Wednesday, December 26, 2012

memories of christmas 2012...

together at Christmas.
Those are the memories that live on.

We had some quiet moments...
of quality cousin time.
not so quiet!

We played Quirkle (new to me and fun...even if I was the 'biggest loser')...
and Apples to Apples...
and 'steal'.

On Christmas Eve we all took in the six o'clock church service.
I don't recall ever not attending church on Christmas Eve.
Those services are the best...
and usually end in the singing of Silent Night by candlelight.
A capella.
This year, hubby and I were the 'token' grandparents...
and read the Christmas story from our rocking chairs on the stage...
to the 'one-hundred' pre-schoolers sitting at our feet.
Two sat on our laps.
Two we knew quite well.
It seemed our laps weren't big enough for all who wanted to climb up!

After church...
the kids and grands all came for appies.
And so ended...
'the night before Christmas'.
They went home to their own beds...
to return before long.

In the morning...
I re-set the table for brunch.
Tradition dictates what we eat every single Christmas morning.
Christmas morning wifesaver...fresh fruit salad...warm 'potato' rolls.
The place cards were made up last minute...
inspired by 'pinterest'.
A 'shipping tag...tied to a sprig of greenery.

The grands always wonder when 'grandpa Santa' will appear.
Unfortunately, grandpa was feeling 'under the weather'...
and not up to playing Santa.
But my nephew Brendan...
who joined us for the day...
stepped into the suit.
It seems one size really does fit all!
Brendan disappeared to take a phone call from his parents in Manitoba...
and re-appeared at the front door as Santa.
Everyone had a good laugh.
They seemed to think Santa was far too tall and lean this year...
despite the added pillow fluff!

The pre-requisite to getting their stocking was a visit to Santa's knee.
Some were a little reluctant to take their seat!

Is this not how one-year-old-visits to Santa always go?

It was a doll kind of Christmas for the wee girls this year.
The boys got 'wheels'.
And once the gifts were all opened...
we sat back to enjoy a violin recital.

Wintertime in Ranen.
Lucy much preferred that to sitting on Santa's knee. 
Kris went to work at noon. 
(There are those who are required to work on Christmas Day.)
The rest of us played games...
and ate some more!

This year I gave the grands each an apron for Christmas...
to go with their fully autographed copies of Mennonite Girls Can Cook.
I had planned to do that for Christmas 2011...
but never got the aprons made.

Enough for now...
of Christmas memories 2012.
We are off to a family turkey dinner today...
at my sister's.

Happy Boxing Day...
one and all!


  1. What a full couple of days you had! I looked at the photo of your seven grandchildren and had to smile - you are a lucky grandma...and then I thought of all the children who must have been spellbound on Christmas Eve to hear the story read by you and your husband. Joy!

  2. Delightful Christmas memories! Those aprons are darling. Happy Boxing Day, Judy.

  3. It all looks and sounds great at your celebrations this year. Those place cards are very pinterest for sure. Love them. Glad the aprons got finished. The kids look great in them!
    Happy Boxing Day!

  4. Love the foto of the kids with their aprons!

  5. Ranen plays the violin? How wonderful! All the little girls look so happy with their American Girl dolls and their aprons. Even the boys look happy with their aprons. Grandmother has been busy!

  6. Love the peek into your home on this most special time of the year!
    The violin tape markings brought back the memory of how it used to be.
    At the time it felt like she'd be needing those lines forever. But they are not more. =)

  7. Awesome pictures. Thanks for sharing!!M

  8. Special moments, new and old traditions! I love the aprons and am agog at your dining table that seats 14? Or more?!! How wonderful there is no need to exclude little ones off to a kids table!

  9. I love your Christmas traditions! How wonderful that you were chosen to read the Christmas story at the service. I too love the Christmas eve service and we ended with a candle lit Silent Night as well - so touching! You sure were a busy little Grammy - those aprons are so cute. Your table and place cards are awesome! Hope you had a chance to sit and catch your breath too!

  10. It looks like everyone enjoyed their days at your home. Those little aprons gave that Christmas a special touch from a person who knows how to touch their hearts. I loved your simple Christmas place card. Beautiful and exquisite.
    Now I'm hoping that you too will get some downtime.

  11. I love your photos Judy. It is so fun to visit my friends Christmas's. That is really too bad that your regular Santa was sick in your bed. I too loved to see the little violinist! So sweet.

  12. Oh my, Judy, your Christmas looks like so much fun with all your family and grandchildren gathered together. Wonderful photo memories for you. Blessings, Pamela

  13. It looked like a lovely and happy Christmas at your house, Judy! I love the aprons and keepsake MGCC cookbook gift to your grands along with what Santa brought. I hope Elmer is feeling better.

    I may not be able to visit back before Jan 1, as we are in the last stages of packing I'd like to wish you and yours a very Happy New Year!

  14. Somehow I missed checking your blog until now - your Christmas looks as though it was fun - How neat to give all the grandkids aprons with their MGCC cookbooks.


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