Sunday, November 8, 2020

October - Memories and Moments

‘My favorite colour is October.’

Especially when the sun is shining on the cranberry fields as they are being harvested down the road.

The corn harvest on our farm happened early in the month.
A representative for the seed company took some drone footage. 

Sunsets over the cornfield would soon be a distant memory.

My kitchen window ‘corn view’ disappeared by Thanksgiving. 

Sunday afternoons had us looking for a quiet places to visit.

Nearby Cheam Wetlands park always calls us back...
where all is calm. 

Our 'Covid-safe' church services have been in a barn this fall...
where we meet with our life group on Sunday mornings to watch the on-line church services together.
 It has been a treat to be together (while far apart) like this.
Who knew we would miss the connections with others so much?
We celebrated Heidi's birthday with a 'grown-ups-only' birthday dinner.
Indian food and Danish cream squares for a win.
Her choice.

The last Thursday of October was sunny and we made impromptu plans to do some exploring on our bikes in Langley.

Sendall Gardens, Nicomekl Park, Brydon Lagoon nature Trail...all new to us.

Maggie and Lucy came for a sleepover.  

We played games and baked peppernuts.  They perfected their ping pong skills.

We had so much fun!

Often we are away for Hallowe'en...but if we are home, I make up goody bags for the grands.

They came calling...dressed for the occasion.

And before the night was over...

we watched fireworks from the comfort of our car while the grands were right at 'ground zero' across the river.

Let me leave you with one parting shot of October...
the red oak tree just before the leaves set sail!

My computer has been out of commission for the last few weeks...
and now we are well into the month of November.
I'm sure there were a lot of other things that happened during the month of October.
I didn't even mention Thanksgiving...
which we celebrated 'carefully' with our family this year.
It has been a hard year...
and yet I have so much to be thankful for.
Things that I often took for granted in the past.
Feeling thankful. Grateful. Blessed!


  1. Always calming...always beautiful here. Sending love across the miles...

  2. Beautiful pictures again Judy. Oh - those amazing cranberry fields! Always enjoy seeing your beautiful countryside and adorable grandchildren! It certainly has been a challenging year and still to come! Hugs ...

  3. Beautiful photos... each post is so beautiful, Judy. Your blog is like a balm for my soul at times.

  4. I'm fascinated by cranbery fields, which of course we would never see in thhe UK. Such a glorious colour.

  5. Beautiful photos of October. Love the sign beyond the ping pong table. So true! Soon I'll do less chasing and more watching Who knew barns would come in so handy for life/small/community groups!!??

  6. Another lovely month slips by with beautiful sights and sounds, and times with loved ones.

  7. When was the end of October? And how did I miss this? There never seems to be a dull moment over there and if life is hard, there is still so much beauty captured by your lens.

  8. Hopping around the blogosphere today and found your space. I was enjoying the images of where you live and thinking about what a beautiful place it is and then I read in your profile that you're in the Fraser valley in British Columbia! What a beautiful province we live in! Kamloops girl here, by the way. :-)

  9. Hello Judy my old blogger buddy. I just found my old blog and did a final post to close it out! Blessings to you and yours!


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson