Monday, November 12, 2012


I missed seeing the poppy these past few weeks.

In Canada...
we wear our poppies in the weeks preceding Remembrance Day.

It is our way of honouring the memory of the thousands of Canadians who gave their lives...
 in the defence of freedom.

We were on vacation in southern California...
and never saw any poppies.

We are back home...
as of last night.

I found a photo of poppies in my files...
just for today.

I am remembering...
and being thankful!

They gave their tomorrows...
so we could have our today.

It's good to be home...
even though it seems that the furnace is still on vacation.
We hope the furnace repair man doesn't mind working on Remembrance Day.
May you all have a most memorable day...


  1. That is a beautiful quote and poppy picture! Oh, I do hope your furnace gets repaired - not fun coming from a warm climate to a cold house.

  2. No heat? Oh no! Hope that you can skate off and spend some time with a daughter or daughter-in-law. There must be a lot to catch up on.

    1. Some heat. The furnace comes on when it feels like it...and just for a wee bit. It 'remembered' to come on this I think we'll keep things warm enough with the fireplace for today.

  3. Welcome home Judy and Elmer.
    I love how you said, "they gave their tomorrows so we could have our todays" so true and very profound. We should never forget, and always show our gratitude to the men and women who sacrifice on our behalf.

  4. Hope the repairman can repair the furnace. I looked for a poppy pin to buy so I could wear it on Sunday and today and could not find one down here. I want to initiate the poppy remembrance idea here in the states. All the British soccer teams and couches have been wearing their poppies the last couple weekends as I watch on T.V. Josh and Laura were at the outlet mall in Tulalip last weekend and he commented on all the poppies (Canadians) that were shopping ...chuckle.

  5. The poppy tradition seems to be fading here, Judy. I remember wearing a paper poppy on my blouse as a child for Vetern's day amd Memorial Day. I think it had much to do with WW2. It is good to remeber and honor those that made the ultimate sacrifice for our countries.

  6. We didn't need heat on here today as it was 18 C.!! Your poppy photo is beautiful. I'm glad we wear poppies in November in honour of those who gave their all for freedom.

  7. "They gave their tomorrows, so we could live our today"...a nice way to express it. I am thankful, too, on this our Veteran's Day!

  8. I'm sorry you missed the poppies. The local Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) were selling them here, and I bought one to wear for the weekend. I think it is a nice symbol.

    I always think of an elderly friend at this time of year. She was engaged to be married when WWII broke out. He enlisted in the RCAF and was sent to England. He was killed in Feb. of 1945 when the plane he was on crashed in Yorkshire on its way back to base.

    When we were in England a few years ago I was able to visit his grave. On Armistice Day, the Royal British Legion always puts flowers on the graves of the Commonwealth military who are buried in the Stonefell Cemetary near Harrogate, Yorkshire. A wonderful woman I met through my search for Fred's grave belongs to the Legion and every Christmas she sends me a note, and a photo, or a newspaper cutting of the flowers which have been placed on Fred's grave by local school children.

    Both Fred and his fiancee are gone now, but I will never forget either of them, or their sacrifices.
    Take care and God bless. Carol

  9. I think we take for granted here how lovely our poppy tradition is. I love your photo. Welcome home.

  10. I hope you got your furnace fixed!
    We were at Olive Garden in Tulalip on Sat and I heard someone (obviously Canadian) explain to someone about the poppy. I don't know, maybe she was wearing one and was asked about it.
    I also appreciated the line, "They gave their tomorrows so that we can have today."

  11. 'They gave their we could have our today'
    Beautiful! Thank you for sharing! We also wear proudly our poppies (weeks before the remembrance of the Armistice)!
    A warm hello from the Pacific NW coast,

  12. Welcome home! That's a lovely picture of a poppy. We owe so much to so many.


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson