Monday, September 16, 2013

newport, rhode island....

A New England seaside resort...60 miles south of Boston...was our next stop along the way.

It wasn't really in the plan...but plans sometimes change at the last minute.  Instead of  riding a gondola on the river in Providence...we opted to walk the cliffs of Newport a little further south.

The Newport Cliff Walk is a 3.5 mile public walkway that runs on an easement over private land along the shore.  On one side is the spectacular coastline...

...on the other are the famous gilded mansions of Newport.  In 1975 the walk was designated as a National Recreation Trail...the first one in New England.

The area was developed as a summer resort for the wealthy...who tried to block off the shoreline to prevent the public from sauntering through their back yards.   The Rhode Island Supreme Court ruled that property owners must allow access to the Cliff Walk.

And so the gate was open...and we walked.

Though the ocean views were beautiful...I quite enjoyed checking out the backyards of all the mansions we passed by.  A wedding party was posing for I obliged. :)

Do you know who got married in Newport on September 12 sixty years ago?  I happened to read all about it in the Huffington Post a few days ago.  You guessed it! JFK and Jackie.

Just another summer cottage!

Some are open to the public...from the front yard...with a purchased ticket.

We came to a roadblock along the trail...and realized that was as far as we could go.  Hurricane Sandy caused considerable damage to the next section of the cliff walk almost one year ago and it remains closed.   We had no choice but to turn back.

If you are ever in Rhode Island...check out the cliff walk at Newport.  We were glad we did!


  1. Wow - those "cottages" are beautiful. So glad the walk has been opened to the public and that you had a chance to see it. Gorgeous photos!

  2. Cottages? Geeish!
    So beautiful, glad you shared this part of the U.S I've always wanted to see.


  3. oH wow... such beautiful views in every direction. We've always heard about Newport and now you were there. I love that obliged the opportunity for the photo op.

  4. The gates, roof lines and yard....amazing! The beautiful cliff walk along the coastline...too bad that path came to an end. I learnt something new here again today.....about JFK and Jackie having been married in Newport.

  5. Downton Abby has nothing compared to Newport.
    Someday...wanna go there, after they fix the walk.

  6. I'd love that walk! Just a notch above the Street of Dreams.

  7. We'd enjoy that walk! Beautiful ocean on one side, and a glimpse of the way the other half lives on the other.

  8. What a beautiful tour! The only time I have been there was when Amber was a synchronized swimmer and we stayed on for a week touring the New England area. SO different from our part of the country and I have always wanted to go back. Now - thanks to you - I get to visit it once more! Remember the movie 'The Perfect Storm?' We saw it while we were in RI.

  9. I didn't think that comment flew...I said something about the wedding party giving you the stink eye...this will be a test to see if it flies at the desktop. Ha!

    A beautiful location and those are certainly beautiful homes...

  10. I think that is really fascinating. It would be a beautiful walk enjoying the seaside and the summer homes.

  11. Oh, my goodness. How the other half lives. Glad the public has access to the Cliff Walk and thank you for sharing it with us.
    Farm Gal in VA

  12. I think I'd like that walk too. I have a cookbook from Newport - a friend toured there about twenty years ago and brought it back for me - full of sweets and treats!

  13. I've toured a few of these mansions on a couple trips we made to Newport--the Vanderbilt mansion is my favorite. Mrs Vanderbilt even had a separate Chinese pagoda built in her backyard so she could have her afternoon tea served in it. I never tried the Cliff walk, however. If I ever re-visit Newport I'll head that way!

  14. It really is amazing how much damage Sandy wrought...
    I've been sending your links to our friends who are visiting this area...

  15. What a most beautiful setting for those mansions. I love going through gates and finding some treasures. Walking or riding bikes along pathways lead you to some interesting places. Simply Beautiful.

  16. I did not realize how much I missed on your blog until today. It is so good to catch up on your trip. Your pictures of the "summer cottages" are so interesting. The Cliff Walk is one I would like to take. Actually, I do look forward to another visit to Newport. What a lovely seaside area.


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