Sunday, July 13, 2008

The River

We've been to the river a few times recently. We camped at the Kettle River...we walked along the Vedder River and we rode the mighty Fraser River this past week.

My favorite Sunday morning music is playing...and I'm singing along with Brian Doerksen as he sings 'The River'. It's a beautiful to hear it.

Brian Doerksen, Michael Hansen, Brian Thiessen

To the river I am going
Bringing sins I cannot bear
Come and cleanse me, come forgive me
Lord I need to meet you there

In these waters, healing mercy
Flows with freedom from despair
I am going, to that river
Lord I need to meet you there

Precious Jesus, I am ready
To surrender every care
Take my hand now, lead me closer
Lord I need to meet you there

Come and join us, in the river
Come find life beyond compare
He is calling, He is waiting
Jesus longs to meet you there
©2004 Integrity’s Hosanna! Music

Blessings to you this Sunday!


  1. come I have not heard this song? It is beautiful indeed. Thanks for sharing...

    I am thinking..."Yes, we’ll gather at the river, The beautiful, the beautiful river; Gather with the saints at the river That flows by the throne of God."

    Blessings to you too Judy. You were in our home and heart this weekend as your wonderful perishky buns were baked and quickly consumed.

  2. Listening right's a lovely song. I'm so glad that all that Jesus has provided for us has already been accomplished on the cross. I especially love the third and fourth stanzas. Love the photo that complements this song!

    Speaking of your new header, your new profile pic, and the summertime pics of all the grands. I think I recognize Ranen's from a trip south of the border???

    Have a wonderful Sunday!

  3. Lovely post...maybe that is why I love rivers so much, always puts me in mind of Baptisms...

  4. I cannot sing this song without a tear .. It is really one of my favorites. .
    Have a blessend Sunday.

  5. Precious Jesus! I love those words. Thank you for your post this Sunday. Kathy

  6. Judy, that song is beautiful - and this is the first time I've ever heard it. And, his voice is glorious.

  7. Great Song!
    I was thinking about some of BD's music while I sat in church this morning. He is my favorite.
    Have a wonderful day.
    I think you are leaving soon right?

  8. Judy, I have to chime in with a couple of others. I have never heard of this song or singer. It is wonderful and I will be looking for a CD. Such a peaceful sweet song and his voice is great. Thanks for sharing this.

  9. Hello's been so fun catching up on your posts this evening. I've been away from Blog land for 2 weeks...

    Love your new header photo, okay that pie looks too good to be real, I'm impressed, yum, your such the baker woman!

    Great posts and photo's....enjoyed!

  10. Hi Judy - Kathy told me about the "Mennonite Girls can cook" Blog and I followed the link to your blog. You're doing a great job on both blogs and it's neat to catch up on you and your family. I'll be adding it to my favourites.

  11. Oh Judy...I love that song and have placed the site in my favorite place...thank you...


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