Wednesday, October 31, 2018

October ~ a few snapshots

 I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers. ~ Anne with an 'e'

Let me share a few reasons why.

Sunshine and beautiful colours...

...and flowers in their last hurrah.

Then there was the cousin party in Terry's shop...
where Lovella served up apple fritters hot out of the pan!

Thanksgiving...with so many reasons to give thanks!

Cross country races...
where we cheered on the grands.

Seeing the Fraser Valley from on high in October is a beautiful thing!

A helicopter trip to the back country of the Coastal Range...

...on a sunny and warm October day will live long in our memories.
So glad we won this fantastic door prize at a fundraiser last year!

We found a nice spot to have a wee picnic...

...while our pilot took a nap on the precipice.

No need to build an inukshuk...
someone had beat us to it.

Heidi celebrated her 40th birthday.
Can our baby really be that old?
Thanking God for the gift of our daughter on that day I will never forget...
October 21, 1978.

Maggie and Lucy came for a sleepover...
and since it felt like summer we decided to have a wiener roast on last time.
Just before dawn...we were awakened by a car crash on the freeway next to our place.
The girls jumped out of bed and we all walked to the overpass to see what had happened. 
And since we were up anyway...
we went to check out the cranberry field down the road.

It looked much more colourful the following day in broad daylight...
as the harvest was underway.

We so enjoyed October...
eating on the patio and watching the sun set from there.
And more.
To be continued next month. 

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  1. I love reading your posts, Judy. Your photos are so gorgeous, you live in a truly beautiful part of our planet. Sounds like October was a good month, now we're on to November!

  2. You had a great October! I also like when the seasons change =)

  3. It sounds as though you had a wonderful and varied October.
    How lovely the cranberry fields are with their ruby red colours.

  4. A wonderful October has come and gone. You have some beautiful photos and served Anne's quote well.

  5. Oh my - those cranberry fields are absolutely beautiful!!! Who know they grew so plentiful in your Valley? What a fantastic prize to win ... looks like you enjoyed it very much. Heidi is beautiful and how is it possible that you have a 40 year old? October is indeed a beautiful month and I totally agree with Ann with an "e"!

  6. You really did have a beautiful month. Really amazing cranberry harvest...would love to see that for myself. I know that November is shaping up to be another good month!

  7. That ALL happened in October? I'm so glad you were the ones to win that door prize and that the pilot didn't roll off during his nap. Does Elmer know how to fly a helicopter? Such beautiful colors and happy times!

  8. What a fantastic October you had. Filled with pretty changes to the garden colours to flying high above and celebrating your Heidi. She's a fun filled really friendly gal I always enjoying bumping into.

  9. A month is certainly packed full, isn't it? Wonderful events, particularly that helicopter ride - truly an adventure. Your daughter looks like a strong and beautiful woman.


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~ Ralph Waldo Emerson