Thursday, August 28, 2014

halcyon hot springs

Halcyon...a retreat in the mountains of British Columbia.

Let me take you there today.
My month-end post will be far too long if I include our visit to this jewel of the Kootenays.

The name itself means 'calm and serene'.
And it was!

We took a little detour on our way home from the prairies in order to spend some time there.

Situated on Upper Arrow Lake near Nakusp...
the views are fabulous all around.

Getting there required a short ferry ride.

And being a long weekend...
that meant waiting around at the ferry terminal awhile.

But that's OK when you have your 'home on wheels' with you.
We had an early lunch while we waited...

...enjoyed the scenery

...and watched the ferry coming and going.

We checked in...
found our spot in the RV park...

...and checked out the pools.

There are three mineral hot pools overlooking the lake...

...the perfect spot from which to watch the sun set.

We hiked through fields of wild flowers...

...and walked along pristine shorelines.

Though we brought our camper...
 there are many cottages or chalets available for guests.

We checked them out.
The resort is open year round.

I'm thinking it would be nice to sit in the hot pools while the snow is falling!

The chaise lounges would not be of much use in the winter...
and the many baskets of flowers would be missing...
but I am sure it would have a beauty all its own!

Our time there ended far too soon (my book was not finished yet)...
and we bade farewell to Halcyon Hot Springs.

We boarded the Columbia (no wait this time)...

...and were soon on our way back across the lake and homeward bound.

Did I mention that the ferry ride was free?
It is part of the highway system of British Columbia.
A lovely part!

If you've never been...
go for it.

You won't be sorry!


  1. What a nice little diversion on your way home! This place reminds me of Fairmont Hotsprings.
    I figured out that we may not have the interesting history, like the places we just enjoyed visiting, but we may just make up for it in natural beauty to see and enjoy.

  2. What a lovely location. When you mentioned that it's open year around, I wondered how much snow that area gets in the winter? You always take us to the most beautiful places, Judy! Thanks for sharing this one.

  3. Halcyon days, indeed! Such a gorgeous setting on the lake there in the mountains. There are so many beautiful corners in our province. I'd love to sit in the warm water while the snow fell.

    Now wouldn't it be wonderful if our ferry rides were free?

  4. Wow it really looks like a unique spot. That would be kinda fun to sit in those mineral pools in the snow!

  5. You live in such a beautiful country. There is no reason to travel anywhere else in the world, you'll never beat that scenery

  6. I cannot believe what a beautiful post this is and how amazing it is that you get to visit and live in such a beautiful place! Oh, my!!! You are so blessed and I am thankful I get to see all of the beauty through your blog posts!

  7. Sell everything, pack up 4 season clothes and permanently live in your motor home at Halcyon.
    I'd do it!
    Sitting in a hot mineral pool in snow fall is one of the best experience in life. I am counting on there being such opportunities in heaven too.

  8. This looks like a perfect romantic get away. Thanks for introducing us to something I could easily put on my bucket list. Amazing to see the beauty of our own country.

  9. You certainly live in a lovely area of God's beautiful world!


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