Wednesday, October 30, 2013

fun and food in the Ozarks...

We have spent the last few days in Branson.
What a great place to visit!

Since their Christmas shows are all starting on November first...
it's looking a lot like Christmas over here already.

We took in a bunch of shows...
and they were all great!

Our favorites?
Pierce Arrow ...
and the Haygoods (5 brothers and 1 sister).

And in one of the smaller theatres...
we saw James Garrett who does a tribute to John Denver.
There was no glitz and glamour at this concert...
just a down-home tribute to John Denver by a man who was a good friend of his.

Most every show included some gospel songs...
and ended with a tribute to the veterans and the singing of an all-American patriotic number.

We were told that we couldn't leave town without trying fried green tomatoes...
and deep fried okra.
We tried!
Anything tastes good fried, right?

Since we left home most of our meals have been enjoyed right here... the table of our little RV.
And we are still enjoying the flowers that began this leg of the journey with us over a week ago!

And (thanks to my friend Vee)...
we are brewing good Canadian coffee from Tim Horton's as we go.

Today we are headed for Arkansas.

Thanks for stopping by...
and have a wonderful day!


  1. Sounds beyond fun...would love to hear some old John Denver tunes!
    I so love you have flowers on the table in the R.V. :-)
    Safe travels....


  2. Are you going to go dig for diamonds in the diamond mine in Arkansas? You really got your money's worth in Branson. Your RV looks very inviting. Blessings as you continue on the road.

  3. Now that sounds like my speed...a quiet theater with a tribute to John Denver whom I still miss! Must have been nice to have a Christmas preview as well. Now the food I could pass on, but somebody's food all plated up there is looking mighty tempting. Cozy little dinners for two...what could be nicer?

  4. What a perfect way to spend a vacation - good food, inspiring shows and some window shopping.

  5. Oh how fun! I would love to visit that city sometime. I love the bouquet in your camper and your meal looks yummy. The fried food looks good too but not as healthy. lol Isn't Vee thoughtful to give you some Tim's coffee for your travels? Have fun!

  6. Branson is one of the most fun places. We go there several times a year. I love all the shows and the hometown country feel. And of course Silver Dollar City!

  7. Two Ritchie Smith mugs! Lucky ducks!
    Ok.. your holiday is sounding so wonderful and your supper looks ever so inviting!

  8. Never been there...sounds like we should go!!

  9. You two are living the dream life!
    (I vote you go diamond digging too. It is on my bucket list!)

  10. The shows sound great - you are having a fantastic trip! I love your RV dinner table. Branson is on our must see list - someday.

  11. Your RV dinner looks delicious! I would ahve liked to see the James Garrett concert as I liked John Denver's music. Safe travels!

  12. John Denver music, fried delicious food, time to investigate Branson, and then a cozy table to come back and eat at...what could be more fun! Oh yes, good coffee to top it all off.

  13. Fun to have a peek into your trip! It sounds pretty well perfect down to the flowers on the table . . . and I'm happy for you!


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