Friday, September 2, 2016

our northern adventure ~ a synopsis

We are back...from our visit to the north coast of British Columbia. 

Our destination was Haida Gwaii...but our journey took us through so much more of our beautiful province!

We joined the trains snaking their way through the Fraser Canyon...and stopped in Aschcroft at Horsting Farms for some fresh fruit and veggies.  And a piece of cherry pie from their bakery!

 We left home at the tail-end of a heat wave and had almost forgotten what rain felt like...but just a few hours from home...the rain found us!

And then...a rainbow!  That made me smile.

We drove through the Cariboo and explored the 108 Mile Ranch...which brought back good memories of time spent there so many decades ago.  We headed north to Prince George...and turned west on the one and only road that goes all the way to the coast...Highway 16.  We looked at the map and saw that Fort St. James was a bit of a detour...but it looked like an interesting place to see and played a huge part in the history of our province...and so we went!

It was well worth the detour!  It was a wonderful surprise on the banks of the lovely Stewart Lake.

Next stop...Prince Rupert!  You may have heard that it always rains in Prince Rupert.  You heard wrong!  We spent two lovely, sunny days there before setting sail for Haida Gwaii...

...on B.C. Ferries Northern Adventure. That seven hour ferry ride was rather like a tropical cruise.  It was very warm out and we spent most of our time up on the deck.

We left our RV in Prince Rupert and rented a vehicle to use on the island...since we heard there were many gravel forestry roads to explore.

Like it?  Just kidding.  We saw many similar vehicles on Haida Gwaii...but we opted for a Ford F150 pick-up truck from National.

From totem poles...

to balanced rocks...

and shipwrecks on the shore...we enjoyed our unique adventure.

We stayed along the Tllaal River...where we could watch them fishing every evening. 

And at the Haida House right on the riverbank...we enjoyed the catch of the day!

On the north shore...we hiked up Tow Hill for a wonderful view of the beach.

We drove down logging roads...hiked through old-growth rainforest...

...and ate our lunch on a deserted beach where the only 'footprints' in the sand were those of a bear.

We found that there are Mennonites living near Port Clements....and that they are friendly and invited us to join them at their church service on Sunday.

There's so much more to share about Haida Gwaii...but I'll save that for another day.  It really was an excellent adventure!

This was the last photo that I took at Haida Gwaii...the smooth waters of the bay as we were boarding the ferry to leave early one morning.  Don't let those smooth waters fool you!  Not long into the crossing we hit rough seas...and there was no turning back. Most who had eaten breakfast were sorry! It was definitely a memorable boat trip.

Back on the mainland...we were reunited with our RV for the rest of the journey.  And this time we had rain in Prince Rupert...and for most of the trip home. 

It seems there is still a lot of logging happening in northern BC...judging by all the logs rolling down the roads.

At Moricetown...we stopped to watch the local fisherman pulling the salmon out of the river as it rushed through a canyon. 

As we pushed for home on the last day of our journey...the rainbow appeared in the sky once more.  A rainbow as we left home...and another as we returned home.  I like that.

In the Lytton area...we drove through the haze of a massive forest fire burning just off the road.  And soon we were home...

...with so many good memories of the people and places we had visited on our trip.  I'll be back with more of our northern adventure.  Soon!


  1. I hope so as you are just getting started! Sorry about that rough crossing, but everything else about your journey sounds delightful. The photo of the salmon fisherman is most fascinating! I have never seen fishing like that...

  2. What a wonderful trip. It makes me want to renew my passport.

  3. When my daughter lived in Smithers she took me to Morice town to watch the salmon fishers, their skill was amazing.
    Your trip sounds wonderful and brought back memories of our Inside Passage trip from Vancouver Island up as far as Prince Rupert, a truly lovely day.

  4. Wow. That is rugged beautiful country. That fisherman photo is quite scary to me. What a colorful vehicle and it comes with a canoe and many window view! Happy you had rainbows coming and going!

  5. What a wonderful trip!!! We've been in parts of Canada and stayed in Whistler, but your photos are so good-makes me want to hit the road right now. Glad I wasn't on that ferry-I don't do well with rocking boats.
    Have a great weekend.

  6. Oh good! Judy and Elmer got itchy feet again and we got to go see pretty stuff without leaving home!
    There's a family here in Utah who decided to visit every town/River/whatever noted on the state map. Maybe this is a good start for the same in BC?
    (Bernie wants to go fish in Fernie BC. Have you been there?)

  7. Beautiful post and photos and what a fun adventure ,such amazing scenery we have here in Canada . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  8. Wow... such amazing scenery. I love the road where the grass meets the asphalt. I also loved where you were camped right along the lake. I hope we get to see more too!

  9. You sure now how to discover and have a real adventure. It's always fun to follow your trails and see what you will all discover. From boats, to pickups, to motorhomes and I'm sure that you are glad to be back at your Front Porch.

  10. It was fun to tag along via your photos and ... as always ... great descriptions!
    Glad you had nice weather for most of it!

  11. What an interesting part of your country, Judy! Haida Gwaii looks very wild and exotic, much like I'd imagine our Alaska would look. Hard to believe summer is almost over!

  12. So interesting! Stunning pictures, as always Judy! Haida Gwaii looks amazing. Especially interesting about the conservative Mennonites settled in that area!?

    1. Judy, my kids brought home a painting of that shipwreck! What a lovely trip - we went as far as Prince Rupert where, true to it's reputation, it rained. But we found it to be a unique town worthy of the trip. I'd love to carry on to Haida Gwai as you did. A wonderful synopsis of a magical trip.

  13. Your northern adventure looks marvelous. I love that shipwreck photo. I hope that balanced rock doesn't go anywhere!

  14. Wasn't it lovely to start and end your trip with a rainbow! BC is such a rugged beautiful province! Thanks for taking me along on your northern tour. I really enjoyed it. I have a friend whose daughter just moved out to Bella Coola - they just got back from a visit with her and showed us some stunning photos too! Looking forward to reading more about your adventures.

  15. Brave souls you are. Looks like your journey perhaps took you through Terrace where some of our family live.


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