6. Welcome home, Judy. I look forward to hearing about your trip. Your green grass looks wonderful -- ours is still brown, but at least the snow is gone!

  7. Welcome back Judy! Can't wait to see your pictures. I'm loving the green grass at your place....we had a snow storm here last night and today, schools and businesses closed. Spring will come. Get rested up from your trip. Blessings, Heather

  8. Welcome home, Judy! I look forward to hearing about your trip and to seeing the photos. You're right - you did miss some winter while you were gone, but we're hoping it's had its last gasp and that spring is here to stay!

  9. I have missed you. I'm so glad you are back.

  10. Welcome Home, Juddy! I didn't even know that Timmy put out such a personal message! Somehow I didn't see it or maybe it wasn't there for me last month. I know you'll have wonderful things to tell us in time. Hope your jet lag catches up quick.

  11. Okay, my name gets misspelled, but for you this is probably a first! Eager fingers.

  12. Welcome Home....and a glorious day out there today it was...with a few more to come I think! Looking forward to seeing your pics.

  13. Yes...not quite as warm a welcome as Timmies but welcome back! I am out on the prairies but returning home tomorrow so we shall see if the green green grass is still there! Here there is snow. Hope to catch up on your upcoming posts!

  14. Hey, we emailed this morning, and then I thought....did she post today?
    After cleaning outside all day and watching the final NCAA...tonight, I caught your blog.
    WELCOME HOME! It truly is wonderful even though there is so much to catch up on.


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson