Friday, May 1, 2020

April ~ As it Happened

 Let me just give you a wee peek into the month that was.
April 2020.

It was a month with little rain for the first three weeks.  

The birds were happy...

As were we!

It is not often that I see clouds of dust in the field...

...when I stand at the kitchen sink in mid-April.

Since we had nowhere to go this month... was a good time for yard work.
After sixteen years, we pulled out a hedge of white heather that had seen better days.
And we replanted...
with more white heather. 

The bark mulch got done...

...the curbs and patio were sealed. 

After our granddaughter passed away on April 4th, 2008, we planted a pink magnolia tree in her memory.  'The Hannah tree' blooms every year on her birthday.  We were not expecting any flowers this year, since we pruned the tree back to the trunk in fall. But...just in time for her birthday, we were surprised by one beautiful bloom. She is not forgotten.

It has been hard not seeing friends or family these past many weeks, but we have kept in touch in so many ways.

What a surprise to have the doorbell ring one day and find this lovely bouquet on the front porch.  From a friend. 
Friends are like that!

Easter came and went.  

We enjoyed our on-line service, both Good Friday and Easter Sunday, but so missed being together in person. We also missed having the family home for Easter...but we made the best of it by having Easter dinner via Zoom.  The menu was the same as always...but we all ate at our own table as we chatted on Zoom.  There was no Easter egg hunt at Grammy and grandpa's this year. It will be an Easter to remember. The sun was shining and Elmer and I went for a bike ride after dinner.

We have gone for many bike rides this month....

...past tulip fields in bloom

...under a canopy of cherry blossoms

...and past a family of Canadian geese.

We cycled along the Fraser River (which is rising quickly)...
and had lunch on this old bench.

Past golden fields of dandelions...

...and along a farmyard trail in Agassiz.

What a surprise to meet friends on a dead-end country road...

...or a neighbour on a trail far from home.
Impromptu visits are the best!

We are not always sure what is up and what is down these days...
 or what is black and what is white.
(But I know for sure this peacock was white!)
Nothing much is as it was before.
Covid 19 has changed 'life as we knew it'.
(scroll down to see that post)
just in case we ever forget!

It's springtime.
We have hope for tomorrow.
Life is a gift and it is beautiful!


  1. Such a beautiful April despite the Pandemic. Encouraging post, Judy!

  2. April was beautiful in your corner, and in ours. Perhaps the state of the world made us all see the beauty around us.

  3. Such beauty! It is wonderful that Hannah's magnolia bloomed.

  4. I appreciate the sentiments of how you ended your post ... and that photo of one magnolia appearing at just the right time gave me goosebumps.

  5. What a beautiful post. Your blog is like a mini-vacation for me at the end of each month. I look forward to it and as I sit down to read it I actually feel myself relax. Thank you for your generosity in sharing your thoughts, environment, and life with us!

  6. A historic month .... (understatement). Thank you for reminding me of all the things we can be thankful for despite this time! I've been feeling so very down this past while and your words and beautiful pictures have given me a much needed lift and reminder that we'll make it through this. And I might actually get a haircut at some point too - lol! So glad no one can see me these days. Stay well my friend!

  7. I think you have proven that to a great extent it is how we look at it and I like the way you look at it. You have found the bright and the beautiful in your month of April. I can't imagine riding my bike past that gorgeous field of tulips. Hannah's magnolia is especially beautiful.

  8. It may be frustrating not to be able to enjoy family and friends as in the past, Judy, but you are surrounded with beauty and I;m sure that helps. I am willing to do all that is necessary to remain healthy--everything else can wait. Stay happy and well in May!


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson