Friday, December 17, 2010

concerts at Christmas...

It really feels like Christmas...once you have taken in a concert or two.  For me...there have been two school concerts this week.  Ranen's pre-school participated in the concert presented by Chilliwack Christian School.  The kids sang their hearts out...and I so enjoyed it!

Yesterday I took in Emme and Spencer's school production.  Why did it all seem so familiar?  I clearly recall being on stage myself at a Christmas concert at the same elementary school some five decades ago.  We sang the Huron Carol way back then...and I still know all the words.  I really don't think we sang as well as the students did yesterday though!

And they played their they knew what they were doing...
especially the angel in white at the far left!

And they had their choreography down pat...especially the one on the far right.  (You can tell who Grammy was watching.)

They did a fabulous job...all the classes.  It was a true Christmas told the story of Christmas!

And afterwards we chatted with a teacher...who wondered what brought us to their concert.  He was our daughter's teacher some twenty years ago...and he had no idea he was now teaching one of our granddaughter's.  It's a small world after all!

Tonight we have tickets for another concert...'It's a Wonderful Christmas' featuring Michael W. Smith with a choir and orchestra. I'm looking forward to it.

Concerts at Christmas...may you all enjoy at least one or two!


  1. Yes... Christmas concerts... a must, indeed! :-) Even if someone doesn't have any children or grandchildren, there's always a Christmas concert advertised in the newspaper to attend. Get on the boots & make the hike. Your Christmas spirit will be lifted! :)

    Lovely pictures & commentary! <3


  2. I love to hear children sing so I know that was a treat. I went to hear the Christmas music at our former church last Sunday night. It was wonderful! The children joined the choir for several was so sweet! Michael W!...enjoy!

  3. Oh my! That angel in white on the far left is truly beautiful. And she certainly does look as if she knows what she's doing. Glad that you've been able to attend some concerts. I'm still looking for one to attend.

  4. I so look forward to these concerts yet a few years away for us. We enjoyed seeing the Christmas story truly told for 15 years. .through both our childrens school years and loved every one.

  5. Looks like your grands did a great job!
    I remember singing the Huron Carol too - it must be a Canadian tradition! We had a wonderful Sunday School concert last Sunday- the kids were so cute.

  6. I really love children's programs the best. So much fun and so unpredictable. Enjoy the Michael W. Smith concert!

  7. Music and concerts are integral to Christmas celebrations, aren't they? That said, I'm thinking we might not see one this year. Hmmm. Might have to remedy that.

  8. And I clicked before finishing -

    Enjoy your Michael W. Smith concert.

  9. You are so lucky! I'm smiling as I imagine watching my grands... through your eyes... if you know what I mean.

  10. And I can just imagine you doing the same concert even today...I'm sure in your heart you were beating away with pride as you watched those grands participate.
    Concerts are so wonderful at this time of year.

  11. Hey Judy! That is funny about the chicken, but because you are such a "from scratch" kind of cook, I'm not as surprised as you might think. But it did make me smile! The truth is, I rarely buy chicken in the can because it is expensive compared to buying fresh. But for this recipe and a few times when I've needed chicken salad in a hurry, I have bought it. Swanson is a good brand here in the US. There are others that are cheaper, but I can't bring myself to take a chance on chicken! :-)

  12. The story of Christmas group brought a memory to me - of the time my daughter was narrator and the story portrayed by her grade one class was going well until Mary looked down to to see her arms were empty - she covered her mouth with a surprised "Oh!!" and then rocked her empty arms back and forth. Some one found the babe in swaddling clothes and handed it up to her in time for the picture taking. It's wonderful that you have os many concerts to enjoy this year. You must be such a proud grandmother!

  13. This year there have been no concerts to attend - I'm thinking that we'll have to pay more attention to the school calendars now that we don't have any little ones around to prompt us.

  14. Hi Judy!

    Your grand girls look wonderful in their Christmas production! It must have been so much fun watching them perform.

    We will be seeing The Nutcracker Suite ballet this season...a new production at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. I'm really looking forward to it!


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