Wednesday, September 18, 2013

on to new york's historic hudson valley...

Connecticut welcomed us. It is known as the birthplace of President George W. Bush...where Pez candy originated...where the song Yankee Doodle came from...and so much more.

We mostly passed through the state...with a detour or two through charming historic towns.  And then we carried on to New York state...where we set up camp just a little north of New York City along the Hudson River.  National Geographic listed the Hudson Valley as one of the 'best trips of 2013'...and we decided to see for ourselves.

We crossed the famous Poughkeepsie Bridge...which I told you about previously.  Closed for some reopened in 2009  as Walkway Over the Hudson State Park and is the longest footbridge in the world.

From there we drove further up the river to Hyde Park...the hometown of Franklin D. Roosevelt... America's only four-term president.

We stopped by Springwood...his birthplace and principal residence throughout his life which is now a National Historic Site maintained by the National Park Service.  The original farmhouse was purchased by Franklin D. Roosevelt's father in 1866...and underwent many additions over the years. 

We took the self-guided tour of the gardens and trails.  The gardens are most beautiful and well-maintained.

Springwood is home to the Presidential Library and well as a visitor center where one can learn all about this historic spot.

All that is within me cries out to go back to my home on the Hudson River.  FDR

Franklin and Eleanor can still be found reading books out in the gardens...overlooking the Hudson River. :)

FDR's favorite place was the rose garden...the place he chose as the burial spot for himself and his wife.   Franklin passed away in 1945...after which time Eleanor chose to live at Val-Kill...their smaller and more modest home nearby.

We toured that as well...and learned a lot about this influential woman.  John F Kennedy came to visit her here at her home...hoping to garner her support.  This is the only National Historic Site in the USA dedicated to a first lady.  She made an impact on the nation...a tireless worker and activist.  And in the end...she penned these words...
"The greatest thing I have learned is how good it is to come home again.
Eleanor Roosevelt 
There was much more to see in the Hudson Valley...from farmer's markets and orchards to the famed Culinary Institute of North America.  But today...I gave you the historic tour.


  1. Well let me greet you with a good morning....I can definitely identify with the Eleanor's words that you used in your last statement. The grounds and gardens are beautiful. How clever that the bridge became a walk way. I wish they had done something like that with the Port Mann Bridge.

  2. I had to smile at the quote and then again when I saw Marg's comment. Of course she would identity and I think we all do. I love coming home too.

  3. The Roosevelt home and gardens sure are beautiful! The lifelike sculpture of them is just wonderful. I had read about the walking bridge recently. It would be interesting to walk across and view the river valley from it.

  4. Wow, you are on a really wonderful trip! I have never been to the northeastern part of the USA, so I've enjoyed looking at all the pictures in your past several posts.

  5. A most enjoyable historic tour. Feel free to take us to the farmers' markets, orchards, and Culinary Institute. We'd love to go! I also have ever been to the northeastern part of the US so this is a real treat. Thanks.

  6. You are teaching me about my home country! Love your travel posts, Judy!

  7. Learning a lot and loving it! I didn't know about the gardens there. Gardens are always a draw for me. Not really much of a political fan of FDR. Bernie's family has an minor connection with FDR: FDR died with his mistress by his side, a woman who was a distant cousin. Yikes.

  8. I love the smiles on Franklin and Eleanor's faces. The gardens are beautiful and I'd love to walk that bridge. Great tour.

  9. Many places I would never visit if I were not hitching a ride with you. Gosh, you were very close to Campobello when you were at Acadia...another time when you visit New Brunswick perhaps...if I had known that you were interested in FDR's homes.

  10. I love your photo's what a great trip. When our children were young we travelled to up state NY to a Christian camp in a place called Alfred, we loved that area.

  11. They lived a high profile life, with many demands and pressures. Her last statement revealed her heart and what really mattered to her. Their place is so well maintained. The gardens are beautifully manicured.

  12. Being a New Yorker most of my life I love this post, Judy! Upstate New York is beautiful, yet most people only visit New York City when they come east. I'm glad you and Elmer had a chance to see so much of the Hudson valley!


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