Wednesday, June 19, 2013

steinbach...the village stroll

While in Manitoba...
we had a chance to stroll down memory lane.

Our book launch tour took us to Steinbach...
and its amazing museum.

Mennonite Heritage Village exists to preserve and share the Mennonite heritage and illustrate a traditional way of life that has all but disappeared.

 So says the brochure.

Our book signing was well documented by Ellen...
right here. 

So I'll just make mention of the aprons in the gift shop...
and take you out to the village.

Who knew...
they sold 'our aprons' there as well!

Marg couldn't resist...
and brought one home as a souvenir.

We had a little time to stroll about the village.

The forty acre site spreads out from a village street...
 just like the Mennonite villages of old.

On one side of the street are early settlement buildings...

on the other are various businesses.

White picket fences...

...around large garden plots

...and original heritage homes with flowers on the window sills.

The museum is a major tourist attraction in southern Manitoba...
and hosts school tours throughout the year.

 It also boasts a working windmill...

...and a restaurant that dishes up hearty Mennonite food.

We checked it out...
of course!

The sampler included vereniki (perogies), coleslaw, brown bread, farmer sausage and rhubarb platz for dessert.

It was all good...
and the price was right! 

Enroute to our next book signing...

...Betty took us to a deli that sells fresh Bothwell squeaky cheese every Friday.
It was Friday.
We all stocked up!
I had to find out what squeaky cheese was all about.

Our afternoon event was hosted  by Ten Thousand Villages in Steinbach.

They had cooked up all kinds of goodies from the cookbook...
and served samples to the customers.

The 'sparkling white grape and lime punch' was served from a punch bowl exactly like the one pictured on page 74 of the Celebrations cookbook.

And I thought my bowl was one-of-a-kind!

I'll leave you with one last image... of the peonies that bloomed everywhere in the Steinbach area.  
 Most striking!

And so ends our tour of Steinbach.
In a garden.


  1. Judy,
    Your photos of the Steinbach Heritage Museum are so great. Those outbuildings are so wonderful and I wish my parents could have visited that place. We've dipped into our special treat already from Main Bread and Butter.

  2. Thinking a trip there with your grand kids would be there a similar Mennonite heritage place in BC?

    You are kidding about finding out about squeaky cheese, right? I thought it was practically a law that all dairies made squeaky cheese. Perhaps you could try whipping up a batch just to prove your dairy has cheese "game" too. That and ricotta cheese...around here folks act like buying ricotta cheese is a dumb as buying ready made Koolaid. One of these days I am going to try ricotta cheese making too...sure looks easy.

  3. I soo enjoyed this post and seeing all the sights with you. Looks like a wonderful place to visit!

  4. Thanks for the tour, very interesting. It is part of our history.

  5. Beautiful shots of the village, Judy. That was great to see your punch bowl there in Steinbach...who knew?

  6. I loved the museum. The time was too short. And I love my apron. I wear it all the time.

  7. A lovely village.. a nice place to visit. Squeaky cheese, huh? That's a new one for me! Love the peonies. Lots of bloggers have been posting pictures of those. I should see if they do well here and if I have a place to put them!

  8. Great post Judy. I love all the pictures and especially the one of the Rhubarb Patch and picket fences! Looks like you all had such a great time in Manitoba.

  9. Thanks for another walk through the village. I missed a few of those places during our time there. Great post.

  10. I love your photo's Judy...thanks for the great post!

  11. Love the old houses! Especially the one with the flowers in the window? If I ever get to steinbach I will definitely visit the museum. The food table looks amazing! yum!

  12. SO interesting .. thank you ! and I could ALMOST smell the peony flower.

  13. Another side of the story...what a great place! What is squeaky cheese all about?

  14. Oh the stories those grounds and buildings could tell if they could only talk. The old houses are so unique and the grounds are so clean and neat. I found this so interesting. Thanks for sharing it.

  15. What great photos... looks like a wonderful place to visit.

  16. What a lovely town - it just looks so serene.

  17. This is a beautiful historic village and I thank you for the tour. I love places like this that share the history of the past. Our good friends have even visited the village.

  18. It's been years since I've been to Steinbach and the museum is a highlight for sure. Beautiful pics!

  19. I visited Steinbach years ago and was enthralled with the Mennonite village. My grandmother came from Steinbach and I wished I could talk about it with her. Lovely to see the village again.


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