Saturday, October 15, 2016

Amish Country Tour

Before our time in 'Amish country' is a distant memory...I thought I would share a few pic's of our time in Indiana and Ohio.  In most cases the photos speak for themselves.  So I will let them do that! All photos were captured with my i-phone, and many through a dirty windshield while bumping down country while the photos may be less than stellar, the images are great memories of our time in a beautiful corner of the USA!

Farmers can not resist the temptation to stop and chat with fellow farmers along the way!

Beds of pink petunias brightened the landscape wherever we went.  Always bright pink!

'The cattle on a thousand hills' were enjoying their final fall days out on pasture.

On every corner...a garden market.

From pretzel stands to coffee shops and bistros...the food and service was amazing.

On the advice of a local...we ate at the Boyd and Wurthman Restaurant in Berlin, Ohio.  There is a reason that every seat was full and there was a line-up out the door!

Something about the name called for a photo!

There were shops galore...but we mostly toured the countryside.

There are places where children still ride bike to school...

...and play softball during lunch break.

And families play croquet on the front lawn on Sunday afternoons.

Places where one goes to town with a horse and buggy.

The church parking lot on Sunday.

Barn quilts decorate businesses and barns.

'Gardens will bless your soul. They are a place to rest, to draw near, and to heal.' ~ An Amish quote.

Do you get the picture?  We found Amish country to be beautiful and  peaceful...a step back in time.

And just so you don't think we were staying in a hotel without electricity...I'll leave you a photo of our lovely room in Sugarcreek, Ohio.  What a delightful surprise we had when we checked into our hotel!

Let me add one collage of photos that give the reason for our visit.  We were guests of the Blue Gate theatre company and took in the Mennonite Girls Can Cook theatrical production in two locations.  We had book-signings at local bookstores as well a cooking show and met so many wonderful people.  What a delightful experience to share with all ten of the MGCC ladies!

A tour of Amish country was the perfect way to usher in autumn 2016. The memories will live on.


  1. Loved revisiting our time in this lovely part of our world with you! What a great job of the panoramic of the beautiful rooms we stayed in. You got some very nice shots with your i-phone!

  2. How gorgeous! Sometimes I think riding Horse & Buggies, Playing Croquet and Sending the kids to school on bikes would be a refreshing change to our busy lifestyle!

  3. Charmed by this post... Was that Amish lady holding a baby? It would scare me to be out on the busy highway like that.

  4. Wonderful pictures Judy! I especially like the one with the windmill! The pictures all speak of a great trip and yes, a step back in time as you say! I always enjoy your travel "post cards".

  5. How lovely and serene. It just goes to show you that a simpler life is possible if you're willing to totally overhaul your lifestyle. My favorite was the "our front porch" photo!

  6. It does feel like a step back in time, very calm and peaceful. I felt like that when I visited Amish country in PA almost 10 years ago. And the food was excellent!

  7. Beautiful photos of Amish country! I remember driving through Pennsylvania a number of years ago and enjoying the scenes of Amish life. It looks like you had a wonderful trip Judy.

  8. Very interesting article and loved the pictures. We also have Amish in our area and they have beautiful homes. I think they build them.

  9. Very interesting article and loved the pictures. We also have Amish in our area and they have beautiful homes. I think they build them.

  10. We certainly had a great trip in a fabulous part of the country.

  11. I too was so amazed at their beautiful fall displays and I love that your farmer hubby went to talk to an Amish farmer. I'm reminded of an old photo we have, where one little guy says to the other, "You been farmin long?"

  12. Yearning for that simple life but then again is it really that simple? Nice photos.

  13. Hopped over from Pam's blog to visit you. Your photos of Amish country are lovely. I travel often to Sugarcreek. In fact my hubby taxis the Amish neighbors in our part of the country. In fact he was just down in Holmes county last week picking up buggy wheels for our neighbor who builds buggies. Had such a nice time seeing this beautiful spot through the eyes of your camera. Hope you have a great day.

  14. Beautiful photos! When we live din NY we often took a drive out to the Amish area of Lancaster , PA and surrounding towns. Very pastoral and peaceful. It was the first place our city bred children saw cows!

  15. It is so good to be back here again!!! My cup of coffee was far more enjoyable while drinking it with your photography of glimpses into your life and your surroundings! Thank you so much for blogging. I find myself looking forward to every single visit here!

  16. Hi Judy, I want to tell you that although this post is a year + old, I never saw it. I love all things Amish and Mennonite and wanted to see if I could find your connection and the MGCC group. I loved seeing the sights; we've been to several areas that were Amish-one in Tennessee and one near Toronto, Ontario. I've never stayed in a home before and of course being a quilter, would love to.


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