Wednesday, October 6, 2010

sweet autumn it is...

We have so enjoyed a week of gorgeous weather...
...almost fooling us into thinking it is still summer.

The creek pictured above was once a popular swimming hole for some of my family.
It wouldn't be quite so private these days...
with a lovely new home overlooking the 'pool'!

The sweet autumn clematis is in it's glory...
...the halo of fall with the fragrance of spring.

This garden mum came back to surprise me this year.
It was one tiny plant in a mixed planter last summer...
and after surviving the winter...
it decided to go solo in the planter this season!

According to the weatherman...
we might just be enjoying our last day of sunshine for awhile.

Someone might need to tell the kids their barefoot days are over!
I love this playground next door...
where the grands spend their fair share of time.
I saw seven of them swinging at once!
And just for the record...
this is a private backyard playground belonging to our neighbours. 
They encourage child's play!

If all goes as planned...
today will be the last day of corn harvest on the farm.
I'm ready to cheer...
hope there are no breakdowns today.


  1. Such fantastic views! You are blessed! Watching children at play is such a joy. Can't believe your volunteer chrysanthemum - wow - a work of wonder! I've also never seen such a huge clematis!

  2. Well I certainly hope that there are no breakdowns today...what are we talking about...people or machinery? They may be intertwined.

    Rats about the weather...hope that the weatherman is wrong. I love that photo of your grands very sweet. And your mum reminds me of my petunias that made a comeback...such a sweet and unexpected surprise. Mums are perennials (though I've never had any luck with them) so maybe it'll be back next year, too!

  3. Such beauty!. The swimming hole looks mighty tempting. I can see why it would have been handy on a very hot day.
    My fall asters are just beginning to bloom. . .I'm so surprised how late they are .. .wonder what that means.

    It sure has been a nice spell hasn't it? So much for considering family photos on Friday. Happy last corn day.

  4. Yes Judy the fall weather has been fantastic! Love your pictures. I've been hanging bedding out to smell nice, and cleaning up the garden. Today is planned to be our last grass day. Men and machinery are ready. Let's hope for no breakdowns for both parties, eh. Dairymary

  5. I am your cheerleader as I hope there will be no breakdowns...and later I will be cheering other things.
    Autumn does something to the soul...calming, time for pondering, and time of gratitude.
    Beautiful flowers at your Front Porch.
    Maybe instead of tennis we could go swimming???

  6. I'd be tempted to slip into that pool, or at least dip my toes in.
    The fall weather has been beautiful here too, and roses are blooming along with mums. I'm glad you've nearly finished your harvest and that the weather has cooperated!

  7. Oh Judy each time I visit your blog is more inspiring and bright. Loved this post, with the children playing and the flowers. I have some geraniums that are still hanging on. My second clematis spurt is on too. We had a light frost here this morning. There is an Indian Summer coming up, according to the weatherman. It is a wondrous time in the Lord.

  8. Your photo's are beautiful, thanks for sharing them. Today in the UK is a lovely Autumn day, as I look out of my study window the trees are all different shades of green/orange/brown. I hope your harvest went well.

  9. What a lovely journey into Autumn!
    Your neighbors reminded me of when I was little and my mom always had games and snacks for all who came over :)

    No breakdowns? Would it be a harvest if there were none...machinery or human?!

  10. Beautiful autumn photos! I'll pray for no breakdowns!!

  11. I'm hoping the machines are running as I'm typing. The sun is shining beautifully here, too.
    You take great delight in your grandchildren - I'm learning from you. Just 10 weeks until our first is due!

  12. A child's work is to play! It is so nice to see children having a good time together in such a beautiful setting. Your flowers look beautiful!

    Hope the corn harvest went well and your Thanksgiving preparations are all in order. Busy times there..I'm thinking about you!

  13. I hope there weren't any breakdowns - machinery or emotional :) What a great playground and how sweet of your neighbours to allow the kids over. That's what our neighbourhoods are like too.

    What a treat to have a swimming hole so close!

  14. The mum is the color.


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson