Wednesday, March 4, 2015

don't cry for me argentina...

Buenos Aires is apparently known as the city that never sleeps...

...and from the vantage point of our hotel room it looked like that was the case.  We arrived a full day before our cruise was to we set about exploring.

On foot!  I think one might need special training to drive in this city.  We had no idea how the traffic flow was supposed to work at this intersection...and judging by all the traffic police, we weren't the only ones.

The following day we took a city tour...visiting some of the city's top attractions.

At the United Nations Square we saw the Floralis Generica...a large steel sculpture gifted to the city by architect Eduardo Catalono.  It stands 23 meters tall and weighs 18 ton.  And here's the is open during the day and closes its petals at night.  

Looking rather like Hawaii's banyan tree...Buenos Aires boasts many old fig trees (ficus).   The one pictured here is several hundred years old.

La Casa Rosada (or 'pink house') is the executive mansion and office of the President of Argentina. And if you are familiar with 'Evita' is where you can see the balcony from which Eva Peron gave her famous speeches.  She died when she was she was just 33 years old...adored by the masses and hated by most of the upper class as she stood by the side of her husband, Juan Peron. It’s an interesting piece of history!

Though visiting cemeteries is not usually at the top of my 'bucket list'...I must say that Recoleta Cemetery in Buenos Aires warrants a visit.  It is considered one of the ten most beautiful cemeteries in the world...and even trumps the amazing cemetery we toured in New Orleans a few years ago.

Rest in peace!

This cat seemed to be doing just the shade of the ornate mausoleums.

The cemetery is like a miniature city...with streets and alleys.

Behind every door lies a story!

La Recoleta is one of Buenos Aires most visited sites...and for good reason.

It is the final resting place of Eva Peron...and there is always a crowd gathered around her tomb.

The La Boca neighbourhood...with its colourful houses and pedestrian street has an Italian bent.

We strolled the Caminito...a cobblestone pedestrian street...

...watched tango dancers

...and checked out the shops.

That's what tourists do...right?

From there it was on to the Metropolitan Cathedral...the main Catholic church in Buenos Aires which is located in the city center...overlooking Plaza de Mayo.  Approximately 90 percent of Argentinians are Roman Catholic.

Originally built in the 16th has been re-built several times since then.  Quite beautiful!

Inside the cathedral is an ornate mausoleum containing the remains of General José de San Martín...the South American liberator who fought successfully for freedom in Argentina, Peru, and Chile.   We heard a lot about him during our time in South America! Two soldiers stand on guard over his flag-draped coffin.

Enough of museums and cathedrals.  It was time to eat...and dance.


We ate.  They danced the tango.  And I somehow missed the memo about 'no photos'.  And so I took one...a rather fuzzy one...before I clued in.   They put on a fabulous show!  The finale?  'Don't Cry for Me, Argentina'...sung so beautifully.  I can't even begin to count how many times we heard that song over there.  Now that we are back home...I plan to watch Evita.  I really wished I had done so before before we went!

It was time to make our way back to the cruise ship...

...where we had one last glimpse of the city before we set sail. 

Several hours later we found ourselves back on that pool watch the Superbowl game on a warm summer evening on the waters off of Argentina.

Can you believe I actually kept hubby company up there to the bitter end?  And was a bitter end.  We were rooting for Seattle.  Of course.

And so ended our stay in Buenos Aires.  Next stop?  Uruguay.


  1. Judy, what a wonderful experience. I think that Buenos Aires must be unlike any other city, strange and intriguing.

  2. Wonderful photos, Judy. They took me back! I'm so glad that you had the opportunity to spend a little time in BA. It's a city that just pulses with energy!

  3. You have some wonderful pictures and what an adventure ! That traffic circle looks scary!, and I love all the color in your photos. Happy cruising!

  4. Oh my God!! You took wonderful pics and my city looks gorgeous! Yeah the traffic is heavy here and drivers are dangerous people here.
    There are many accidents and nobody is safe, but we survive! :) :)
    I ´m happy you enjoy your stay here. !!!!!
    Where did you go for the Tango show???

  5. What a great time! I realize this was your first day, but isn't it nice to check into your room and know it will be there at the end of each day and each tour?

  6. The lights of that city are gorgeous! Oh dear, we're on the opposite side of two fences:1. That cemetery, while interesting, would not be my thing. 2. Obviously, you were cheering for Ellen's team. =D That song, well sung, really does grab a person.

  7. Judy, thank you for this wonderful tour of BA. It was great to see all of those sites there. Too bad you didn't see "Evita" before your tour. I thoroughly enjoyed a stage production of it. Thanks for taking the time to put this photo tour together for us. It is great fun to go along.
    Farm Gal in VA

  8. Oh dear I had forgotten about that bitter end. LOL. What a nice way to watch the game, on loungers. What a very interesting city with so much to see or dodge! Love the colorful part of town. Great photos Judy!

  9. Judy, I always enjoy your trip posts. You give us just enough of the flavour of the place to make us want to go there. Thanks so much for taking us all with you on your journey. Looking forward to the rest.

  10. Judy, phenomenal photos!!


  11. Brings back memories of long ago...we saw some of the same monuments. The grave sites are truly different, I agree. You must see the movie Evita, better yet, watch it in live theatre. It's beautiful. We will keep touring along with you.

  12. Buenos Aires looks very pretty through your camera lens, Judy. That cemetery looks so crowded! We did not visit the cemeteries on our trip to New Orleans, so I hope we did not miss something special. I always felt the Green_Wood Cemetery we volunteered for in Brooklyn, NY was the world's most beautiful cemetery, as it is filled with 300 year old trees and glacial ponds.and rolling hills.

    My husband and I saw the play Evita on Broadway in NYC years ago and liked the music so much we bought the CD.

  13. What an interesting walk around Buenos Aires with you from my perch at the island...with coffee in hand. I tried to take in all the sights, sounds, and smells.....nothing like being the real tourist though! What a city. I loved the cemetery walk and the walk down the brilliantly painted buildings. Those tree roots are amazing, as are the buildings. The pool deck looked ever so relaxing. Looking forward to more touring.

  14. Beautiful post! How exciting to be able to tour such a beautiful city and country. It all looks so interesting, even the cemetery!


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