Saturday, April 1, 2017

March ~ is it spring yet?

'Tulips of the Valley' one year ago on this day.  This year we will have to wait a bit. Did I fool you into thinking our valley tulips were in full bloom over here?

Spring got a slow start here this year.  We are not used to having snow in March...and it snowed most every day until March 9th.

A crew showed up one morning to trim off all the trees damaged in the ice-storm.  Then came the big clean-up...and massive bonfires.

I brought spring indoors...or visited the garden shop to get my fix of spring colour.

As the snow melted, the rains came...and the ditches overflowed.

There were ponds and lakes everywhere.

Though the sun was mostly nowhere to be be found...I did get some great evening photos.

The crocuses are blooming now...a good month later than last year.

The eagles have not left for their summer home as yet...and can usually be seen keeping watch in the trees around our yard.

Our grands had two weeks off for spring break. There weren't many days without rain...but we found one dry evening for a wiener roast. Unfortunately, the oldest two grands were scheduled to work at DQ that night and were sorry to miss out.  So we told them we would keep the fire stoked, pick them up from work at 10:15 and they could come roast some hot-dogs before going home to sleep.  That was the plan!  As it turned out, someone crashed a stolen vehicle into our field and then escaped...just before Emme and Spencer arrived for their wiener roast.  Police officers came with tracking dogs to search...and we were told to abandon our fire and stay inside.

And so they had hot-dogs at the dining room table late at night...while outside a manhunt was taking place. A most memorable spring break wiener roast all around!

The driver of the stolen vehicle was not found.  A tow truck arrived early in the morning to rescue the SUV.  End of story.

March was one of the coldest and wettest on record for our area.  That's our excuse for going in search of some sunshine.  I'll be back in a few days and by then...I'm sure it will be spring!

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  1. Beautiful pictures of such a rotten month weatherwise. I think it was probably just fine as far as spirits and activities go. Way too much excitement with the manhunt. Good grief. Here's to a much brighter April with lots of pretty flowers and warm days to compensate for the dud of a March. We have today's Nor'easter to get through with another expected Tuesday then perhaps clear sailing... Course one never knows...

    1. Ackkk! I did it again and commented first.

    2. Why is it that you don't like to be first? I like when you are first! :)

      Nor'easters are bad news? We don't call ours that, but systems coming from the north blow into the valley from the east...and always mean brutal cold.

  2. Great photos of the interesting winter and beginning of Spring we've had. You made the most of this time with get togethers and your camera. So...bring home that sunshine with you, pretty please. :)

  3. You took some beautiful shots in spite of the uncommonly dreary month! Such excitement at your wiener roast - eek! Enjoy your white sand beach. We are home now and our tans are fading fast...

  4. Crazy story about the man hunt on your property! I'm sure, in light of that, the girls didn't mind eating inside! Enjoy the sun and please bring it back with you!

  5. Lovely photos . It is amazing how quick weather and land can change . Happy April . Never a dull moment in the country is there ?! Thanks for sharing , Have a great month !

  6. Beautiful photos Judy! The pink sky...WOW! Oh dear a stolen vehicle stole the outdoor late night wiener roast but didn't steel the fun of a late night hot dog after work. Enjoy the sand between your's still cold here at home but the sun is shining. Spring is here!

  7. Gorgeous photos, as usual! Oh my, I'm glad the manhunt didn't completely interrupt your wiener roast! Enjoy the sunshine and warmth...

  8. Oh such fun at your place and even a little bit of intrigue! I feel like I was there for some of that... I'm glad I get to hear what is happening before the month is over but I sure like the pictures to go with the stories once a month!
    As always, beautiful views from your front porch and beyond!

  9. Gosh you have had a lot going on. I hope that you have a great spring! Beautiful crocuses.

  10. Your March sounds like a Colorado March, Judy, only we had a very dry March this year with no snow or rain. Thankfully April is making up for it as we have had snow 3x so far at night and it melts all day. It is a relief as dry trees and grasses here quickly catch fire, so we needed all this moisture.

    I'm sure those tulips will be blooming this month and more beautiful than ever!

    Glad no one was hurt with that stolen car crash. Never wracking for sure.

    I know you had a wonderful warm vacation! I'm guessing Mexico?

  11. I'm not too surprised that your spring season is a bit delayed after the winter you had. I hope it has improved since your vacation, which I hope was wonderful, sunny and hot!

  12. Getting to this a bit late. You did fool me with that first photo of the tulips - for about 1 second! Spring is taking her time in arriving this year. The manhunt sounds both exciting and terrifying, and I see the girls managed to cope with their disappointment quite happily.
    Have a great April, Judy.


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