Thursday, September 3, 2020

August ~ memories and moments

August came and went...
the good and the hard.
And now it is looking and feeling more like fall every day. 

On the last day of the month we cycled on a trail covered in leaves.  

We did a lot of cycling in August...
both near home and on dyke trails a little further away.
We have missed the usual outdoor concerts and events of summer this year...
so being part of a small safe-distance concert/picnic a few weeks ago was a real treat.

It almost felt like ‘the good ole days’.

 My dad had his ups and downs this past month...
and that is all the more difficult when we could not go see him. 
I have been taking him to his essential medical appointments and he had three of those in August.

His last phone appointment with his family doctor took place in our back patio and included coffee and cinnamon buns. :)

I'm a little late in posting this and will add that he started September with an ambulance ride to the hospital.
He is wondering whether he can make it to his 98th birthday two weeks away. 
We have been meeting with our care group for Sunday morning church all summer.
We watch the online service together on a patio.
It may not be church as we are accustomed to...
but it is good fellowship.
And sometimes we take out our ‘Sunday-go-to-meeting’ car. 

We had a family birthday celebration / pool party. 
When the birthday boy does not like cake...
you have a watermelon cake.

 And Rollkuchen, of course!

Our corn fields are looking much different than they did one month ago.
Harvest is just around the corner. 
 After a hot dry spell...
the corn fields needed the heavy rain that arrived a week ago. 

We ended the month on a little camping trip to Hornby Island and Vancouver Island.
I’ll add our vacation photos sometime soon.

Let me just end this post by sharing the one event that overshadowed everything else.
On Sunday, August 30th my sister Bev of McAllen, Texas passed away after a valiant battle with brain cancer.
In the end, it was Covid 19 that took her life. 
We were not able to be with her when she needed us most, 
and she spent her final days here on earth  all alone.
I treasure my visit with her in February...
before travel restrictions came into effect. 
Bev is now free of suffering and pain...
and I know that our ‘good-bye was not forever’.
Until we meet again!

What day that will be!


  1. Many condolences on the loss of your dear sister. John's dear sister passed in the spring all alone in a nursing home. It haunted me. We can not know the whys, yet we do know that God's love is everywhere.

    Praying for your dad. May he live every single one of the days God has for him.

    Comfort for all in this time. I know that The Lord will carry you safely on through the September and autumn ahead with grace, love and even joy. You are the most active woman I know! Stay busy...

  2. What an amazing day that will be. One I'm yearning for more and more. May God continue to comfort you and may your dear dad be in comfort and peace, too, in these uncertain days for him.

  3. I find it so amazing that, not knowing about the coming travel restricitons, you were able to be with Bev in February. A small gift from above. May God continue to send these kind of reminders of His love, even in your pain.

  4. It's wonderful that you were able to visit with your sister before the restrictions of Covid occurred. God's hand was surely in that. I hope your dear father will be able to trust and relax knowing that God is very near to him. He is near to us all, and that is such comfort.
    August was a beautiful month for cycling and exploring. Your photos are wonderful.

  5. Judy, Please accept my condolences . You are in my prayers. Sisters are always best friends. Happy birthday to the birthday boy. Blessings to all, xoxo, Susie

  6. Dear Judy, so good to catch up. I'm so sorry you lost your sister-but as you said you will see her again. My own sister, 13 yrs my senior passed from Ovarian cancer in 2005. I miss her so much, but glad she didn't have to go through this time in history.
    Love your family photos.
    Hugs, Noreen

  7. Dearest Judy! I read this recall of August with the realization that as of today you have lost both your sister and father within weeks! My heart goes out to you and your family. I always enjoy reading your month's summary and how your strong faith carries you through. Your last picture and quote say it all! Hugs to you.

  8. Prayers going up for you and all your family, Judy. Lovely pictures to honor Bev.
    I remember my last meeting with your Dad, when I said who I was, it was just like the "old days" when I remember he and my Dad having a great visit, liberally sprinkled with laughter. Lenora

  9. My deepest sympathy at the loss of your sister, Judy. Loss is difficult at any time, but it's sorrow is heightened at this time of separation. What peace there is in knowing that the earthly "good-bye" is really "see you later".


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson