Monday, March 30, 2015

south american finale ~ the foods, the folks and other fun facts...

It is time to wrap up our travels in South America.  There are many tales that will remain untold... each photo has a story of its own.

The flowers speak for themselves.  The 'earth laughs in flowers' wherever we roam!

And then there was the food...and art...all rolled into one.

Cruise ships are good at that...whether it be fruit creations......or chocolate sculptures.  We took a galley tour and were amazed and impressed at the size of the kitchens on the well as the cleanliness!

I also took in the 'culinary demonstration'...featuring the executive chef.  Of course!  I brought home the Princess Cruises cookbook...signed by the chef himself. Who knows?  I might even try cooking something from it one day!  Their napkin folding demo was not wasted on me, however...since I have already used the 'fan napkin method' pictured above. Easy!

Dining on a cruise ship is always special!  Every course comes out plated beautifully...but for some reason most of the food photos in my files are of the desserts!

We opted for 'anytime dining' on our cruise...and were so glad we did.  Every night we were seated with different 'table mates' was the best way to meet people.  Let me tell you about a few of them.

There was Louise...from her fifties...and traveling on her own.  There were others from New York, Chile, South Dakota, Scotland, Wales, California, Alaska, and St. Petersburg.

And then there were a few that we got to know really quite well.  Tim and Julie were from Texas.  Bob and Brenda were originally from New Orleans and fled for the lives ahead of Hurricane Katrina.  They had no home to return to...and relocated to Arizona after that.  We learned at the dinner table that they would also be staying in Peru for a week following the we decided we would stick together.  And we did!

We met Ruby...who has an Italian restaurant in Albany, a chef trained in Italy,  has published two cookbooks, and has an amazing story.  Check out her story here...and visit her restaurant if you ever pass through Albany, Oregon.

I met a gal from Virginia...traveling with her dad.  She shared her story with me.  The South American cruise was booked last July...and was to be a 30th wedding anniversary for her and her husband...but it was not to be.  Several days before he was to return from his tour of duty in Afghanistan last August...he was killed in an attack by an Afghan soldier. You may remember hearing about it on the news.  Rather than celebrating an anniversary...the family mourned their husband and father.  For her...the South American trip was bittersweet.

It's the people you meet along the way that make the journey so much more interesting!

I should also mention that there were some people that we wish we would have met up with.  We learned once we were back home...that there was a couple from our hometown on the same cruise we were on.  Had we known they were there...we would have made a point of finding them.   Instead we met up with them once we were back home and had a nice chat.  They own a Greek restaurant in Chilliwack...

...and serve up the best of food over there. 

Speaking of eating establishments...

...let me just share one photo of a typical cafe in the Andes. We were told that Peruvian fast food was available at many of these sidewalk cafes...a glass of quinoa punch, bread and cheese for $1.00  

Coffee took a backseat to yerba mate most everywhere we went.  But in Peru...the hot beverage of choice seemed to be coca tea. It tastes rather like a green tea...made from the leaves of the coca plant which grows in the Andes.  We were encouraged to drink it to combat altitude sickness...and so I did.  And I quite liked it. 

Inca cola is a Peruvian soft drink made from lemon verbena...a national icon since 1935. We sampled and decided to stick with water! 

And on that note...I will end our tales from the trails of South America!  Should you be interested in re-visiting any of the past posts...I'll link them all them all here:

Next post?  Back at home...the month of March. 



  1. Your post today is making me 9:20 in the morning! :) Beautiful and colourful photos of the food. Oh my. It all looks and sounds wonderful. Thank you for sharing this fabulous trip with us. I know I enjoyed reading each post very much. Blessings. Pam

  2. This is an amazing post, your photos tell the wonderful trip you clearly experienced, I love how you have included the people you met and a little of their stories, eating together is always a great way to get to know people. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Oh wow - it's all so wonderful. The food art is fabulous and what fun to meet the chef and learn some culinary tricks of the trade - I would love that! I agree at how interesting it is to meet new friends and travel mates. So sad about Virginia's story - we are reminded to treasure our trips and times together. We will be referring back to this travelogue of your South American Trip.

  4. I like how you got to know other people on the cruise, knowing that your friendship to them would have been appreciated as well. It takes courage to do that, but you never would have come to know people like Virginia and her story, reminding us to be grateful for the time we have.
    That last photo of you is just beautiful! Another opportunity on a cruse ship - formal night! When do we do that otherwise?

  5. A most enjoyable virtual journey...loved the photos, but love the one of you and Elmer best and I know that you didn't take that one. I also very much appreciated the discussion of the people you met. Sometimes they become the best thing about a journey. Off to follow a link...

    1. Ahhh...she did have an interesting story. She sounds like one tenacious, hard-working gal!

  6. You really made the most of your trip. The food the sights and the great people you met. I was very sad as you can imagine on hearing of that young man that was killed in Afghanistan. Makes me even more thankful that our Andrew made it through two tours there and came home safe. Thanking God for that.
    I really enjoyed going on this cruise and tour with you!

  7. I really enjoyed reading all about your cruise, Judy! I have only been on one cruise in my life--we went on the Queen Mary 2 to new England and Canada on a fall foliage cruise to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary. Hearing the soldier's widow's story really pulled on my heart strings even more so because of that! I will keep her in my prayers.

    This is a lovely portrait of you and Elmer! Cherish all your wonderful memories of your trip!

  8. What great pictures! You captured your trip and what a colorful trip it was!! You eat with your eyes first,,,,your eyes must have been very tired from looking at all those wonderful creations!! So many wonderful people, all with a story! and obviously you were not afraid to share your story with others either . That is awesome!!

  9. What a trip! It sounds like you enjoyed every, single minute of it. That is the best way to travel - with an open mind and open heart. I must go over to read the linked story...........

  10. I thoroughly enjoyed reading all about your trip, Judy. You and Elmer look wonderful in that last photo. All the desserts - yum!
    The people you met along the way and took the time to know - really admirable!

  11. It was nice to travel with you and and I loved hearing about the friends you met. That makes something special about travelling. It's hard to meet others when you are with a group of friends. I wonder where your next travels will take you. Your last photo was a perfect ending and memory.


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