Friday, September 23, 2011

the taste of fall...

Fresh valley corn...

and tomatoes off the vine...
...are finding their way to the table frequently these days! 

Grilled corn salad has been a favorite over here this season.

Yesterday was rather a soupy kind of day...
and so we had cauliflower cheese soup for supper.
The recipe is on page 54 of the MGCC cookbook.

Plum upside down cake, plum platz, plum jam, rustic plum pie...
just a few of the plum treats we've been enjoying!

And for those of you who were asking about the blackberry cinnamon buns...
here's my easy-peasy version.

Use your favorite cinnamon bun recipe ...
and make up us you would regular cinnamon buns...
using a cup of blackberries instead of raisins before rolling up.
And don't forget to drizzle on the icing!

And here's a great way to enjoy zucchini from the garden...
or from the farmer's market.

Oven baked zucchini sticks.
You will find the recipe over at MGCC today.

And then there are apples...
and pumpkins...
and grapes.
The delights of the season!

Have a wonderful fall weekend...


  1. It all looks yummy! You've been busy in the kitchen! Hope your weekend is lovely!

  2. Oh my! What a feast! I have just one tiny zucchini left from my wee garden patch. Perhaps I'll do this special thing with it. (John is actually quite sick of zucchini and he's only had five.)

  3. Fall looks delicious over at your house! I`m heading over to look at the zucchini sticks at MGCC.

  4. Lots of ideas for great eating there, Judy! I had been thinking of trying just that with blackberries on cinnamon buns.

  5. If I'm ever starving I know which front porch to visit!!

  6. It's all tasting good. I have been enjoying Zippy Zucchini over the past days.
    Those cinnamon buns are calling my name right now.

  7. Everything looks so delicious. thanks for another idea on how to use up the last 4 giant Zucchinis in my fridge...soup, with sautéed vegetables, loaves, muffins, cakes, fresh and bags of grated zucchini to use in the dead of winter and now my list has zucchini sticks tacked on to it. i just keep rotating between the recipes...

  8. It all looks delicious. I am going to miss the fresh tomatoes and corn on the cob. That salad has my mouth watering. I must try it.

  9. I am thinking I made a dangerous move by visiting your blog today, especially in this late afternoon hour when lunchtime seems so far away. Oh, my goodness, it all looks soooooo delicious! Fortunately, I have a MGCC recipe so I can get that califlower recipe right now.

    Hope you have an enjoyable weekend, and I hope your family knows how fortunate to have such a good cook in their family.

  10. I will miss all the fresh local fruits and vegetables of summer! I am on a vegan diet so I have been appreciating them, and lots of beans, more and more! I thought this might be a healthy way to lose some weight.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  11. Good grief, signed in this morning to catch up and you got me salivating even before breakfast. Oh I love the bounty of Fall and Thanksgiving around the corner.

  12. Everything looks delectable. When we were in Chilliwack a couple of weeks ago, my mom made your plum upsidedown cake. It was VERY good.

  13. I don't know how you do it, but every thing you shared looks so good to me right now. No wonder your family comes at the drop of a hat:) I never tire of fresh corn and tomatoes and this salad is one I want to try. The plum dishes look inviiting too, especially with my cup of coffee that I am drinking.

    Hope you have a wonderful week ahead!


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