Friday, January 31, 2020

January Twenty Twenty

Every sunrise brings new hope. 

This was yesterday morning's glorious sunrise!

The new year did not start off with good news.
In fact, it seemed that every new day brought more hard things that first week. 
But we have hope.

Bill and Jeanne (my brother and sister-in-law from Iowa), 
as well as my nephew, 
flew out to spend some time here early in the month. 

We postponed our Baerg family Christmas get-together until they were here...
and had Christmas in January at a lovely clubhouse. 

Dad loves having the clan together...
but as you can tell...
it went a little longer than he was up to!

The Iowa family escaped the valley just as the snow began to fly.

It was pretty.

At first!

And then came a wicked blizzard and the deep freeze!
The freeway was closed several times that week.
The milk trucks could not get through...
and many farms had to dump their milk.
Schools were closed most of the week.

It was a good time to stay home...
and look at it all through the window!

Eventually the winds stopped howling...

...and we made a path to the front door.
(Thanks Jeremy and Corey!)

On the 19th of January...
we walked the Vedder River Trail.
It was a good thing to do on my birthday.

Let me just slip in one borrowed pic of Maggie and Lucy who were flower girls at a
wedding celebration in Tofino (west coast of Vancouver Island) that weekend.
There the snow had turned to rain...
and they shivered under umbrellas...
as they dropped their petals on the wet sand of the ocean shore.

As we have done several times in the past...
we enjoyed a mid-week stay at the Harrison Hot Springs Resort once the storm was over.

It's a lovely spot any season of the year!

We know that after the snow comes the rain!
And the big melt.
And the lakes where there aren't supposed to be any!

We still have the remains of snow drifts around the house...
but the bulbs are all pushing up out of the ground...
the heather and the pansies are blooming...
and we know that spring will be here before too long.

I am off to Texas in a few days to spend time with my sister Bev who had a brain tumour removed a few weeks ago. 
She is doing well but has a long journey ahead of her...
and is so thankful for any and all who are praying for her.

As the sun sets on January...
I look forward to the new month and whatever it may hold.
Every day is a gift!

Thanks for visiting 'my front porch'! 


  1. That is serious snow!
    Poor little bridesmaids look a bit shivery, but very pretty.

  2. That was a wild and wide swing! Glad that the weather is growing more temperate. I have said a prayer for Bev, which always includes a request that God will continue to being her to mind. What a journey she is on and I am glad that you will be able to help for a bit. May you have sweet times together. Lucy and Maggie looked adorable. All they needed was a white fur wrap. Brrrr...

  3. That path to your front door says it all as far as the depth of snow. Watching drifts from your windows is nice. Beautiful photos. Will pray about your trip and continue for your sisters.

  4. That sure was a major storm for your part of this country! Inconvenient but beautiful as well! Praying that you will have a nice visit with your sister and for continued healing! Maggie and Lucy are so cute - great picture!

  5. I showed the photo of the sidewalk bordered by snow to my daughter and she couldn't believe it was real! She just saw snow falling from the sky for the first time in her 33 years when we were in Kansas for Thanksgiving. She has no concept of snow accumulation. Praying for your sister, Bev. Thanks again for the beautiful photos you share with us. If there were a contest, I'd vote your blog the most beautiful one I read.

  6. Oh those poor shivery bridesmaids - that was such a cold weekend. I hope you have a good time with your sister and are able to be an encouragement and help to her. Spring is soon here, but winter isn't done yet!

  7. The photos are beatuiful but we are thankful that our winters don't go on for long. A small taste is good and enough. Praying for you as you spend some time with your sister ... and for her healing, of course.

  8. Thank you, Judy for your wrap-up of January. Your photos are always so beautiful and farm photos are the best!! I am so glad you are still blogging along with Anneliese and Ellen. I got attached to the MGCC and I miss Lovela and Marge(?). Prayers for your sister.
    Farm Gal in Virginia, USA

  9. Hello Judy
    I know your area does not get a heavy snowfall like this January one very often, and it does sound like it was a hardship for many. I hope the rest of the winter will be milder. I'm glad you were able to spend time with your sister, Bev. I will keep her in my prayers for comfort and healing. Every new day is truly a gift to treasure!

  10. I somehow missed your January post earlier! Judy, I can’t even imagine a January snow like this.
    You stay so calm and just ride things out. Praise God Winter is but one season and he has promised spring will always come as long as the earth remains.


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson