Friday, October 18, 2013

on the road again...

Our 'Road Trip USA' has been on hold for the past two months...
while we looked after things on the home front.

Tomorrow we will be flying back to Pennsylvania...
where our motorhome is waiting for us...
and we will carry on where we left off.

The plan is to head south on the Blue Ridge Parkway...
a scenic route along the Appalachian Mountains that connects Shenandoah National Park in the north...
to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in the south.


There are 11 states that we have yet to visit...
and we are hoping to do just that on the next leg of our journey.

We may just have to do a little zigging and zagging to hit them all!

We won't be spending much time in Pennsylvania now...
but I am still in the process of un-packing photos from our time spent there in August.

I'll leave you with a wee glimpse of Philadelphia...
where we did a hop-on/hop-off tour on a beautiful sunny day.

It is the largest city in Pennsylvania...
with a population of over six million.
It is known for its arts and culture...
cheesesteak and soft pretzels.
(Yup...we tried them both!)


We toured Independence Hall...
and learned all about the Liberty Bell.
The iconic symbol of American freedom was once housed in the steeple of this building...
and is now on display across the street for all to see.

We visited the Assembly Room...
where both the Declaration of Independence 
and the Constitution were drafted and signed.

Tickets for the free guided tour are available at the Visitor Center...
located in Independence National Historical Park.

Most educational...
time well spent!

Benjamin Franklin...
Philadelphia's famous founding father has not been forgotten.

There are sculptures and  museums...
bridges and streets named after him.
We visited his print shop and saw where he was laid to rest.

Elfreth's Alley in the Old City...
is the oldest continuously inhabited residential street in the country.

Memorial Hall...
now the art museum.

City hall...
the nation's largest municipal building.
It has over 700 rooms...
and a 37 foot statue of William Penn presiding over the clock tower.
Quite impressive!

And with that...
I'll end my tour of the city of Philadelphia!

After tomorrow...
things will be quiet here at 'my front porch'.

As we are leaving...
it seems an army of birds is taking up residence.
I'm sure things will be well looked after on the home front!
I may just send a postcard from time to time.
Until then...


  1. What beautiful photos....I especially love the last one of the birds :-) How exciting to travel all the states, so much I haven't seen. Safe travels and I look forward to future blogging of your journey!


  2. ♪ On the road again...just can't wait to get on the road again...♪

    Yes, well, I probably shouldn't sing in the morning. =D

    Have a wonderful journey, you two. I always look forward to your postcards from the road and this one was no exception. I have spent so much time of late thinking about those founders of the U.S. and considering their resolve and dedication.

  3. Have a great holiday on this second leg of your journey. Beautiful photos today.....and I know that more will be coming via postcards. Praying for you and Elmer!

  4. Safe and happy travels to you Judy! I would love to do what you and your hubby are doing! It would be so cool to see so many different states and places...enjoy your journey and keep taking those great pics!!

  5. This little tour of Philadelphia was a great way to begin my morning. Have a wonderful trip as you journey through those 11 states. I'll look forward to your postcards from the road.
    Those birds look like they're having a party at your place!

  6. You are so good at seeing all there is to see and documenting it all so it won't just all be a blur when you come back. What an exciting plan you have ahead of you as you visit the final 11 states.
    Praying safe and happy travels for you.

  7. I get all excited about you going because you always take us along in a way! It looks like you have the best plans laid out and we'll be praying that God gives you safety as you go.

  8. My goodness, what lovely trips! Way to go! Nice that you took your bikes along. Enjoy and stay safe. Hilda

  9. The swarms of birds have been so much fun to watch. Enjoy checking off the rest of those states! Looks like a great route.

  10. How wonderful to be able to continue your journey right where you left off! I have decided NOT to take Louis Dean to California next fall! However, New England is a very real possibility! We have both been there in our past lives but not in the same areas. I am so looking forward to your trip since so many of us travel along with you!!! I do so hope you don't feel CROWDED!!

  11. Safe travels my friend,...may you see lots and there will still be an army looking over your place when you return. May you see each state and leave a little bit of yourselves all over as the world will be so much better.

  12. Happy trails!
    Hope the birds don't completely take over while you are gone. :-0

  13. On the road again.... Have a wonderful and safe trip Judy! Enjoy the beautiful fall scenery. I'll be watching for postcards. Blessings, Pam

  14. You will enjoy many of the states you see on your trip as there will some fall foliage in many of them and nice weather! Enjoy and safe travels!

  15. The pictures on this post remind me of the many field trips I took with our girls, as we explored the historic city of Philadelphia. Thanks for the fun reminders of days gone by.


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