Thursday, September 22, 2011

savary island

Though we have come to the end of the road...
Savary Island, with it's legendary warm water and white sand beaches...
beckons a few miles off shore. 

There's only one way to get there...

...and that is by water taxi.
For a few dollars more...
our bikes can come along for the ride.

Savary is a narrow sliver of glacial sediment...
an island built on ancient sand dunes.
It is about 7.5 kilometers long and 1 kilometer across...

...with one main gravel road running it's length.

There are only a few cars on the island...
with bicycles and golf carts providing necessary transportation.

The year-round population of Savary Island is 100.
Those are the die-hards!
During the summer months there are closer to 2,000 who call the island home.

We rode the entire length of the island...
stopping along the way to enjoy the sights.

We sat at this beach for a long time...
and watched the whales playing not far from shore.

Try as I might...
I couldn't capture them on camera.

As we passed by the same spot several hours later...
the tide was in...
the birds had found new perches...
but the whales were still playing in the same place.

We checked out Savary's church...
inside and out.
We learned that it was built primarily with volunteer labour.
A most welcoming little chapel...
for people of all denominations.!

I smiled as I read the guidelines for visiting speakers...
attached to the podium.
No speaker may take more than 20 minutes.

Savary's gas station!
Everyone has a generator...
and they all need fuel.
Here is where it can be purchased.

This woodpecker put on a concert for us...
and wasn't one bit shy with an audience.

When we reached the far end of the island...

...we found the perfect spot for lunch.

It was mostly just we two...
and the birds.
Summer was over and the island was eerily quiet.

Savary Island...
home to artists and adventurers...
and those who like their solitude.
It's a lovely place to visit on a hot summer day in September.

This girl could never live on an island though!
I'm just saying.


  1. An island can be way too isolating I am sure. I couldn't handle island living because the ferry ride gets me. What a neat thing to take your bikes and move around that way. You two are smart!

    And Savary, I like the name, is such a pretty little place.

  2. I smiled at the end. ..since I was thinking along the same lines. So lovely to visit . .but only to visit. Did you check to see if you could access your internet there?

  3. There are islands........and there are islands. I like mine with a few more conveniences!

  4. Pondside...I'm smiling as I read your response. So true...all islands are not equal! And yours comes complete with power, water, stores, schools, roads...and most importantly, people!

  5. I'm with you there Judy. I could never live on an island but it sure was nice to visit..thank you for the tour.

  6. Your photos are amazing Judy! What a peaceful little place to stop for the day. It would be fun to have a cabin there for those times you just want to be.....but you could lock up and come back to life.

  7. I am so thankful that I discovered your blog years ago, because it has enabled me to travel places I would never have thought possible, like "Savary Island" for example. What quaint, quiet, and beautiful island. I could picture you sitting there in that peaceful place, away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. I like how you two take your bikes with you most everywhere. No wonder you are in such good shape!

  8. I've just read the last few posts on your blog and am really wanting to go and visit the places at the end of the road. We've done business trips to the Sunshine Coast but I can see we need to go again and take a longer look.

  9. A magical place...but, as you say, a place for visiting, not living.

  10. You take such excellent pictures, Judy. That one of the woodpecker is phenomenal!
    As I said before, you are BC's best kept secret of tourism.

  11. Lovely place to visit, but I'm with you...don't want to live there! :-)

  12. I've just read your last few posts and greatly enjoyed that little trip. You sure do travel to some beautiful spots and I always feel like I learn so much about them from you.

  13. You have really had a wonderful time touring the islands and sharing the favorite destination spots with us.
    We go to a very remote lake up at Williams Lake...there are very vew residents there...and I cannot stay too long. I need a few more conveniences.
    I wonder where your next travels will take you?

  14. You saw many gems along the D=Sushine Coast and I enjoyed seeing every one of them through your lovely photos, Judy!

  15. Is there no island you could live on? I know one that's pretty large, with lots of scope for whatever you want to do.

    I love the photo of the bird in the water. Such a unique angle. What a pretty place that island is.

  16. On your last thought...I'm with you. I love to be able to get to isolation and enjoy it but I don't want to live there day in and day out. I'm so glad you got such lovely weather for this trip of yours!


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson