Wednesday, July 7, 2010

razzberry delight...

The raspberries are ready for the picking...and we are enjoying them to the fullest. 

With a short row in the garden...
we have more than enough to supply our needs. 

There's nothing like a parfait of fresh raspberries, yogurt and granola to start off the day.  
 And it helps if the granola is full of homemade goodness!  
We have been enjoying Marg's granola...
but unfortunately the supply has run out and I will be having to make my own soon.

Our new favorite summer drink is Fresca...on ice...with raspberries.  
Most refreshing!

My niece is out from Australia for a visit...and came for coffee yesterday morning.
on the back patio.

After all these years of picking raspberries...
growing raspberries...
and working in the raspberries...
one would think I would be tired of raspberries.

But...I must say...raspberries are still one of my favorite fruits!


  1. Me too Judy...and we are picking pounds of them!

  2. You are giving me a longing! I better go look for some. Beautiful pics. Dairymary

  3. Beautiful raspberries - any time of day, with anything.

  4. OH your razzberry delight pictures are great. It makes me think I might have to pull up the granola recipe myself. Fresca. .I need to buy some of that. I don't know when I last had some.

  5. Oh everything you did with those berries looks fabulous! Remlinger farms here has some u-pick berries...I think I'll take my July company out there to pick some!

  6. I LOVE raspberries and will be trying the cake...thank you!

  7. Just starred your post - and I'm looking forward to trying those yummy raspberry recipes when ours are ripe!

  8. Judy your photos could be in a professional cookbook! Stunning! The raspberry cheese coffee cake sounds so delicious.

    I have my one raspberry bush that I grow in a large flower pot and it gives me just enough berries each day to flavor my breakfast oatmeal. This year I bought a small blueberry bush to plant in another pot and I am hoping to add and handful of blueberries as it grows.

  9. I love raspberries and would be in heaven if I could go outside and pick that many. Your photos are all beautiful and the coffee cake sounds wonderful. I have printed it off and hope to try it soon,

  10. Oh I am drooling here. I love raspberries too!

    I love the new look of your blog!

  11. You created one of the prettiest and most appealing blog posts on raspberries that I have ever seen. Each picture made me want to run to the local farmer's market and buy their raspberries, and to think that you grow your own. I want to try one of every recipe you shared. I can imagine how blessed your friend was to sit and visit with you and be treated to that raspberry cream cheese coffee cake.


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson