Friday, December 28, 2012

christmas down on the farm...

It was supposed to be ready by Christmas.
I've been watching the progress across the fields for the past month.

It didn't quite meet the target...
but yesterday morning the last ring of the 'slurry store' went up.
It's a little extra 'closet space' over at the farm...
an above ground manure tank.
 A necessity...
not a luxury!

For the most part...we like to focus on the milk production aspect of dairy farming.

I thought our kids' Christmas picture would make a great ad for milk!

Their dog was all dressed for the occasion as well...
but somehow never made the photo.
(Maybe he couldn't master the glass of milk!)

Have a wonderful weekend...
as we come to the end of year 2012.

Got milk?
Just checking! :)


  1. What a sweet family photo. I think it would make a great Ad! Enjoy the day. We got a blizzard yesterday and last night so we're snowed in until Murray can snow blow us out. :)

  2. That extra closet space is sure to make a big difference over on the farm!
    The Christmas photo is cute - that family is a natural!

  3. Oh yes it would make a great "Got Milk" ad. Perfect.

    Above ground slurry that is the most euphemistic way of saying a thing I've ever heard. You're amazing! Hope that it is a great boon for the farm.

  4. What a great dairy farm post. I loved the Christmas card! What a beautiful family.
    I've got milk. I am rarely without. It is Canadian Milk...even.

  5. I am wondering if next years white elephant gift might be a quart of milk...

  6. Ha! Love it! Yes, we've got milk for a change since we have milk drinkers here for a bit. They are warning us in the U.S. that milk might go up to $8.00 a gallon!!

  7. Such a great family shot! Yes, they should send it in to Lucerne or Dairyland. Maybe they need to get a cat.

  8. Priceless card of the Jeremy Wiebe family. It's a keeper!! It should become part of a "Got Milk?" ad campaign. M

  9. What a great family shot! Perfect! You sure have a great view of the farm too.

  10. This is such a cute card! I am a milk drinker since childhood so yes, I always have a gallon in my refrigerator. :)

  11. What a great shot for a well known family. Submit the photo for Milk advertisements...It could not get better than that.

  12. Canadian milk is great. We've always got some. Love the family photo - they are all beautiful, even moustached. I'm with Vee on your excellent euphemism.


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