Wednesday, October 13, 2010

a cultural experience...

We have been hearing about it for a long time...
and a few weeks ago a new cultural centre in our community opened it's doors for the very first time. 

It seemed that if I wanted to see the inside of the building...
I would need tickets to an event.  
Why not?

On Friday night...we joined a sold-out crowd to hear the Fabulous Fourever.  
Do they look vaguely familiar? 
They sounded almost exactly like a similar looking group did on eight-track tapes...
in the car many decades ago.
They were good!

And since the 'John' of the group was celebrating an important birthday on the weekend...
there was birthday cake for all during the intermission.

We passed on the cake...

...and chatted with the friendly usher instead.  
He is usually seen at sports events...
in shorts and a golf shirt...
but was willing to don a white shirt in order to hear a good concert...
for free.
Oh...he happens to be my BIL!

We enjoyed our first 'cultural experience' at our new facility...
and look forward to taking in more art, theatre and musical productions in the future...
without having to drive a great distance.

Enough about culture. 
Today's plans are more about exploration and exercise! 


  1. oh now and then us country folks need a bit of culture. It really sounded good. . and way to go for thinking ahead on tickets.
    Have fun today.

  2. That must have been so much fun. And, they do look very "familiar".

    Great news that you have a new cultural centre.

  3. It's nice to have a centre such as that close by. Even if it saves only one or two night time trips to the city for concerts/shows it will be a boon.

  4. It's right in our own town...I love the drives to Vancouver and sight seeing in the city...but this will become a real snag for all of join in our communities activities.

  5. Looks like a fun show, and that will be a nice venue for you to see many nice productions in the future!

    My daughter has recently discovered the Beatles music and she has been enjoying playing all their albums. "They were really good, Mom!" she told me. It's hard to believe they were from an era of 40 years ago!

  6. What a timely opening! Have fun today!

  7. That sounds like a concert I would have enjoyed! It is good to get some new local venues.
    Have a great day today!

  8. Well, I'd say calling the Beatles "culture" is a bit of a stretch for me, but I am sure it was a hoot and a half.

    Congrates on having a great venue for date nights now!

  9. I'll have to watch for future events in our new cultural center. sounds like you had a fun evening.

  10. Sounds like fun! The PA at our office plays in a band with 3 other guys. They play the Beatles music, too. But because they all have beards, hey call themselves the "Bearded Beatles"!:-)


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