Monday, July 1, 2019

June ~ in full bloom

June was filled with many good things from beginning to end, including year end recitals for the grands and Emme and Spencer's high school graduation.  Let me go back to the beginning of the month and re-cap a few of the happenings.

June 1st called for a drive to Harrison Lake and ice-cream cones on the beach as the sun set.

On June 2nd, we cheered Ranen on at her year end Irish dance recital at the Abbotsford Arts Centre. She has had a wonderful year of Irish dance, and is accumulating first place trophies.  This week she will be competing in the North American Irish Dance Championships at Vancouver Convention Centre. We'll be there!

How better to start off the month of June than at a garden party with good friends?  Lovella hosted us in her beautiful backyard tent...a celebration of her milestone birthday and of eleven years of friendship as Mennonite Girls Can Cook. Salads, scones, and a dessert bar.  Midday. How special is that? I am so thankful for the journey we have been on together and the friendship we have enjoyed over these many years. Definitely a gift from God!

On the 8th of June, Emme and Spencer graduated from grade twelve.  Where have the years gone?

We went over to take a few pic's before the ceremony...

...which was at Prospera Center in Chilliwack.

Giving diplomas to more than 300 students takes awhile. 
When they are handed out in alphabetical order and your name starts with W...
it takes almost three hours!

I love this photo of the two of them with their high school principal, Mr. Fehlauer. 
I knew him as Brian and he spent a lot of time in our home decades ago...
as the best friend of the girls' dad. 
How special to receive their diploma from him. 

Fast forward to their prom and grad party...which was just a few days ago.


I slipped next door to see them in their dresses before they left for their official events. 

Their dad came in from the farm and got cleaned up in the middle of the day to pose with his girls.
His work clothes didn't quite cut it!

Let me add a few pic's taken by their friend Jessica, who followed them around all day.  Of course they made a stop at DQ for an ice-cream and some pic's with their co-workers there.  I can hardly believe how these years have flown by, and wish for them every success and much wisdom as they go from here. Did I say that they are lovely both inside and out?

For Father's Day we took dad out for brunch...the three sisters (and spouses) who live nearby.  We picked him up in 'his' '47 Monarch, which was the highlight of the day for him.

Another evening, we sat on the back patio with dad, listened to his stories and ate cherries until the sun went down.  How blessed to still have my dad at age 96 (almost 97).

Kris and Lina had us over for Father's Day dinner on their patio.  How special is that...pulled pork medley in a pineapple boat?  And delicious too! 

We were looking forward to adventuring in our motor home again this summer, and spent a lovely week in Oregon...the Columbia River Gorge, Bend area and Crater Lake...documented right here.

I was back just in time to be Maggie's honoured guest at her grade five grad.  She will be in middle school next year. 

We planned to take Ryder and Maggie on a year-end outing to Tap-ins golf course, but when we arrived there (at the end of a very hot and humid day) the skies opened up and it poured. Oh well, we went to Legends Bistro to eat instead...

...and then home to our place for a marathon game of Monopoly (Canadian version). In the end, Maggie owned it all!

Last night we met for a picnic at BenAnna Lake with the whole family.  It was a wonderful evening...but a little bittersweet since it was likely the last time we will be picnicking there, since the property has been sold.  For many decades we have used this private park on the property of friends, who have always been so generous in sharing their lovely venue.  From reunions, to family gatherings, birthday parties, anniversaries and several weddings...we have many good memories of time spent there.  We are so thankful to the Barg family for sharing BenAnna Lake with us! 

We ended the evening and the month of June, by celebrating a few birthdays (Holly, Lucy, Tim and Jeremy)...and Canada's birthday as well!

Happy Canada Day to you all!


  1. Aw - such a great recap of another busy month. The graduates are just so beautiful and oh those gorgeous prom dresses! Love the picture of them on the bench - framable for sure. Your Irish dancer is amazing - when will you be taking her to the Emerald Isle? You must be so proud of all your talented grands and they must love how you take such an interest in them all! Happy Canada Day to you all.

  2. Hope that your Canada Day was great and that all of July will be a blast! You folks have the most amazing bouquet of grands...they are so pretty...all of’em. Don’t tell the boys. Your dad is a blessing. What a joy for him to have his girls show up and take him away for some good times in his old car! Keep looking up and keep having fun!

  3. I loved your June! What a novel idea to add script to the pictures... I should go back and do that too. =) Your twins have grown up before us through your blog and what lovely girls they are. Praying that they will be blessed as they head into the next stage of living life!

  4. I enjoyed reading about your full month of June celebrating so many accomplishments. I love the picture on the bench! So fun to celebrate your Irish dancer and new middle schoolers etc. I hope that you get sruprised and still get to use BenAnna Lake in the future.

  5. So much joy here! My first comment must be about Emme and Spencer flanking you as such gorgeous pink angels! I have said it so many times that I know you already know what I am about to say yet AGAIN! I love your life and your beautiful family and the way you embrace all of life's seasons.....from the young to the older. And I love that your dad is still such a big part of it all. Love you, Judy! You are my role I need to get over to your Oregon adventure! We loved Oregon last September!

  6. Beautiful photos, Judy !
    We all know if you kiss a frog, a prince appears ! but who did what to the lovely pink blossoms to have two beautiful 'pink-young-ladies' appear ??? smile...
    I don't have to ask how proud you are of your 'girls' !!


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson