Wednesday, November 28, 2012

colour my world...

Color is joy.
One does not think joy.
One is carried by it.
~Ernie Haas

What would a world without colour be?
It makes us smile...
brightens our days...
and shows up in unexpected places.

When it comes to Christmas decor...
I like to stick to more traditional colours...
or whites and golds.
But I love to see how others use colour when decorating for the season.

My grands know how to 'colour my world'.
They make me smile.
I'm not much for tatoos...

...but Lucy took one look at her white hand and went to work.
Sorry, Mommy...
I hope you got it off later!

She likes colour...
and spent a lot of time at great-auntie's fish tank...
watching the colorful little fish darting about.

Color is like food for the spirit...
plus it's not addictive or fattening.
Isaak Mizrahi

I took this next photo simply because of the fun colours I saw.

What is it?
I'll let you guess.

I cannot pretend to feel impartial about colors.
I rejoice with the brilliant ones and am genuinely sorry for the poor browns.
Sir Winston Churchill

ETA: If you guessed  carwash, you scored!


  1. I'm smiling because I adore the poor browns, too. Suds? Lucy is so darling and growing so fast.

  2. Love that quote by Winston Churchill. Lucy really decorated herself...chuckle!

  3. These colour quotes are great. I admire people who live in neutral homes, but I'd be throwing some colour in there somewhere. Lucy looks like she's having a great time!
    Soap suds?

  4. Your little tatoo artist is very creative :).
    Could the mystery photo be the soap suds that resulted from trying to remove that tatoo?

  5. I'm with Happy@Home for guessing the tatoo suds :). What a delightful post Judy!

  6. I'll "third" the sopa suds Lucy did a nice job decorating her hand :)

    What would the world be without color? I'll "second" ypou on sticking to traditional coors for Christmas, though, Judy.

  7. I would think that since you didn't stay home to wash your car on Saturday, you opted for the easy way out and saw those soap suds on you r windshield!

  8. What happened to hand washing your car on Saturday!! that is totally called going through a car wash :)!! xo

    1. Washing the car on Saturday only happens when I'm at home...with nothing better to do. Oh, and the sun should be shining as well:)

  9. What a sweetie - lucky you, to have her for an afternoon.
    I couldn't live in a house without colour but when it comes to Christmas I always go back to the traditional red, green and gold.

  10. And yet, I still have to admit..I love the traditional decorations...Yes, so many colors just like a rainbow. I love colors...but don't know how to use them to their best advantage. But I'm always inspired by others.

  11. Enjoyed getting caught up! The swans were beautiful! Your shopping trip with the girls sounds like such fun and they made some wise choices I think. I know they felt special having that special time with you two. Don't think the hubby ever went clothes shopping with me and the daughter either! Things do seem to change when it involves the grands!:-)

  12. I think it is fun to see how everyone chooses to decorate. Although I enjoy seeing those colors that you shared, Lucy's little profile was the hightlight of this post.

  13. After reading the book about a person who had glimpsed heaven and noted there were colors there that we don't have on earth, I suspect there may be a color called Barbara and Judy...

  14. Yes, color is definitely something worth singing about! Your post was a delight. Hope those colorful "tattoos" washed off without too much trouble!

  15. The colorful soap suds made me guess melting tattoo as well.. I'm sure we are wrong! smile..
    I love your Christmas tree colours... and I can't imagine God's world in black and white -- only darkness has no colour.. and God is LIGHT where all the colours dwell!


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson