Friday, November 16, 2012

friday wrap-up....

 As the sun set on Thursday...
I had to think of all that had happened this past week.

One week ago today we were still in the desert of southern California.

We took one last walk...
and left a little inukshuk as our calling card on the ridge above the golf course.

Then it was time for the long drive home.
We took the scenic route for part of the way...
the road less traveled.

It took us past Edwards Air Force Base...
a parking lot for big aircraft out in the dessert.

We enjoyed the view of Mt. Shasta in northern California this time...

...unlike our trip south when we hardly noticed the snow capped peak
due to being entirely preoccupied with an empty gas tank! 

The mountains of southern Oregon were quite lovely as we passed through...
with snow at the higher elevations and beautiful fall foliage in the valleys.

Since we arrived home on Sunday night...
it's been busy.

There were birthdays to celebrate...
office work to catch up on...
parents to visit...
and Christmas lights to put up on the house!

The lights weren't actually on the schedule...
but with the sun shining brightly yesterday...
we decided to 'just do it'.
 We won't be turning them on just yet...
but they are ready to go!

I'm thinking if the rhodos...

and the clematis are blooming...
it wouldn't seem right to have Christmas lights burning bright.
I think it is the last hurrah for the blooms of 2012!

And that is Friday's wrap-up.
Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Already got your lights up...impressive!! Our contractor told us Mon that they will finish with our addition and remodel Dec 15...Yikes! hope I can manage to get a tree up! :-)

  2. Lovely photos of your trip back - I bet you were relieved to see the bare pavement as you drove through the mountains. It sounds like you've gotten right back into the swing of things with your large family. your grands must have been so happy to see you.

  3. Those pics of Mt. Shasta give me the 'chilly shivers'...
    Winter is coming.
    But the view is amazing !!

  4. What a beautiful ride north! The scenery is magnificent!

  5. How nice of the flowers to bloom for you one last time this year. All of my flowers have ceased their blooming outside.

    Amazing scenic journey you took north. Empty gas tanks are rather a commanding sight, too, I suppose. Hope that you made it to the gas station without a sputter.

  6. That's a pretty shot of Mt. Shasta! Glad the gas tank behaved on the way home. Looking forward to seeing you tonight!

  7. Lovely photos, what a great trip.

  8. Enoying your Cali pics Judy, so familar! Been on that road so many times over the years, always loved seeing Mt. Shasta on our way to Portland and Washington to see family. I bet it feels good to be home though enjoying those grands that are growing like weeds! My goodness have they gotten big this past summer! :)

  9. Great Friday wrap up!! You drive home looks beautiful! Looks like you had a great trip and, as always, were busy when you got home. Your clematis and rhodo pics are gorgeous!

  10. Such gorgeous snowy scenery in the mountains. And it's a good thing to take advantage of the sunny weather. We've had a mild autumn thus far - your rhodos and clematis are still blooming, and there were pink geraniums in the flower boxes in Sidney yesterday.

  11. That sure doesn't look like a 'little' Inukshuk! Very nice though! Loved your scenic drive!!!

  12. Another lovely Elmer and Judy road trip. You two could start a tour business cuz every where you go turns out great.

  13. There is something beautiful about driving back along the I5. Mt Shasta is stunning! I don't know if I've ever seen snow covered trees in Southern Oregon.

  14. WOW! I love the views from your Inukshuk and the shot of Mt Shasta is beautiful. Lovely sunset and scnery. Gorgeous photos from your trip!

  15. Your post is awakening a yearning in me for a road trip! I especially love that photo near Ashland with the snow dusted trees on the mountain!

  16. welcome back home and it looks like your travels were stunning. My youngest hiked Mt. Shasta this summer. And know it won't take long and you will begin wrapping up things for the next event.

  17. What a romantic trip! Time alone with your husband without hectic schedules and so much beauty along the way. I so appreciate you sharing pictures of your travels. Your sunset was exceptional!


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~ Ralph Waldo Emerson