Tuesday, May 31, 2016

the month of may...

Let me see if I can possibly sum up the month of May in my corner of the world with just a few photos and a few words.

The first day of May was sunny and hot...a 'barefoot at the lake' kind of day.  We chose to visit Hicks Lake that afternoon...with books, snacks and some friends to keep us company.

We shared the shoreline with a few families of Canadian geese!

For some forty-five years hubby has been planting corn every spring.  At one time he planted for others; more recently he planted our own fields. 

On May 2, 2016 he planted corn for the last time!  The corn planter is sold.  Someone else will be planting our corn next year.  The end of an era!

Let me share a few 'birds and blooms' pic's from our back yard.

The Miss Kim Lilac never disappointments...loaded with blooms and SO fragrant!

The peonies have come and gone.  Until next May!

I've had a fine time watching the hummingbirds from my kitchen window this past month.  Some prefer blooms...

...others like the feeder.

May 3rd always calls for a birthday celebration...Ranen and Auntie Broni.  It was a little chilly that night (for some of us)...so we moved our party into the garage!

These two had been wondering when they could go for a ride in the old car...so one Saturday evening we made it happen.  They find it quite a novelty to ride around without 'buckling up'!  Their cousins are working at DQ this summer and we thought we would stop by and let them serve us.

As it happened, our favorite DQ girls were working the drive-through that evening...but came out to say 'hi'.

This will be a night Maggie will not forget anytime soon. She has never previously had a DQ cone...since they could never vouch that it was 'peanut free'.  The present staff assured us that a simple, un-dipped cone was safe and so she had her first DQ cone ever!  Does she look pleased?

Earlier this month...a fine time around Lovella's table with some of my MGCC friends.  Ellen's always game to drive up from Seattle!

Though we never had much rain this month...we had a few storms roll through.

  And some beautiful rainbows!

May is also a perfect time to visit Cheam Wetlands Park...close by and yet 'a world away'!

Maggie and Lucy joined us and had fun collecting rocks until their pockets were more than full!

My sister Bev, who has lived in south Texas for almost four decades, retired from nursing recently...and is on an extended road trip.  She spent almost a week with us...and while she soaked in the sunshine on the back patio...Ricky (her son/my nephew) walked in circles.  Always clockwise. Constant motion.  Though he is mostly non-verbal...his favorite new word was 'Canada'.  He practiced that one a lot!

Today turned out to be a beautiful, warm day...just perfect to have a 'party in the park' with good friends.  And how fun to meet Rosella face-to-face!  She lives in Ontario and has been a good blogging friend and encouragement to all of us...and she just happened to be passing through Chilliwack today.  We met up at the beautiful little Gwynne Vaughn Park in the downtown area...enjoyed a morning tea party and a stroll through the gardens. It was a special time!

Let me end with one of my favorite May scenes...that of the dogwood that always delights!  

And so ends the month of May...and tomorrow we turn the page!  Wishing you all a delightful June.


  1. You documented May with such beautiful photos. Such a full and glorious month. Yippee for Maggie and her first DQ cone! Your dogwood and lilac really are amazing.

  2. Beautiful photos! It looks as though May was quite a bit of excitement and fun.

  3. Lots of delightful sights and events at your place this May. The dogwood is really stunning.

  4. The dogwood is so beautiful! I also spy some familiar hosta - I brought a large clump from Pondside House that had originally come from in front of your Front Porch. What a lovely time that must have been with Rosella. You had perfect weather for your meet-up!

  5. For whatever reason, life always looks really beautiful through your lens. You had a full month too and it was captured so well. Birthdays, corn planting, and that beautiful dogwood.

  6. Your home and gardens are always so beautiful, Judy! Congratulations to your husband on his corn growing retirement--well deserved after all those years. I also have an adult a non verbal autistic nephew. He lives in a group home since he turned 25. Glad May was a good month for your lovely family!

  7. May is indeed a lovely month at your home and surrounding area! I have to tell you that for some reason the photo of the tree with the mountains and grass in the background and the mini windmill in the foreground is my favorite. It just looks so peaceful and serene. All of your photos are awesome as always!

  8. I like that you caught a picture of Martha taking notes. I want to zoom in and see!
    Love that Maggie gets to ride in that antique car to Dairy Queen and have ice cream served by her big cousins.

  9. Love that old car!! My great uncle had a similar one and we used to ride in it when he delivered groceries from his small village store to his customers. I remember the blanket rope attached to the back of the front seat and the back doors that opened from the centre. The double rainbow with the cows is a beautiful photo. I was talking with my sister, Maggie, last night and she is excited about her trip to visit us in July. It will be a busy early summer for us with our daughter and her husband and our 3 grandsons coming on the 25th of June followed by Maggie's visit. They will overlap by a day so Maggie gets to meet her great nephews for the first time! I'm more than excited about their visit and the boys are getting excited too!! Happy June days to you Judy. Enjoy!

  10. I was curious about "MGCC" so I googled it. There are so many possibilities . . .

  11. Your dogwood is stunning. Dogwoods in general have been glorious this year, they have loved the warm spring

  12. May appears to have been a full and very beautiful month in your corner, Judy. I paused when I saw your header photo and appreciated the peace and beauty it contained. From there it was such a pleasure to see your lovely flowers and hummingbirds. I smiled to hear the story of Maggie and her first DQ ice cream. How exciting for her and the DQ workers... I am amazed that they are now old enough to be working!
    Congratulations to your husband on his retirement from planting the corn. I would imagine that will be a big change, but a well-deserved one as well.
    Thank you for continuing to share your monthly posts, Judy. I always enjoy my visits with you.

  13. mike@mail.postmanllc.net

  14. As always,Judy, your photos are beautiful... your month of May -as lovely as its name. And yes, what can be more note-worthy than a first ice-cream cone! Most of us were too young to remember our first 'lick'.
    And a little sad - the last corn field? I hope I get to enjoy a few ears when they are ripe!

  15. These photos are absolutely gorgeous…the rainbow…the hummingbird…the darling Maggie with her first DQ cone. ( I remember loving mine, by the way, but it was a mixed chocolate and vanilla one…)


  16. This morning I visited your blog again, and SO THOROUGHLY enjoyed reading your May post, that I wanted to jump on the nearest plane and head west! It's beauty, and it's emotional sentiments, and it's portrayal of nature's finest beauty, was the best way to start my day. That post was so exceptionally shared! The one of Elmer planting his corn for the last time, really got to me. Life is so full of changes, and progressing at such rapid speeds, that at times, I just want to slow it all down. The post also made me more eager than ever to visit your part of the world! Thank you for adding beauty and joy to my early morning coffee time. Judy


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson