Wednesday, July 3, 2013

experiencing the canadian rockies...

Spending a long-weekend holiday in the Canadian Rockies was a good choice!

We just returned home last night...
and I am unpacking pictures.

So I will share a few.

 There was a cousin reunion planned in the foothills of the Rockies...
on the Alberta side.

It's a long drive for a weekend...
but after some debate...
we decided a trek through the national parks along highway 93 would be a good thing.
And it was!

From big-horned sheep... glacial lakes

 ...mountain birds


...and massive glaciers all made for a most pleasurable drive.

We followed the North Saskatchewan River down the mountain...

...and into the foothills of Alberta.

And that is where we spent the weekend...
camping with cousins we don't see too often.

We brought our bikes...
and did a little exploring.

We hit dead-ends on most trails though.
Dead-ends in the form of water. 
(Did you know Alberta has had more water than they can handle in the recent past?)

It seems most campers brought quads along.
No dead-ends for them!
I prefer the quietness of the bicycle.

We had a fine time in the foothills...

...and then bade farewell to Alberta... 
and  made our way back across the Rockies.

This time we passed through Canmore and Banff...
and saw some of the devastation caused by the recent floods.

We had lunch in Banff...
where it was sizzling hot. 
Who knew it could be over 30°C in Banff?

It was a good trip!

We even managed to take in some Canada Day fireworks while in Alberta.

I'll share a red-white-and-blue one with you...
for all of you who are celebrating tomorrow!

Happy July 4th!


  1. Your photo's are amazing, I have enjoyed sitting here in my study scrolling through them all. Looks like you had a great trip!

  2. Amazing photography! There are huge differences between the young and dare I say "perky" Rockies and the old, tired Appalachians. So glad that you grabbed for the gusto and just did it. Cousins are so much fun!

  3. What absolutely GORGEOUS photos! Soo glad you decided to just go, and then had such a good time!

  4. Judy - your pictures are amazing (definitely post-card quality). Thanks for taking us along on this fabulous trip... We are sooooo blessed to live in this magnificent country!

  5. WOW! What great pictures! You captured the majestic mountains !! Love the shot of the bird in the tree against the emerald background of the water. Glad you had a great time! Take care1

  6. Wonderful photos, Judy. So glad you could make the cousin reunion. We're looking forward to driving to and hiking in the Rockies in a few weeks. Such a beautiful place.

  7. I just never tire of this beauty . . . the snow capped mountains, glaciers, lakes, wildflowers ... by your photos, it looks like you don't either! Glad you had a great trip!

  8. Such beautiful photos of the Rockies Judy. I'm looking forward to seeing some of them either by air or car, this summer.

  9. I am thankful that you decided to take the trip because these are the first pictures I've seen from that part of the world. So very beautiful! I hope you took 100 pictures:) I look forward to see all that you share.

  10. We often travel to Alberta, ... makes for a lovely trip!

  11. Stunning photos! Makes me want a road trip like that too.

  12. Yes, I agree with Vicki... absolutely breathtaking. The blue of the glacial lake is so beautiful.
    So glad you decided to take this trip and also share it with us.

  13. Breathtaking views! Love your little camper!

  14. Such glorious, photos, Judy! Those jagged peaks remind me of Switzerland! The Rocky Mountains near me here in Colorado are high but more rounded and less dramatic in appearance. The glacier lake is such an amazing color and I loved seeing the birds and wild flowers.

  15. Gorgeous photos! Glad you enjoyed your trip!

  16. You captured the beauty of our Canadian Rockies so well Judy! I love driving through the mountains - there's always something wonderful to see around the next bend. You had such lovely weather and were able to catch all the mountaintops!

  17. We love that drive and Banff is a wonderful place to stop and enjoy. Your pictures are amazing!

  18. That is the best drive...I love that scenic route that you took us on! I love our Rockies and the highways that meet us to the people we love.
    You had the sun while we had the rain.


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