Friday, April 30, 2021

April ~ welcoming spring

And just like that...everything is made new. 

April comes from the Latin word meaning 'open'.   
So appropriate!

The pink magnolia bloomed on schedule. 
April 4th.
Hannah's memorial tree.
She is not forgotten.

We usually have a lot of rain in April and the blossoms don't get much of a chance to put on a show.
This year they were amazing!

With pandemic restrictions changing our way of life...
Easter looked quite different than what we were used to.

We attended a drive-in church service in the morning...

...and headed up the mountain to meet up with the family in the afternoon. 

An Easter egg hunt in the forest...

...and Paska around a campfire made for a memorable Easter celebration.

We missed Emme...
who is in Uganda with a team through YWAM

It is definitely a life-changing experience for her!

She sent the photo of a boy who was ecstatic with the Operation Christmas Child shoebox he just received (Christmas comes any time of the year over there)...
and remembered the years when we packed those shoeboxes together.

With lots of sunshine in April...
we ventured out on the bikes quite often.

Trails along the river are great... need to watch for traffic!

We saw this relic parked in a field along the river...
and Elmer decided to go take a closer look.

Sure enough...
it was a lime spreader that his dad had a local manufacturer build for him around 1958.

Elmer recalls doing custom spreading with that piece of equipment while in his teens.

It may have seen better days, but the lime spreader is still around.

And so is the manufacturer...Ironside Design Manufacturing, which began as a humble blacksmith shop in Chilliwack over a century ago.

Though restaurants are closed for indoor dining...
the patios are open. 

We chose a warm April day to have dinner at our local Wildcat Grill...
where they have turned their parking lot into a patio.

Dining on their patio 'in the shadow of Mt. Cheam'...
is far better than being eating inside anyhow!

We attended a drive-by milestone anniversary celebration for Paul and Carol a few weeks ago.
Carol was a close friend through high school...
and still a good friend today!

And yes...
that is her wedding gown which still fits her perfectly five decades later!

It hardly seems possible that our friends are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary...
but we know we aren't far behind!

Another flashback to yesteryear was a hike to 'Lost Lake'.
Elmer and I hiked there together in 1969 and hadn't been back since.

It is located at the top of Sumas Mountain...
is now called Chadsey Lake...
and seemed like a longer hike than 'back in the day'!

But it is even more beautiful then I remember...
and we are so glad we made the trek.

A few days ago, we cycled along the Vedder River...

...where the fishermen and eagles gather on the bank.

Not far from there...
we cycled past fields of tulips. 

And so ends  April...
when the earth laughs with flowers!

May will a busy time out on the fields for the farmers...
cutting grass and planting corn.'

Until next month...


  1. Good thing I love reading text and could imagine what I was supposed to be seeing. The photos would not load no matter what I tried. I have heard of this problem with other bloggers so am not shocked. I'll try my laptop later and hope for better results. You folk are indefatigable and I am delighted you found a way to honor Easter together.

  2. Yay! The pictures showed up and are wonderful. Your dear friend looks beautiful in her wedding gown. And I enjoyed finding the glimpses of you two as well. Happy May🌷

  3. I love your April and I love YOU and your beautiful life!
    Your family is incredible as are your friends. Love the photo of your friend Carol in her wedding gown! Amazing!
    I'm off to catch up on the months I have missed and I do so thank you for posting each month. I love catching glimpses of you and yours and getting to keep up with how you are doing!

  4. April was a beautiful month in your corner for sure. So great to be able to ride where car traffic is minimal and nice that the weather has been good enough for patio dining. I no way would be able to fit into my wedding gown these days! How nice that those two could be celebrated at least in the COVID style. Love seeing Emme in Uganda. Hope May has many more wonderful memories...

  5. You and Elmer certainly took advantage of the good weather and the availability of outdoor activities! Such beautiful photos of your corner. Emme is a lovely girl, and so grown up! Hannah's tree is such a sweet memorial. Happy May days to you!

  6. Judy, I need to start commenting on your posts with the Thesaurus at my side. I'm running out of adjectives for how beautiful your photos are. Gorgeous scenery accompanied by stories of when, how and why you visited... I look forward to your posts each month. Your friend in her wedding gown was such a sweet photo. April is truly awesome in your corner of the world. See you next month!

  7. It's just all so pretty over there! Your trails with mountain scenery are breathtaking and you are taking full advantage. Your pictures are just beautiful. Hannah's pink magnolia picture is stunning - what a wonderful memorial to her! Love how you celebrated Easter and embrace Spring. Stay well!

  8. As always, it is fun to see and read of your highlights! The gorgeous weather we had sure helps, especially when we need to play and eat outside. And always that backdrop with the snow capped mountains! Remembering Emme in Uganda and pray all goes well for the rest of her trip.


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson