Saturday, July 31, 2010

still travelling together...

After all these years!

Thirty-nine years ago...July 31,1971...
we got into our 'going away outfits' at the end of  the day...
and away we went.

It our first road trip...
our first journey together.

We still love to travel...together.
And road trips are the best!

We've spent a few anniversaries on the road...
over the years.

We've celebrated in Manitoba...
in Cheyenne, Wyoming...
in Alaska...
on Vancouver Island...
and now...Utah.

We will be spending the next few days in Utah...
and then homeward.

Yesterday we visited Zion National Park...
an amazing place.
I had intentions of leaving you a postcard from there today...
but the limited 'wi-fi' here in the canyon is not allowing any photo uploads.

Today we are off explore Bryce Canyon.
The national parks are so amazing!

Still enjoying the journey...


  1. Happy, happy anniversary!! Wishing you many more years of travelling together!

  2. Anniversary wishes are winging their way to Utah! Enjoy!

  3. That's sweet! Happy Anniversary! what great memories you are making!

  4. Happy Anniversary, you two travelers! I know that there are lots more trips in your future - who knows where you'll be for your fortieth!?

  5. Happy Anniversary! Wishing you many more years of happiness and fun travels!


  6. Happy Anniversary! Great picture .. makes you smile!

  7. Happy anniversary - happy travels

  8. Now how'd you get to Utah so fast? Why just the night before last you showed up here. Yes. Right here. We were having a barbeque and you and Elmer crashed it. I was so proud of myself for remembering your names and being able to introduce you to one and all. Ha! It was a fun dream. (Lovella and Terry came, too.) I've never dreamed of blog friends before so that just goes to show how very real blogging buds become.
    Now if I had remembered that it was your anniversary, I'd have served cake. Hahahahahaha...

    Glad that you're still enjoying the journey together. Happy Anniversary!

  9. Oh Happy Anniversary. I too celebrate a major anniversary this weekend...thirty years. How can that be?! Love your outfits in the pic. I am glad you used that one instead of the holiday is precious.

  10. Congrats on your anniversary! Have a fun day!

  11. What a wonderful post. The lead pic is charming; how sweet you two looked! Happy, Happy Anniversary! Yeah for you! Pam @ Sallygoodin

  12. Happy Anniversary!

  13. Girls who wear hats always have great adventures in life! You and your beloved looked just grand together then, and the adventures and fun continue on. Blessings to you both.

  14. Happy Anniversary! What a great picture!

  15. Congratulations! Great photo. Happy Anniversary and many more. Enjoy the Canyon... have fun.

  16. Congratulations Elmer and Judy. Glad you are enjoying your travels. Kathy

  17. Happy anniversary. You guys look adorable. The white bell bottom pants, I so remember that! Have you surprised any other blogging buddies, besides in their dreams in your travels?

  18. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY Judy & Elmer! I'm sorry I missed the exact day ..on weekends I'm so busy I often do not get online.

    I think traveling is a wonderful way to celebrate!

  19. Loved those coordinating 'going away' outfits...made me smile!!! (and think of the impossibility of my husband agreeing to 'coordinate' outfits with mine!) ;) I am glad you had a great celebration and equally thankful that you share pictures of your past and present with us!


  20. A very happy anniversary to you. Those going away outfits are the "Bomb"! :0)

  21. Congratulations on your anniversary! And happy trails to you. Dairymary

  22. That's such a beautiful area. Enjoy.

  23. 39 years. Impressive. Love you both!

  24. Congrats on your anniversary. Dorothy says she remembers the outfits and that you "escaped" using their family car that evening.


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