Monday, March 31, 2014

reflections on the month of march...

While the Fraser Valley had a touch of winter earlier this month...

...we were happy to be enjoying 'summer' in Palm Springs.

We spent the first few days at a lovely place we found on-line...
in Rancho Mirage.
also known as the Camp David of the West...
was right nearby.
And so we toured their gardens one day...
and the visitor center....
all free to the public.

The estate was the home of Walter and Leonore Annenberg...
and is a national historic site. 

It was (and still is) a retreat center 
 ...a place for national and foreign dignitaries and diplomats to gather for summit meetings and retreats.

The list of guests who have relaxed at Sunnylands include seven US presidents, the British royal family, and many in the entertainment industry.

The Annenberg home is open to the public for tours on a limited basis...
but there were no tickets available during our time there.
Next time!

The BNP Paribas Open Tennis Tournament was happening while we were there...
formerly known as the Indian Wells Masters.

About 400,000 people turn out to watch world class tennis at this event.
We decided to join them one day.

We mostly cheered on the Canadian and American players (very quietly though)...
as they faced opponents from around the world.

Having never watched live professional tennis before...
I had no idea a sporting event could be that quiet.
One cheers by clapping after the play...
and standing up to take photos is not a good idea.
I know. :)

We spent the second week of our stay in Indio...
at our usual spot.

We walked above the golf course every morning before breakfast...
played tennis when we could get a court...
and floated down the lazy river on a double tube with books in hand for hours at a time.

We met up with friends for dinner on several occasions...
visited the weekend market...
and attended Southwest Community Church on Sunday.


Time went quickly...
and all too soon we were heading back home.

After two full days of driving...
we arrived back in our community just as the sun was setting.
 Home...always a good place to be!

We were ready for spring.
A wiener roast seemed like a good idea...

...and they thought so too!
The kiddos ran through the pasture...
quickly, before it got spread with liquid gold.
And we had paska for dessert.
After all...
Easter is coming!

This is what spring in our valley often looks like...
the view from the kitchen!

We've had our share of rain...

...and some sunny days for playing tennis or taking a hike.

The pansies are blooming...
many trees are blossoming...
the lawn has yet to be cut (though it would have liked a trim by now).
Time marches on...
and we are ready for spring.
Are you?


  1. HI Judy, I love your new header. The pink blossoms are so pretty with the green background. You had a nice March getaway and took some great pictures. We are ready for spring but it hasn't really arrived yet. Today is day two of storms including snow, ice pellets and freezing rain. More snow for tonight too. Winter his holding on tight here! Blessings to you. Pam

  2. So nice to see a new post from you this morning, Judy. You have been missed.
    Your getaway looks like a wonderful and relaxing time.
    As always your photos are lovely, but the one of the mountains as you are headed home is gorgeous!!
    I think we are all ready for spring this year. We are seeing lots of signs here, although the temperatures are being a bit fickle. Oh well, I'm in no rush for the hot and humid stuff.
    Happy Spring to you.

  3. Beautiful pictures of your Winter Get-Away!! Spring has definitely Sprung in the Valley - not so much over here - sigh! A wiener roast is always a great way to get-together. I LOVE your new header Judy - did you use Picaso for that? I just can't seem to figure out how to do a "banner" style header....

    1. Yes, Rosella...the header is done on Picasa. It's my 'go-to' program for most everything.

  4. Beautiful photos of home and beyond. Yes, we are more than ready for spring, even though it will be many weeks off.

  5. Sounds like you had a terrific time on your trip - very relaxing. Spring is in full swing here in AZ and we're seeing a glimpse of Summer in the 10-day forecast. I'm enjoying open window and doors as much as I can before we have turn the A/C on!

  6. What a great recap of your trip. Coming home is always wonderful, isn't it? Spring is well on the way - blooming bulbs, sudden rain showers and grass that needs cutting here, too.

  7. I always enjoy your photos, just beautiful shots!! Glad you were able to enjoy some of our California sunshine!


  8. I'm cracking up about the tennis viewing protocol. Glad you weren't arrested. It really is amazing to think about everything that went on in March. I'm still harassing Dear about a fire pit so I can roast a hot dog outside!

  9. God really did take His hand and scatttered beauty the world over! Your photos of spring are so beautiful. . we saw sooo many blooming trees this morning.

  10. I would stand in the kitchen all day if I had a view like that outside my window!

  11. So glad you enjoyed your time in Palm Springs! Blooms everywhere here!! Forecast says we will have warm days this week...they will be welcomed by everyone I think!

  12. Oh, my GOODNESS!! Your photos are amazing! Especially that first one! What a wonderful time you had! While it's good to GO it's always good to come HOME!! I'll have to research your paska. I used to make Easter Bread and Hot Cross Buns every year.....I have missed a few lately but plan to pick up that tradition this year. You had a wonderful March!! Hope you have an equally great APRIL!!!

  13. Enjoyed Palm Springs here this morning. March is such a nice time of year to be there...and looks like you did some fun new things. First wiener roast of the year...those are fun relaxed times. I loved the photo of the rainbow in your collage....may many rainbows come during the rains of April. Spring is here.

  14. Your March photos are so good. I'm glad you do a recap each month because it is easy to forget what my friends have been up to. It is good to see a fire in your back yard again too.
    I love your header collage. It's a pretty welcome.

  15. How nice to read your monthly update. I miss your more frequent posts. I love hearing about life in Canada and on the farm. Your views are gorgeous.
    Your photos of your trip were super....what a great time you had! Thanks for sharing.
    Farm Gal in VA

  16. Your vacation looked very relaxing, Judy. The tennis players looked very strong. I attended a World Cup match once, so I know how quiet the stands can get--and it is demanded to be so! :) I'm sure you came home refreshed, and ready for the work of the spring and summer months.

    The orange sunset over the mountains looked so beautiful! Enjoy the lovely month of April!

  17. Nice to catch up on the month that just was, although it seems like a long time ago that you were gone!
    I'm also so glad for the promise of Spring.

  18. Looks like a beautiful catch up for the month of March...I've been checking and it looks like we are getting some sun and soon we will be the tennis stars once again.

  19. What a lovely and interesting place to visit! I enjoyed seeing all of your pictures as usual. Your photography continues to impress me, as you have a way of making one feel they are right there with you. The colors of flowers, grass, and sky make me eager for the Summer. I think floating on tubes and reading on a sunny afternoon, could not sound better to me.

    The rain pictures look a bit more like life looks here in my part of the world. I sure do like your updates.

  20. I am thinking of you and your family during this Easter season. Wishing you all some memorable moments together.

  21. You picked a good time for your holiday - and a good time to come back. I imagine that your valley will soon be erupting in tulips. The island has been beautiful for a few weeks now - my favourite time of year!

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'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson