Tuesday, October 5, 2010

the colour orange...

Though orange is not really a favorite colour of mine...I rather like it at this time of the year!

1. Thanks to a gift card from my friends...I have a vibrant orange 'Chinese Lantern' plant sitting on my front porch.  The bright pods actually look and feel like paper lanterns.  Just perfect at this time of the year!

2. I've had a set of fall napkins for many years...but it seems the table is getting bigger each year...and there were no longer enough napkins to go around.  So I found a few co-ordinating fabrics...pulled out the serger...and we're good to go (with plenty to spare, I might add.)  For many of you, Thanksgiving is still a long way off.  But for us...we celebrate this weekend.  And at our house...we are having our turkey dinner on Thursday night, since some are away on the weekend. 

3.  And I will pass a long a paper pumpkin tutorial that I got from my cousin yesterday....and just had to try.

~cut pieces of orange paper about 1" x 6"... sixteen pieces in total. 
~punch a small hole in both ends of  each strip.
~put a knot in the end of a ribbon and thread it through the hole at one end of the paper strips.
~put the same ribbon through the other holes at the other end.
~push all of the strips down so they bow out, and then finish with a knot at the top.
~spread the paper strips out to form a pumpkin.
~add a bow at the top.

I tried it with what I had on hand...construction paper and raffia ribbon.  Use scrapbooking paper and silky ribbon to make a more handsome pumpkin...like the one in the tutorial I was sent! 

It's autumn....enjoy!


  1. Oh what a fun tutorial...at first, I was thinking that it was your chinese lantern overlooking "plant." Like you, orange is a bit over the top for me, but it certainly looks wonderful in autumn. Oh the Thanksgiving preparations must be in full swing if dinner is Thursday evening. All the best and I hope that you have some help!

  2. overlooking the word "plant"

    Honestly, I need to work on being clear. I need to work hard on being clear. No wonder people can not figure out what I'm trying to say.

  3. Things are looking perfect for Thanksgiving celebrations at your place Judy. Love the new plant on the porch!

  4. I think orange is best 'done' by nature - although I really like the little orange paper pumpkin!
    We'll have a pretty low key Thanksgiving this year, but we are looking forward to the celebration nonetheless.

  5. I knew Thanksgiving was soon here for you. I hope you and your family have a wonderful and blessed holiday.

  6. I can't help but think that everyone looks forward to coming to your home. The plant creates a welcoming feel as they walk to the front door. The pumpkin and linen napkins are so perfect for the tablescape. Wishing you a joy filled day with your family.

  7. A lovely little fall collage. I had forgotten all about Chinese Lanterns - every autumn my mother sued to put them in an old crock by our front door. I'm going to add them to my spring seed list for next year.

  8. I also like orange in small doses and your pretty collage shows many wonderful ones, Judy!

    I like your new plant and napkins and the paper pumpkin looks very sweet and will make a nice addition to a centerpiece arrangement.

  9. Judy, I LOVE your thanksgiving napkins ... and your paper pumpkin..... I'm going to make those with my girls... THANK YOU!
    ps. I love your header too.. very pretty ... and orange is not my favorite colour either! smile

  10. OH I do love this time of year. Why do I want to come over? Your house oozes comfort and I would love a reason to have one of those pretty napkins on my lap again.

  11. I'm with you..... not an orange fan. But there is something about it in the fall that makes it appealing. Napkins are great and paper pumpkin is cute. I went in our Dollar General(do you have those in Canada?) this week and they had fresh pumpkins! I couldn't believe it..... pumpkins in a dollar store! :-) Enjoy your Thanksgiving...eat all you want!! ha! ha!


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