Wednesday, July 9, 2008

july 9

The year was 1975...and we had a raspberry farm at that time, with about 40 acres of raspberries to be harvested in the month of July. Local pickers were at a minimum, so we used buses to bring in the workers from Surrey...and also harvested one field by machine. It was one of those cold and wet springs like we had this year...the crop was delayed. The first day of harvest was finally set for July 9th.

Our timing was not always the best! We also were expecting a baby around the middle of the month...we were hoping that he/she would choose a convenient time to arrive in the midst of our very busy season. All was in place for an early start to the workday on July 9th...and then our second son chose to make his arrival quickly...before things got into full swing.

Jeremy Michael was born at 7:30 that morning...determined not to miss a thing! Funny, he's always liked to be in on the action! So, for thirty-three years we have had cause to celebrate on July 9th.

A few things have changed since this picture was taken, July 9, 2006...but everyone's still smiling.

Since Tim (SIL) has joined the family, we have double the reason to have a party on July 9th. Yup...he also has a birthday today! So we usually throw a family birthday party...and the boys get to share a cake.

The sun is shining...and we're off to the beach for our party tonight. I'm thinking a Lemon Layer Cake with Raspberry Curd and Whipping Cream may not be the ideal cake for taking on a picnic in warm temperatures...but it is a yummy recipe and can be found at if you are interested.

Two special birthday of friends and brothers-in-law...both with a wicked sense of we celebrate you!

Happy July 9th to you all...


  1. Hope you have a great birthday party! Please give both of the "birthday boys" an extra big hug from me.

  2. Isn't it just so funny how babies come when babies want to come? I really enjoyed that labour and delivery story and how amazing that another son of yours was born the same day. Amazing.
    I think I have made a cake very similar to that one. . I'll have to compare recipes, your cake looks really yummy.
    oh do have a fun day today.. . glad you are not picking berries.

  3. Sounds like 2 GREAT REASONS to celebrate today... say happy b-day to them from us!! Sarah and I have cause to celebrate today too... vic and ben are due home from a 10 day canoe trip, they did the Bowron Lakes.

  4. What a great story, Judy and the cake looks delicious too!
    I especially like the name you chose for your son. I have 2 sons and they are named Jeremy & Michael. I know about celebrating 2 birthdays at once too because they were both born on May 10th (2 years apart).
    Have a great day.

  5. How sweet! Enjoy your day!!Make many memories!

  6. Nothing like celebrating family especially at the beach.
    The cake recipe looks delicious.
    Enjoy the day while I enjoy mine.

    I should of put you in charge of our place while we were gone...Anyways they are all making headway.

  7. Oh boy I have to check out that cake..I do love anything lemon! And raspberries!
    Happy Birthday to your boys..have a fun celebration with them!

  8. Happy Birthday to the Birthday Boys

    My son is thirty-two. Aren't sons wonderful?

  9. Happy birthday to your two boys! Hope the party was grand and you know the cake would have been lovely to come home to!

  10. Oh, that's really neat you have a son and son-in-law with the same birthday!! Many good wishes to them!

  11. And, forgot to say.....I'm trying to envision 40 acres of raspberries!! Wow!

  12. Such a neat story Judy. Something about the way you write....just makes me feel all fuzzy and warm and secure. Like I would love to be in a family like loving and so full of sharing. I see that you love one another very much in that family of yours and celebrate it too....of course a birthday and a yummy cake are bonuses!

  13. it is so neat that the boys can celebrate together, and the the bil's are also the best of friends, that is something you can't take for granted, or create. That is just a real gift.
    you should post that bd cake on mgcc........also i echo trish's words....about the way you love your family and they way you write, it just oozes love.


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson