Thursday, May 31, 2018

The Merry Month of May

Let me try to sum up how May played out in my corner of the world with a few pictures...and a few words.

Lilacs. Irises.  Peonies.  The flowers of May!

The first crop of grass came in off the fields.

I have a 'front row seat' to the action from my kitchen window.

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When I walk my usual route on the country roads, I am quite accustomed to meeting tractors pulling all manner of farm equipment.  But on this particular evening I had no idea what was coming towards me.   This was a first!  Three young ladies on a tractor and one skate-boarding behind.  And that is what my granddaughters and their friends do for entertainment.

Marg hosted the MGCC gals for a lovely brunch early in May...the eight of us who live nearby.  The sun was shining and we moved the party outdoors for dessert and tea.  Good food, good friends and good fellowship!

The tulips were in full bloom...and so some of us stopped at the tulip fields once the brunch party was over.

Such beauty in our backyard!

An appointment in Vancouver found me at a window with a beautiful view of the harbour.

Later that week, I joined a busload of farm gals heading to Chemainus on the annual 'Ritchie Smith  Ladies Get-away'.  As always, it was a great time...from checking out the murals in Chemainus, to taking in the dinner theatre production of Kim's Convenience, sharing a suite with Lovella and Mary, shopping, chatting and taking in the beautiful scenery of the west coast.

On Mother's Day we packed along a picnic and  went to Silver Lake in Hope for the afternoon. Though the Skagit River was wild and turbulent the lake was calm and peaceful...the perfect place to relax with a book.  We spent the evening with all the kids and grands at Kris and Lina's...a great way to end the day.

We attended a fundraising party which included the premiere showing of the new Himalayan Life documentary at Highstreet Mall a few weeks ago.  Who knew the venue would be standing room only?  Heidi (daughter) has worked hard in sharing the work of this organization in our area...and was thrilled with the outcome of the evening. They raised $100,000 for the 'forgotten children' of Nepal that evening. We were blown away!

The cornfields were prepared and planted.  Dust clouds in May are not the norm over here!

We have had next to no rain this month and things are really dry.  It has been the driest month of May in history.  It would be nice to have a good downpour...and then a return to sunny days!

Lucy is playing violin...her first year. She did a little 'practice run' before heading out to her spring recital last Saturday.  She takes it quite seriously and is  playing so well after just a few short months.

We took Ranen and Ryder on a little outing to the putting course at Cultus Lake earlier this week.  What fun for all!

And that is a sampling of what went on here this past month.  Besides that, the front porch was re-stained, the back patio has a new sealer, the beds have all been mulched.  Bring on the summer!

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  1. Another busy month in the books. So many beautiful views and I'm so thankful to have been able to have a day in May with you. It's wonderful to be able to still have the strength to move, work hard and enjoy all the things each month throws our way. Happy June to you!

  2. Thanks for sharing the beauty of your surroundings with us! The tulips are my favorite and the swings in front of the flowers looks like such fun. Looking forward to sharing your adventures in June...

  3. I always enjoying reading these glimpses of a month in your life. There's a lot of living and loving packed into them. And now we're on to June!

  4. Beautiful summary of your Merry Month of May! Lots of fun events and lots of work done! I sincerely hope you get a good rain soon. It's quite dry here too but have been getting a few sprinkles these past few days.

  5. These monthly highlights are always a welcome reminder of the good things we've shared. I'm thankful with you for the work that's been done at the farm once more and for the love of friends and family! It is exciting to see how well the fundraiser went for Nepal and Heidi's work gone into that. I love that you have another violinist in the family!

  6. May was merry over there! Those grands never cease to amaze. I am always impressed by violinists. Love that photo of you and Ellen swinging. Say, something's different with your hair...looks fabulous!

  7. You did a fantastic job of capsulating your merry month of May. Look at sweet Lucy! She is one sweet little violinist. I'm glad you captured things I missed. If my journal isn't comprehensive enough in the future, I can depend on yours! =)

  8. Sorry to be visiting so late, Judy! I enjoyed seeing your wonderful month of May. Those tulip fields never cease to amaze me. June has been a busy month as we have a few birthdays to celebrate and much babysitting after the end of school and before the beginning of camp. It has also been very dry in Colorado and three large fires are burning in forests throughout the state--always a worry here!


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