Wednesday, November 30, 2016

November remembered...

November...the month that ushers in winter. 

It began with beautiful foliage.  On occasion we even had a little sunshine...and I quickly pulled out the camera.  We have had rain over here most every day for the last two months.

Some of our fields look like lakes; it is hard to imagine that there was corn growing here not long ago.

Whenever the sun came did my camera.

Can one ever have too many pictures of autumn leaves?

Somehow I appreciate them more when they are attached to the boughs...than when they are on the ground and need to be cleaned up.  By now the limbs are all bare!

Emme and Spencer turned 15...and invited us over for a birthday dinner.  Since they are both DQ girls...they had an ice-cream cake for dessert. Of course!  One can never have too much they say.

Chester was really excited about celebrating with them!

Micah also has a November birthday...
so we had a cousin celebration on another night.
Good memories!

Where did November go?  Gone like the trains that roll through our neighbourhood!

Gone like the leaves that are blown in the wind.  The snow is building up on the local mountains...and winter is just around the corner.  And so is Christmas!

The three grands  from next door are sleeping over here for a few nights while their parents are in the big city for a conference.  Ryder had hockey right over the supper some of us ate before. One ate by himself.  And we all had Christmas ice-cream while we watched Polar Express tonight.  They thought it quite a shame that I had never seen that movie...and so that all changed this evening.  I'll see if I can handle a few days of getting everyone to the right place at the right time!  I'd almost forgotten what that was like...and admire the parents who do this all the time.

Wishing you all a wonderful 'month before Christmas' you prepare your heart and home.


  1. What are you feeding those children? Children? I can not believe that two of them are 15! It is crazy how quickly the time is fleeing.

    Gorgeous views of your beautiful corner between the raindrops. Talk about purple mountains!

    A blessed advent season to you and yours, Judy. And so, we wait.

  2. How great that you captured the moments of clear sky in between all the rain! You have such a beautiful view of Mt. Cheam.
    Those grands are growing up entirely too quickly - 15 already? Now begins the season of anticipation of Christ's coming.

  3. I loved seeing the beauty of your area! Our oldest grandson is 15 going on 16, where do the years go?! May your December be blessed with love and joy!

  4. Dear Judy - your pictures were fabulous. Loved seeing your gorgeous part of the world. Thank you so much for sharing.

  5. Judy, it is so hard to believe by looking at your month in review how sopping wet it really was. You captured it all beautifully. I love the way you decorate the birthday plates. I'm going to copy you but I don't think my script will be as wonderful as yours.

  6. I'm smiling at someone asking what you are feeding those children. It looks like there is always a reason to have ice cream and cake and you do that so well. Love your quick views when it was not raining.

  7. Your photos were terrific, I especially like the beautiful colors of Autumn on the trees. Your grands are growing up! Where does the time go?

  8. Beautiful captures in November. Your grands are all growing up nicely. It's great that they are all so close and are able to celebrate with them. Love the writing you added on the birthday dessert!

  9. It's hard to imagine that you had such a dreary November after seeing your gorgeous pictures. You live in the most beautiful place on earth and you took some wonderful pictures of your beautiful home. Your grandchildren are growing by leaps and bounds and you sure know how to celebrate the birthdays! I am taking notes over here....

  10. Beautiful photos of your grandchildren and the mountains and scenery around you Judy! What a rainy fall you've had. We're into winter here now and I'm guessing it is here to stay but you never know. Happy December to you as you prepare for Christmas.

  11. Ice cream and cake made me go way back to my mennonite roots
    i recently got my grandmothers diaries
    and way back in the 40 and 50's she talked about making homemade icecream
    probably almost on average 3 times a week

    alot in summer it was a nice treat to beat the heat and they had dairy cows and ckickens
    my 86 yr old father and his 84 year old sister still tend to fall in to the ice cream trail
    it is something they cannot go without having stocked in their freezers
    and almost every night like clock work that is their bed lunch of choice


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson