Thursday, December 31, 2020

A December to Remember

Nothing about 2020 unfolded as usual and the Christmas season was no different.

We exchanged our multi-coloured lights out for warm white this year...
and rather enjoyed that change.

In previous years we would always take a few of the grands on a Christmas light tour.
That never happened this year.

There were no banquets, no live concerts, no get-togethers. 

But there were plenty of wonderful concerts on TV and we watched them from the comfort of our own home.

And we did jigsaw puzzles.
We may not be able to travel...
but we can re-visit some of our favorite places by putting the puzzle pieces together.

The colorful houses of St. John's, Newfoundland...
and the canals of Venice.

We had a lot of rain this December...
and some lovely rainbows.

And awesome sunsets!

One thing that became very clear to me this year is that
...the best things in life are free!

Whenever the rain let up...
we walked the trails.
Cheam Wetlands.

Vedder River trail.

We had a Christmas party with our life group via Zoom.
It took a little planning but was a lot of fun!
We delivered desserts to each home...
which we enjoyed together later while opening gifts in a 'white elephant' gift exchange.
That is always the source of a lot of laughter and this year was no exception. 
Connecting with friends this year has been more important than ever!

The cards and Christmas letters were a welcome reminder of many who we have not seen recently.

I have saved many cards through the years...and especially treasure those that were handmade. 

This card was one my sister Bev sent me over three decades ago, shortly after my grandmother passed away.

She had copied the Christmas story (Luke 2) from my grandmother's German Bible for the background.
I displayed that card this year.

I'm sure it is the first Christmas that I have not had a card from my sister.
Or my dad.
They were both celebrating their first Christmas in heaven.

Christmas 2020 was different in so many ways!

Since there was no socializing with anyone outside of our household...
we found other ways to make Christmas special this year.

Every Sunday of advent...
we delivered a few of our favorite Christmas treats to the front door of the homes of our grands.

One Sunday afternoon, 
Ranen met as at the front door and played a Christmas medley for us.

Early in December a local photographer came to take photos of our old barn for a local heritage project.

This barn has been in my family since 1959...
but we did a little digging at the local museum archives to see what else we could discover.

We learned the names of all previous owners since 1902.

The barn was built in 1905.

It has gone through a few modifications over the years...
but the structural framework is still original.

The animals were not meant to be part of the photo session...

...but Carsten couldn't resist.

We had not planned to be in the picture either!

A few days before Christmas...

the snow arrived to clean everything up.

It was a lovely and sunny Christmas week!

As the sun sets on 2020...
I look back on a year that held many challenges and am thankful for God's faithfulness through it all.

I do not know what lies ahead...
but I know who holds tomorrow!

God with us...
today, tomorrow and through the next year!

Happy New Year to each one of you!



  1. Such wonderful pictures! I would love to have a view of a mountain from my window. The woods are nice, but mountains are so refreshing! Happy New Year

  2. Beautiful! I am quite happy that you and Elmer were included in the photo shoot. You have rolled with it so well...I have railed against it at every turn and, knowing my nature, I imagine that I will continue to do so.

    What a blessing Bev's Christmas card is all these years later. I know it is comforting for you to know that she and your dad celebrated Christmas together.

    All the best in 2021! With God's help, we will get through it and well.

  3. Lovely chronicle of your Christmas season! May much good health and happiness come to you and yours in 2021!

  4. Beautiful photos and beautiful post. What a year indeed. So good to know who holds our future! Happy New Year Judy and Elmer. Love that photo of the two of you!

  5. Beautiful photos, as always. Happy New Year!

  6. Beautiful photos and words, Judy. A hard year in many ways, but God's faithfulness abounds. Happy New Year!

  7. A December to remember indeed! I loved seeing your creative ideas of "gathering" and of "sharing". Those pictures of your old barn and of you are fabulous. The white cover of fresh snow and sunsets are spectacular. Signs of hope for 2021?!

  8. What a beautiful way to end the year! Different in so many ways, but still preciouos nuggets to be found. Some more meaningful because of the times we are in. Happy New Year!

  9. Sorry for my late visit Judy. Happy and Healthy New Year! Such beautiful photos of your December. It is very true that the most precious gifts of life are free and are found in nature. Hoping 2021 will bring better times for all!

  10. What an amazing and beautiful Life you have!! I loved every photo - especially the one of you and Elmer - and every word!


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson