Saturday, November 29, 2014

november remembered...

 We spent the first part of the month where the sun always shines...
the palm trees sway...

...and our favorite resort in the desert beckons.

My sister and BIL (Dot and Terry) were there when we arrived...
and we spent some time catching up with them.
Why is that so much easier to do when on vacation?
We live in the same neighbourhood and don't see each other often enough.

Then we had some friends join us for a week...
and shared some fun times!

We found more friends...
and drove out to Nuevo for a Sunday morning church service.

Olive Grove Church  is a friendly place... a rural community of Riverside County.
Their Pastor Steve happens to be the brother of our good friend, Ellen.
He made us feel most welcome...
and gave us some 'food for thought' from the pulpit.

After church, we headed up the mountains to Idyllwild for lunch. 
We were dressed for Palm Springs...
not for Idyllwild.
42°F (that's 6°C) was a bit of a shock!
But the restaurant had the fire going...
and some wonderful baked French onion soup on the menu...
and by the time we left we were almost warm!

We also were not dressed for collecting pine cones up in the mountains...
but couldn't resist!

On another day we visited the Coachella Valley Preserve...also called Thousand Palm Oasis.
It is a 20,000 acre sanctuary for endangered desert species...
located on the San Andreas fault-line.
How strange to see pools of water  in the middle of the desert...
the result of underground springs along the San Andreas fault.
We took a wee hike and wandered among the fan palms...
which grow up to 45 feet tall and are well over a hundred years old.

Back at the resort...
we made the most of our stay.

We floated down the lazy river...
and read one book after another.
We even managed to keep them dry...
for the most part!

We enjoyed poolside lunches...
and good company!

Some of  'the poolside company' we  could have done without...
but with guests continuing to feed them...
the ducks are in no hurry to take up residence elsewhere.

Back at home...
we had November birthdays to celebrate.

Sweet Micah.
Five years old...already!
Where do the years go?
Why it seems just yesterday that these two arrived!
And now they are teenagers.
Did I ever tell you that being a grandparent is a lot of fun?
So blessed to call them my grands...
and have them all living nearby.

One Sunday afternoon we had some surprise visitors show up at the door.
Emme and Spencer had a lot of puppies to look after this past while...
and decided to bring a few for a Sunday afternoon walk across the fields to our house.
They all look the same to me...
but the girls knew each one by name.
They were not anxious for them to be adopted out...
and it seems they have persuaded their dad that one should stay.
Now there is just one.
And Mamma Indy...of course.

Why is it always so hard to find a nice day to hang the Christmas lights on the house?
We had barely lugged out the ladders and the lights when the skies opened up...
and the rain poured down on us.
We packed everything up...
to be continued later.
A few hours later...
the sun was shining and we tried again.
Once more we got drenched.
 It wasn't a great day for hanging lights...
but it was the perfect day for photographing rainbows!
Inside it is also beginning to look a bit like Christmas.
We are ready to count down the days... 

...with an 'advent calendar' that my DIL made for me last year.
Wee canisters with glitter numbers on top and a magnet on the back...
attached to a vintage metal tray.
I'm sure I'll have help in 'opening up' the days!
Wishing you all a blessed advent season...
and a Christmas filled with joy.


  1. It's really great to look back and see what we can experience in just one month of the year! You had a great November. It still makes me smile to see you at my brother Steve's church in Nuevo. Going down the river reading a book really looks like fun!

  2. Okay. I thought I was paying attention, but how the twins are now teens and Micah is already five has escaped me—totally! Your vacation looked like fun...had to grin at poor Kathy gathering pine cones in sandals and Sunday dress. Determination will get you places. Wonderful photo of the easy feat. Here's to a beautiful advent season in God's country...

  3. What a lovely place to spend a holiday....continuous sun, how marvellous!
    That is such a god idea for an Advent calendar.

  4. That should of course read 'good'.

  5. Aww - November was good! Your pictures are all so nice and one day I hope we can check you that beautiful warm part of the world in PS! Your grandchildren are all so darling Judy! I love how you celebrate with them. Love the advent calendar idea....

  6. So nice to hear about your month....and glad you got away to where the palm leaves sway! Wonderful pictures of the blue blue skies that you enjoyed too. Enjoy your grandkiddos!! and the holiday season that is fast approaching!

  7. Beautiful photos of your November!


  8. What a great post of a very good month! I enjoy how you capture a month with beautiful photos and words.

  9. Ahhhh--that resort in California looked like such a relaxing place to be! It was so nice you had company there and that you were able to visit Ellen's brother's church for services.

    Your grands are all beautiful and I know how much you love and enjoy them, Judy!

    I loved seeing your rainbow and your Advent calendar ----both are very unique! Enjoy December and all the blessings of the Christmas season!

  10. What a terrific November! I always enjoy your updates. I have a similar advent calendar that I'm filling today. This will be the first year the grandkids are really old enough to enjoy, looking forward to the fun! Merry Christmas, Judy to you and your family. "See" you at the end of the month!

  11. HI Judy, your trip to California looks so wonderful. Your photos are fabulous to look at. I love the double rainbow. Take care and I hope you have a blessed December leading up to Christmas. Pam

  12. I had to laugh at the sight of Kathy gathering pinecones in her Sunday best. Your trip looks like it was a wonderful time of relaxation and warmth. Your grands are growing up so quickly, as children do. Such a fine looking family you have.
    Glad you had a little chat with my sister!

  13. It looks like you have made the best of your days in October and we're looking forward to opening the advent doors with you. May you find special blessings on each day during this month and praying that each day finds little miracles for both of you.

  14. What a wonderful post!!! Loved each and every photo! My favorite was the one of you and your hubby floating in the pool while reading. Your float must have been a clear one because you look like you are literally FLOATING on that water!!!
    I always look forward to your monthly blog posts!!
    I have a bookmark all ready to send you. The quads did some watercolors and I love to make bookmarks from them and send to friends. Since I know you read books that you can hold in your hand and they have paper pages - I would love to send you a couple if you will private message me your address! I guess we are of the 'old school' - I still like 'real' books!!!
    Wishing you a merry December FIRST today!!!

  15. It is always so wonderful to visit and learn all the latest news from your front porch. I must admit to being shocked to learn that your beautiful granddaughters are now teenagers. How did that happen? :) Although I only have one grandson, I am finding it to be one of the happiest and sweetest times of live spending time with him.
    Your vacation looks like a wonderful spot for relaxation and fun. Just as it should be.
    I hope, by now, you have had better luck with your lights. My husband is currently off to purchase more after discovering that only 3 of the 8 strands are working this year. Ho Ho... tis the season.
    Your rainbow is gorgeous and that advent wreath is so cute and clever.
    Wishing you a happy holiday season. I will anxiously await your next update.

  16. Should have taken time to proofread... make that sweetest times of **life**.

  17. I am so happy to discover that you posted another post and have thoroughly enjoyed every picture and every word! I enjoy seeing how your grandchildren are growing up so quickly, and beautifully. I liked seeing your time with friends at Palm Springs, and it does my heart good, seeing you and Elmer floating in the water, reading together. Precious moments in the midst of daily life. I am still smiling at your lovely dressed friend taking time to collect pinecones. One has to do, what one has to do...right? The rainbow picture made my day! What a gorgeous picture, filled with promise. This post blessed my day. Thanks for sharing a bit of your life with us.

  18. I'm looking back fondly on your October and feel so blessed to have shared at least one of those weeks with you in the sunshine. I smile at the pictures of Kathy too and wonder where the photographers were when you and I were making the trips back and forth with our fair share. =)

  19. Wishing you and your lovely family a very Merry Christmas Judy! May this new year continue to bring you joy, peace and most of all love.


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson