Friday, April 27, 2012

Magical Mystery Tour ~ Day 2

There was no sleeping-in in Seattle...
as we wanted to make the most of our time in the city.
We booked a table 'with a view' for bright and early in the morning.

We were there plenty early...
but our Seattle tour guide was already there to meet us!
Our MGCC friend Ellen...
who happens to live in Seattle...

...joined us for breakfast.
(That would be Ellen in black.)
And then she took us the royal tour.

First stop...
Piroshky, Piroshky!

And then next door to the famous coffee shop...
the one we had found on our own the previous day.

Past the garden market...

...and on down the dark alley to see a major Seattle tourist attraction.
The Market Theatre Gum Wall is a brick alleyway covered with bubblegum.
Trust Ellen to know about all these hidden gems of the city!

From there it was on to Pike's Place Market.
We could smell the fish long before we could see them!

West coast it's finest!

I couldn't take flowers home with me...
but pictures were free.
And so I took many!


The morning flew by...
and soon it was time to board our coach for the pro-longed trip home.
We made a few pit stops along the way!

In Woodinville...
we stopped at Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery for a tour.
We walked through the gardens...
and had a guided tour of the winery.
A beautiful place...
and most interesting!

Our next stop...
Guiseppe's in Bellingham.

A delicious salmon dinner on the harbour...
was a good way to end the day...
and the tour!

One more stop...
and a rather lengthy one at that.
It seemed the Canadian customs officials needed to check out all our paperwork as well...
and collect duty from all those who had a few too many shopping bags!

And then...home!

And so ended our 'magical mystery tour 2012'...
sponsored by Ritchie Smith Feeds.
 Thank-you to Vivienne and Diane for hosting and organizing this event for us!


  1. That looks like the ultimate event! Richie Smith Feeds sure knows how to treat their customers. Your pictures are terrific - the flower market (wow!) and the salmon dinner has my mouth watering. I think Seattle has to be on my list of places to vist.

  2. Oh I am so glad they chose Ste Michelle Winery for you to tour. It is the prettiest of the bunch for sure. I'm about 5-10 minutes away from that winery. You got some great shots of the gum wall. LOL! It was a delightful rainy morning. I'll judge all my walks in the rain with Fresno from now on...

  3. That trip home was a tour in itself - what fun!

  4. Your flower collage is sooo pretty as are your other photos. I must say your flower photos evokes much pleasanter emotions than that Gum Wall.. that is one of the most disgusting things I have ever seen!
    How nice to have a 'personal' guide ! smile

  5. Those are just some of the pleasant things that women can share together and get away with things simply because of our age and because we are women.
    I too loved that collage of flowers. Oh by the way I also borrowed the names of the two coordinators...Did not want to startle you late last night. Thanks from the other side.

  6. I can tell it was a succesful trip! I'm curious about the piroshky place. Did you sample them?

  7. Hello Judy.
    I LOVE THE FLOWERS the best!!!
    enjoyed seeing this trip.

    God bless,

  8. Your flower pictures are gorgeous and reflect the talent of the gifted women who not only arrange the flowers but grow many of them as well. My favourite part of the market!

  9. What fun you must have had on that tour Judy. it brings back memories to see all the places you visited. The feed company certainly treats you well!

  10. I saw a preview of this day on Ellen's blog, Judy. It looked like you all had a wonderful time in Seattle. The food,shopping and sights looked so interesting...but I'm not too sure about all that!

  11. That winery is fabulous! Ellen took me there when I visited her last summer.

    So you haven't figured out that all good looking women are detained at the border? Duh. You gals had it coming.

  12. such a good post! It was a wonderful little diversion of the daily grind! It seems a week ago.

  13. And you made it to the gum wall! YAY! Excellent tour guide you had!


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~ Ralph Waldo Emerson