Thursday, October 14, 2010

Bowen Island ~ an excellent adventure...

Bowen Island is located 12 miles northwest of the entrance to Howe Sound.  It is just a short, relaxing twenty minute ferry ride from Horseshoe Bay in West Vancouver.

We heard that it was a great destination for a day trip...and had been planning for several years to check it out.

The forecast was for sunshine on Wednesday.  We found some friends who were more than willing to join us on our jaunt...and we packed our bikes onto their truck and struck out on our adventure!

We rode the ferry as walk-on passengers...and paid $1.50 extra to bring our bikes...a really good deal for our friends since they manage to share a bike! 

What wasn't entirely clear before our arrival at Bowen Island...was that it would be somewhat like pedaling a bike in San Francisco.  Think hills!

And a map would have been helpful...since we did a few unnecessary hills while we were at it.  We ran out of gears a few times...and did a little pushing on occasion!

Oh...and then there were even a few optional hills...that those on a tandem bike just had to try!

We had a leisurely ride around Killarney Lake...where the leaves were falling as we cycled...and where the hills were few and far between.  Whew! 

Bowen Island contains 13,000 acres of treed land...mostly Cedar, Hemlock, Arbutus, and Douglas Fir.  We found the perfect spot for a picnic...but had somehow failed to pack a picnic lunch.

No worries...a few more hills to climb and we found ourselves at the perfect little place for lunch...a place where the locals suggested we go.  It was a good call.

Quaint shops...another hill or ice-cream cone for the road...and we were back on B.C. Ferries bound for the mainland.

It may be mid-October, but felt like summer out on the top deck.   

We picked the best of days...for our most excellent adventure!  Oh...and the best of company as well. 

Have a great day...


  1. What a perfect day and what a perfect group of friends...did you ever think that we could do all those hills? I will be up to do that for a later day...and will start practicing...and be ready for the big DATE!!!

  2. Judy, I never knew what a beautiful place BC is until I "met" you and Marg. It is now on my list of places I want to visit. I am awaiting the day I can retire.♥

  3. Hills?! I'd have to start training now for a ride in April! It's been ages since we had our bikes out. I'll have to read this to The Great Dane, as inspiration!

  4. Looks like the most excellent adventure. Those sandwiches look real good, too.

  5. It took you a few YEARS to go investigate this place? Oh my goodness...
    Let me "guilt" you into visiting a few more such "someday" places, please. I love seeing all that I can of BC!

  6. What a fun day you had and gorgeous weather too. Add to that some great companions and you had the perfect recipe for a fall outing.

  7. Judy, what I want to know is how you keep from getting helmet hair.
    Love how the girls get salad and the guys get fries... I hope the guys shared.

  8. Now that we live "Up Island" we take the ferry to Horseshoe Bay. Sailing past Bowen Island has triggered an eagerness to explore a little. How fun that you've been there and shared the adventure with us! I'll know NOT to suggest biking - or at least not until I practice huffing and puffing.

  9. You all look like a group of teenagers. I am so proud of you and the fit condition you are in. Riding bicycles up and down hills is such a great workout. Keep up the work and the fun along with it.

  10. What a wonderful day! Now I see how you are able to eat ice cream and all the wonderful dessert you make, Judy, as recycling and hiking uphill burn all the calories! You are an inspiration!

    I love ferry rides like this too, as they are so relaxing.


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson