Wednesday, July 1, 2015

June in the rear-view mirror...

Happy Canada Day to all my friends, family and fellow Canadians! 

(photo @ Whistler, B.C.)
As we celebrate our country's birthday today
...may we be reminded once again
of what a great country it is!

And now...a re-cap of 'the month that was'!

While in other parts of North America the rain is falling...
and folks are dealing with floods...
we here on the west coast have seen one of the hottest, driest Junes on record. 
And that following a hot and dry May. 

Needless to say...
no events were cancelled due to rain and we spent a lot of time out of doors!

We checked out a new trail not far from our place early this month.
It was short and sweet...
with a nice view of the valley.
When the valley floor still looked green!
Things are pretty brown everywhere these days.

Our 'care group' wrapped up the year with a picnic  earlier in the month.
It's always a good time...
meeting with these friends!

On the farm...
there was hay to be made...

...with no danger of it getting rained on this time!

We attended the retirement party for our long-time veterinarian and friend...
Dr. Dick Clegg.
I thought the centerpieces were quite unique...
and appropriate.
And amusing.

For Father's Day...
we took my dad on an outing.
Our first stop was Canada Place...
where we had tickets for Flyover Canada.
Who knew you could 'fly over' our amazing country so quickly?
A wonderful experience.
Just too short!

It was a picture-perfect day on the waterfront in Vancouver...
and we spent some time just soaking it all in.

Our next stop was Steveston...
a fishing town not too far from the city.

It is the best place for sitting on the dock...
and enjoying fish 'n chips.
Dad is 92...
and quite enjoys 'going out on the town'!

And he enjoys sports.

Usually he observes from the comfort of his recliner...
but a few weeks ago he came to watch Ryder (great-grandson) play at the local arena.

And he quite liked seeing his grandson in action as the coach.
Time hurries on...
and the 'skates' are passed to the next generation.

Ryder is playing in a summer league...
three on three hockey.
Great fun!

Another fun event this month was a luncheon which I was privileged to be a part of.
Kathy's mother-in-law, Eileen, invited us to come join her around the table...
as she hosted a party to honour her daughter-in-law.
It was a most special time...
and we all came away blessed.

The school year came to an end...
with all the grands bringing home good report cards and happy to have the summer off.
How fun to have a grad ceremony to attend...


...that of Micah as he graduated from pre-school.
I'm hoping to be there when he graduates from  high-school with the Class of 2028.

Come fall..
Lucy will be our only pre-schooler.
She is having a wonderful and carefree summer...
chasing bubbles or butterflies...
or whatever catches her fancy.

We took Emme and Spencer on their annual camping trip last weekend...
to Whistler.
We had a wonderful time with those two...
riding bikes, making giant smores, riding a gondola,
checking out the suspension bridge, visiting Brandywine Falls, 
and playing Dutch Blitz (again and again).
 Oh...and listening to 'The Best of the Beach Boys' on the drive...
as we do every summer.

While we were in Whistler...
we pedaled our bikes to the Nicklaus North golf course.
Ten years ago Emme and Spencer were flower girls at a wedding...
right here at this spot.
They don't actually remember the wedding at all...
just the gondola ride that morning...
and that they were wearing shorts in the snow at the top of the mountain. 
Sweet girls...then and now!

Like I's been a hot month.
We have been to Harrison Lake several times.
On Saturday we packed up a picnic and enjoyed the evening there...
cooling off in the shade with a book.

As the sun was setting...
we enjoyed our favorite ice-cream on a bench at the lagoon...
and watched the geese swim off.

I'm thinking they were practising for the Canada Day parade...
swimming in formation!

Wishing you all a wonderful Canada Day...
and a Happy 4th of July to my American friends!


  1. A wonderful dry month! You had some great gatherings and comings and goings! Those little graduates are so cute!

  2. Another beautiful and busy month for you. I'm a bit envious of your hot dry weather you've had as we have endured such a mix of sun, rain (lots!) and cooler than usual days. Oh well, Maybe we'll make up for it in July. Do you suppose? It was nice to see some familiar places in your post and the beauty is amazing as always. Happy Canada Day and a happy July to you and yours.

  3. Those gals may catch up to you in height one day soon! Incredible how tall they have become and whatever happened to Ryder's head of curls? They've been tamed! He is one handsome hockey player. He and his great-grandfather make a great pic. Ahhh...thank goodness for Lucy still being in preschool. It helps somehow. Hope that some gentle, refreshing rains come your way soon. It pours here every few days as it is doing now. Happy Dominion Day! Oops...Canada Day!

  4. Another fun filled month for you and your family. It's awesome that you can spend time with them. I know it's a blessing for them and for you!

  5. What a blessed month of June you've had. Wish I could send you some of the Ontario rains we've been having. We giggled at the retirement party centre pieces - very creative indeed! Here's to July and Happy Canada Day to you all!

  6. Beautiful photos. It's hard to believe the year is half over. Thanks for sharing a little piece of your life.

  7. What a great recap of a great month. Your corner of the world is looking lovely, but, like ours, I'm sure it's slowly browning under these dry, hot skies.
    Fun retirement center pieces. Love the family times, those are always the best. Have a wonderful July and Happy Canada Day!

  8. I also find it hard to believe that half the year has gone by! Your June photos are beautiful as always and full of the dynamics of life as grandparents, farmers and trying to get away to enjoy the beauty! I love how you fit it all together.

  9. I love your month in reviews. I am always reminded how good God is when I see what he created through your lens. You both are such an inspiration to how to grandparent well! Happy July!

  10. What beautiful photos. They brought back a lot of memories for me too. The new hiking trail near your house must not be far from Hawkins Pickle Road. I think that has to be my all-time favourite street name. The flags at Whistler look beautiful, as does the flag flower bed at the top of your post. Recently, I saw that one of our neighbours bought a new white Fiat 500, with two red racing stripes right over the top. I found myself wishing that he'd painted a maple leaf between the two wide red lines on the trunk, to make a flag out of it. If I knew him better I might suggest it. If I could afford another car, I might do it myself!! Happy Canada Day!

    1. I was going to send you an e-mail...but couldn't find your contact info. Anyhow, you had me curious at to where Hawkins Pickle Road might be, since I have never heard of it. I did some research...and learned that it is about a 40 minute drive from my place. Did you once live in this area? Smiling about your neighbour's 'all-Canadian' Fiat 500!

  11. What a wonderful post, gave me some ideas for our travels! Would love to connect with you while we are so near? We will be in Victoria the 16th and Vancouver the 17 and 18th. Let me know if your schedule allows...would be great to meet you in person...We can travel to you if that is an option. No worries if you have a full schedule. Appreciate all your help in our trip planning!
    Happy 4th!


  12. Sitting here with my cup of morning coffee, you can imagine how thrilled I was to see another post of yours! The banner picture was a beautiful greeting for me, and then spending time looking at all the pictures and reading about every one, was a special way to start out my day. The picture of you and your dad is so good! What a treasure it is for you to share with him in his birthdays at this time of his life. It must have been a blessing for him to observe his grandson and great-grandson in their hockey

    Sitting on that beach by the lake would be something I would thoroughly enjoy, especially with a good
    book in hand. Wow! Such gorgeous country scenes you share always. Even with the very dry weather you are experiencing, beauty abounds.

    I think the Beach Boy's music makes every beach adventure more fun:)

    Enjoyed this post so much!

  13. So nice to catch up with you this evening, Judy! My husband and I came back from a two week trip to NYC so that we could attend some family events, and visits with friends. .
    It is a blessing your Dad is able to enjoy travel and events with you! Your photos are all glorious.
    Your grandchildren are all growing up so beautifully! Our older granddaughter will be attending morning preschool this year. The baby granddaughter just turned one month old. Time passes so quickly.

    We have had so much rain this spring and summer in Colorado--natives tell us they have never seen it so green in July! I hope you get some of this rain there soon!

    Love you new blog header--I need instructions on how to make one this size, my blog needs a serious update ;)

  14. Its lovely to catch up with you and your family, beautiful photos!

  15. It was time to catch up and I hadn't even realized it! Thanks for the quick updates!


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