Thursday, October 31, 2013

we have arrived...

We arrived in Kansas at noon today...
and as we crossed the state line we cheered.
'We did it!'

We have now driven in every one of the fifty US states.
That was always our plan...
but we never knew if we could really make it happen.
When we started this leg of the road trip...
almost two weeks ago...
we had eleven states left to visit.
Kansas was the last one on that list.
And here we are.

We headed to the Hillsboro area...
and paid a visit to the Mennonite Heritage Museum over there.
It was most interesting...
and I'll take you there in another post.

This afternoon we discovered we had an issue with the RV that needed to be dealt with.
The kind lady at the museum sent us to the nearest RV repair place...
and that brought us to Hutchinson, Kansas.

They RV will be repaired tomorrow...

...and in the meantime we are exploring Hutchinson.

Hutchinson is a town of over 40,000...
and is situated along the old Santa Fe rail line.

It has the longest grain elevators in the world.

Hutchinson is also the site of some old salt mines...
600 feet below ground...
which are now a museum.

We noticed that the Farm Supply store and Hobby Lobby are right next to each other...
so we might just go shopping tomorrow while the RV is in the shop.
(His and hers!)

So...we have arrived in Kansas.
Now we will just have to wait and see how long we are staying!

By the way...
it is warm here.
Warm and windy.
Does that sound like Kansas?


  1. Wow...what an accomplishment! Good for you!

  2. We just picked up our "new to us" RV today in Winnipeg and are on our way back to Ontario. So excited and maybe someday we will try to visit all of the 50 states (today we did North Dakota and Minnesota - does that count?). You have inspired us to enjoy our new toy. Safe travels you guys.

    1. Yippee. What fun you will have! Of course that counts, Rosella. If we drove in the state...we count it. Some we just slept in, some we just ate in, some we explored...but we have driven in every single one.

  3. Yeahhh! Good for you and what a great thing to have done!! Drive safe!

  4. Amazing! I'm very impressed with you two. What next? Bicycling through Europe? Snorkeling down under? I know that something is on your list. I once spent Thanksgiving in Kansas. Cassoday, Kansas. Good people. Good food. The worst blizzard I'd ever seen and windy...I'll say! Will be praying that the RV gets repaired without too much difficulty and expense.

  5. Good to know where you are!! Kansas! Glad you are there and the repairs will be made. Kansas is a good place to be. I have not been to all 50 states.......can you tell the different personalities of the states? I have visited many back when Amber was a synchronized swimmer. I should stop and count them. We used to tell the girls they were seeing the country - one pool at a time!!! Enjoy your travels and thanks for taking us with you!

  6. Welcome to Kansas! If you have time, go see Lindsborg, a cute little Swedish town, not far from Hutch.
    And be sure to sample some of the Pfeffernusse from the bakeries around Hillsboro.

  7. PS. Yes it is almost always windy in KS. This week looks like it will be in the 40s and 50s mostly. That's perfect fall weather, if you ask me.

  8. After ALL those miles spent together, you are still pictured with your arms around each other. That sure is a good sign! You are the first people we met in person that have traveled together in every state. Congratulations!

    I like the his, her shopping excursions. That works for us too.

  9. That is quite an accomplishment to drive in all 50 states in your lifetime. What an adventure! It's 15 here today and raining and windy. Enjoy your his and hers shopping. I hope the RV gets repaired without too much delay. Are you driving straight back home after this? Blessings, Pam

  10. Congratulations! That is quite an accomplishment. I hope to be able to say we've done that one day. I have not been to Kansas, but it looks as I would imagine it to.
    I didn't realize you were travelling once again. Must go back and read what I've missed.
    Hope the RV is fixed in a timely fashion. A little shopping sounds like a great plan in the meantime.

  11. That's too funny about the his and her shopping! Have you been in Hobby Lobby before? Hope all goes well with the RV repair and "you aren't in Kansas anymore, Dorothy" by tomorrow.

  12. I have followed your blog for about a year. So surprised when I saw today, that you are in Hutchinson. I live about 40 miles from there. I look forward to reading your posts. Enjoy your stay in Kansas!

  13. How fun to be shopping in stores side by side. It was as if the town knew what husbands and wives would appreciate and built accordingly. I am glad the RV can be fixed up today and you can hopefully be on your way tomorrow!

  14. So happy you completed your goal, congrats!! Very surprised about the warm weather this time of year...enjoy the rest of your visit and have safe travels as you head homeward :-)


  15. I salute you Judy! You are amazing...all 50 of these US states...Congratulations

  16. That's amazing Judy...well done!

  17. Looks like you have accomplished a grand tour of all the states. Some beautiful photos of Kansas. And within a week you will be heading home again. Hoping you have a fun filled time as you continue your travels.


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