Wednesday, September 25, 2013

a few of our favorite sights and sounds from Pennsylvania...

Lancaster County...
where flowers are available at roadside stands and fields in bloom lure the butterflies.

We just enjoyed our drives through the countryside...
and that alone would have been enough.

But there were other things to experience...
things like a farmer's market.

We were told we had to check out the Lancaster Central Market on Saturday.
It has been dubbed one of the top ten markets in the world.
But we would not be there on Saturday...

...and so we took in the Roots Market in Manheim on Tuesday.
It began as a poultry auction in 1925...
and is still going strong.
It was a great experience...
and for seven dollars we left with enough fruits and vegetables to last us the rest of the week.
Since when can one still buy watermelons for one dollar?

And we drove to Hershey...
where we enjoyed 'Hershey's Great American Chocolate Tour Ride'.
We had no idea Hershey was such  big deal.
We thought momentarily that we had arrived at a Disney theme park!
If you are ever in the area...
it is definitely worth a visit!

And since we happen to have a Ford/New Holland tractor on the farm...
we thought we should see where those are made as well.

New Holland is a borough of Lancaster County...
and New Holland agricultural equipment has been manufactured here since 1895.

We never had a whole lot of time to check out farm equipment...
since we had tickets to a show some distance away.

It was suggested that we visit the Sight and Sound Theatre in Strasburg while we were there.

Story, song and spectacular staging bring the Bible to life on a stage.
Every year more than 800,000 guests visit...
and leave inspired.
We saw Noah come to life...
complete with his family, trained live animals and fantastic music.
An unforgettable experience!
Thanks, Judy, for the recommendation.

We followed a buggy down the road toward our campsite.
What were the men and boys of the neighbourhood up to?
It turns out there was an auction right next door to our campground... hubby joined the menfolk and went to check it out.

It seems auctions are the same everywhere...
though the dress and the mode of travel may be quite different.

Someone seemed rather disinterested in the auction and sat in the corner reading the paper.

And while the guys were busy looking for a bargain...
the women and children were working in the field.

Simple pleasures!

Next stop on the tour...


  1. Love your choices for your stops, Judy. That butterfly shot is so pretty!

  2. Beautiful pictures! The Lancaster Market looks amazing ... travelling to this area is definitely on my bucket list! :)

  3. Lancaster County is on my list too. I'd love to shop the fabric stores and the markets there. So glad you got to the Sight and Sound Theatre - another thing on my list!

  4. That farm market looks so beautiful. You stop at the best places and find beauty and interesting things where ever you are.

  5. Judy, what a lovely job you did in capturing this unique garden spot of the world. I found it so interesting to read a blog post from a friend in BC, about my part of the world. Who would have thought our connection would have been possible. We are most thankful to live here, and love to have others visit our area of the country. We are also thankful for the ministry of Sight and Sound, and we can clearly remember how it all started many years ago. We recommend it to everyone.

  6. What beautiful photos Judy, especially love the first of the butterfly on the flower....beautiful! Your photos make me want to re visit PA..... Look forward to the rest of your trip in photos.


  7. Judy you are the best travel guide! I feel I've been there with you. What a wonderful place to visit - so much variety and beauty. It's on our list of places to go.

  8. You should write a book. Oh wait. You have. Well a different kind of book. There are very few wonderful travelogues; however, your posts certainly qualify as among the very best.

  9. Love traveling with you via the blog. You do see interesting things along the road.

  10. Wonderful mosaics of your photos Judy. I would have to stop at the Hersery Park for sure as I love chocolate! The Sight and Sound Theatre would be awesome to see as well. I'm enjoying your tour.

  11. I love Lancaster and the 'old ways'......I used to tell my kids I could be Amish - except that I can't go without makeup and I love a LOT of decorating!! My sister and I are at the beach together this week and she has a son who lives in Lancaster.
    Beautiful BEAUTIFUL post!!!

  12. We took our children to Hershey Park a couple of times when they were young! It was a wonderful factory tour and amusement park! We also liked to shop at farmer's markets--we always bought apple butter as we loved to eat that on toast. Both my parents were born and raised in Pennsylvania but in the mining section of the state as both my grandfathers were coal miners.

  13. I, too, am enjoying taking the tour along with you. And now that we've been formally introduced (~wink~), I feel free to pop in and tell you so! =D

  14. You packed your time in Lancaster County -now home to me- with all the important sights and captured them so well in photos. Thanks for sharing your travels.


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