Friday, November 23, 2012

big white birds...

Trumpeter swans winter along the southwest coast of British Columbia.

Many of them have decided that my neighbourhood is the perfect place to rest awhile.

The sun came out for a wee bit yesterday...
and I took a photo of these swans in the field across the road...
from my front porch.

The photo didn't look all that great with hydro wires running through it...
so put on my shoes...
walked to the road...
and took a few more pic's (sans wires).

Who needs binoculars?
They let me come up close and personal.

Trumpeter swans are the largest waterfowl species in North America...
with an average wingspan of 77 inches.

They can live up to 24 years in the wild...
but most do not make it to that age.

The adults are pure white...
while the young ones (born in spring) are greyish coloured.

They fly 20 miles an hour... have that camera ready, because there's not much time!

Once they were within 100 birds of extinction.
Now there are 20,000 of them...
and half of those spend their winter in this part of the world.

Hubby thinks most of them are
feeding on the farmlands around here.
They particularly love the winter wheat...
and seem to think it was planted for their eating pleasure!

So we kind of encourage them to go feed elsewhere.
To no seems.

As long as they are not on our field...
I think I can say...
they are an amazing bird!


  1. What fun to see them gathered there that way...what an incredible wingspan! As you know, perhaps, we are mighty fond of swans around here.

  2. Wow, that IS an amazing bird with an amazing wing span. You captured some amazing shots too.

  3. We are on the travel path of their night flight to Popkum waterfowl reserve where they rest for the night. When they fly over our house, you can hear the 'woup woup' of their wings through the air. Amazing. On Sunday we followed them to Popkum and watched for over an hour as hundreds and hundreds of them set wing, did a brief water ski and then glided to a stop on the lake there. Stunning to watch.

  4. They are a wondrous sight! We have some on the Island and I love to see them lift off over the water in the marsh. I completely understand why they make your part of the province their favourite place to visit, though.

  5. I've enjoyed seeing the swans on various fields as well. I also think they are beautiful.
    One thing I noticed about visiting Amish country was the wide open skies with no power lines to mess up the view.
    Beautiful photos Judy.

  6. They are beautiful! I can't believe how many of them decide to linger in your part of the valley. Must really like the open fields and the food.

  7. What a lovely sight and a new one for me! I remember admiring swans (black and white) in Worcester (Midlands) and also in Brugge (Belgium) as a regular occurrence but never in the wild like this!
    Amazing photos to share! Many thanks!

  8. Even though you try to discourrage them, and I can understand why! it is wonderful that they are breeding and that the numbers are staying up. I dont like to think of our wild birds becoming extinct.

  9. Wow - those are amazing sights from your front porch!!! Beautiful birds.

  10. When we saw them driving up to B.C. last weekend we were wondering how bothersome they were to I know.
    Beautiful photos!

  11. We have a pair that have spent the week camping out by our mailbox at work. Yesterday we weren't able to get the mail; any time we got close to the mailbox, the geese started hissing at us lol. There are such beautiful birds.

  12. What gorgeous birds. And prettiest when feeding elsewhere. I love that you put on your shoes and went out to find a photo op without hydro lines. The things we do for blogging! The result is lovely.

  13. What a beautiful sight to behold! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.


  14. What amazing photos!!! They are SO beautiful! I hope they aren't eating TOO much of your profit!!
    You live in THE most beautiful are ever!! I love reading your every post and lingering over your every photo......even when I don't comment.....I'm always there!!

  15. I remember past visits of these sawan in past years, Judy! I would love to see them in person one day ..I wonder if they fly over Colorado? Thye make lovely photos, especially with those mountains in the background.

  16. I was at a dinner party on Saturday evening, and one of the conversations was about your post and these Trumpeter swans. One of the ladies had read your post and she was sharing the details with those of us around the table. Imagine that! The whole way across the country, they love reading and learning from your posts. Thank you Judy!

  17. What a sight to see! I'm glad you went out and got some closer shots. They are a beautiful bird and I didn't know much about them before now. I was talking with my sister last night and they were out all afternoon watching the eagles feeding on the salmon in the river near there. That is something I'd like to see too! Have you been to see them yet? Pamela

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