Wednesday, January 28, 2015

january in the rear-view mirror...

I know.  
January is not yet quite done...
but I'm posting my month-in-review a few days early.

Though this should have been the month for winter weather...
it mostly passed us by.

We had a lot of sunshine...
and balmy temperatures.
The sheep down the road were sorry they couldn't shed their winter coats!

Just for the record...
let me share a few pic's that prove we did have a touch of winter.
First came a dusting of snow.
That part was great!
Then came the freezing rain.
That we could have done without!
Though it was pretty...
it wreaked havoc with trees.
Branches soon broke off and many homes were without power.

We also had some good family times this January...
from celebration dinners to visitors from afar.
Earlier this month...
my brother and his wife flew out from Iowa for a week.
My sister came from Manitoba at the same time...
so we had a bit of a family reunion.
And they had a bit of reprieve from winter.

Though 'the roses' may not be blooming in the Midwest just yet...
it seems they think it is spring over here.
The camellia pictured above was photographed on January 12th.

We had some good sisterly times together...
including a little outing to Harrison Hot Springs Resort.

We soaked in the outdoor pools...
ate good food...
played some games...
and enjoyed the views across the lake.

We weren't the only ones soaking in the view!

The sunny January days were great for getting off the treadmill...
and walking outside.

Let me take you along on a January walk.
A January 20, 2015 be exact.

I left home for a walk just as the morning fog was lifting.
I took a photo...
to the west.

Half a mile down the road...
I took a photo facing east.

One mile from home...
a photo facing north.

Almost home now...
a photo to the south.

January is also a good month for watching the eagles that are hanging out in our trees.

They are a beautiful and majestic bird!
Just keep your kittens and wee puppies under lock and key. :)

My birthday came and went once more as well this month...
and it was well celebrated!

I ate much...
and cooked little.

On my birthday...
it rained a little.
 Then the sun shone bright.
A double rainbow formed across the sky.

I had to think of God's promise in Romans 8:28...
that He will make something good out of the storms that bring devastation to your life.

I love that verse.

This last weekend...
the January precipitation arrived in full force.
Huge rainfalls and record temperatures were brought on by a pineapple express weather pattern (think warm)...
caused flooding in many parts of our valley.
 All is well on the home front!

Let me end with a January sunset photo. 

All will be silent here on My Front Porch for the next while...
as I take my camera with me and set sail on a South American adventure.

Thank-you for stopping by!


  1. I´m one of your frequent readers although I never comment.
    I´m from South America, I live in Buenos Aires Argentina.
    What part of South America are you going to visit???
    Enjoy your trip and our hot summer months!

    1. Thanks for leaving a note today! We are taking a cruise around Cape Horn...embarking in Buenos Aires. I'm looking forward to seeing your part of the world!

  2. I enjoyed your beautiful photos this month Judy, especially the camellia and the sunset at the end. Gorgeous. I hope you have a fun and safe trip. Blessings. Pam

  3. Enjoy your trip, and I'm sure you wil be taking some wonderful photos.

  4. I look forward to your monthly updates, Judy, and this one was full of beautiful photos. I especially enjoyed the NSEW views from your walk. Have a safe trip and I'll "see" you in February!

  5. South America !! You lucky lady! have a wonderful time,,,,thanks for sharing your January moments, I love the photos of the different directions that you captured. Looking forward to another update with some more amazing pictures! Take care and travel safely!!

  6. You have such a beautiful life and you live it so well!!!! I hope you have a wonderful trip!! Love and prayers from Texas as you travel!!

  7. Judy always good to hear from you! That Camellia was gorgeous! Enjoyed the photos from you front porch, so so beautiful. Eagles are indeed pretty awesome, sometimes there are no words. I too love that verse in Romans, He means it all for good! Happy Belated birthday :-)


  8. Enjoy the trip to South America! It sounds like the place to be. We were having a mild January until two days ago. LOL

    It is always fun to see God's country.

  9. Oh Judy - have a wonderful time on your get-away. Your January post is just delightful and sounds like you had some good times. The weather - well, we just have to take what comes. Your morning walk pictures are breathtaking.

  10. Wishing you a wonderful trip! You'll be so close to the place of my birth. Looking forward to hearing all about it when you get back. God go with you.

  11. Beautiful photos from your January. Thinking of you as you fly south with the birds and enjoy some very different views!!

  12. You live in such a beautiful place Judy, breath taking!! Sounds like your January was filled with family and good times. Those eagles, wow, we see them here too, but not so many in our trees like that. I always love seeing your photos...blessings

  13. I hope you have the BEST time! I missed seeing you in January, but your post was like a conversation, and it was lovely to catch up by reading. Bon voyage!

  14. I really enjoyed your photos on this post. You captured some of this amazing area we live in. Have a great trip....glad you took your camera along...we'll all be looking forward the photos and stories to come.

  15. I wish you the bestest of times on your South American adventure. Not a day goes by that you are not thought of. I love your views in every direction! You might see beautiful views on your trip but the one from your front porch is pretty amazing too.

  16. Your January is a sight for sore eyes. I am tired of looking at our white fields. I never complain about our lovely blue skies and the sunny days but much prefer to see more winter colours. I have never been to Harrison Hot Springs but would love to one day. My parents loved their mini holidays there.

  17. What a lovely, chatty post. Have a wonderful time on your South American adventure. I look forward to your photos when you return.
    It's been such a mild winter. Your photos of your own stomping grounds show off its beauty well. Harrison Hot Springs is dear to my heart as we visited it on our honeymoon.

  18. January treated you well, Judy, and February sounds very exciting! Safe and enjoyabnle travels--I cam't wait to see some of your photos from your vacation next month!

  19. January is covered well and I can think of a few more things to sneak into January. It was fun to see you with all your bags packed and ready to go and for sure I will miss you over the next month. Enjoy your cruise abroad. I'm sure there will be many new adventures to share.

  20. Wow - roses in Jan and a double rainbow on your birthday! The hot springs sound so inviting and as always, I enjoy your mountain shots. Someday I'm going to get out west :) Hope you have an awesome SA cruise - looking forward to your pictures and stories!

  21. Just found your website while cruising the web for zwieback recipes. You live in a beautiful part of our world. Sharon

  22. It seems to me, that in my busy time of life right now, I am always behind, and visiting your blog this morning, confirmed it once again. I was so excited to see that you had posted, and was once again amazed at the majestic beauty that is present in your part of the country, and the warmth. This weekend we are facing the coldest temps of the entire winter, and the ground is white. It was refreshing to visit here and see the green, the flowers, and the incredible sunset! Thank you for sharing your walk with us too. I liked being able to see it all, from each direction.

    Most of all though, I felt sad that your birthday came and went and I did not get to wish you a "Happy Birthday!" I do hope you are having a most memorable trip together! I appreciate the verse you shared too, and find it brings me lasting comfort too, as I walk this journey of life.


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson